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Foam mats are great for exercising areas, home gyms, martial art dojo floors, and athletic facilities. Greatmats is a national distributor with stock at our Wisconsin warehouse. Many are ready to ship the next business day. Please contact us for information on our shipping time for a particular product.

Interlocking Foam Floor Tiles 24” x 24” Size

Square mats intended for residential use are usually 2x2 feet in size. They're easy to handle too. 

Commercial quality foam mats are usually 1x1 meter in size with higher material densities. The large foam floor mats result in fewer seams throughout, which is helpful for large installation areas.

Create a unique design from 15 brilliant colors, including black gray and brown, with our foam interlocking floor tiles. Use the Greatmats Planner Tool to lay out a room to scale and to show the tile layout in the space. Or use the Room View App to see a representation of the room with everything installed, using a smartphone picture. 

Some of our foam flooring tiles have wood grain patterns. Others are found in bright, solid colorings perfect for creating fun designs. Interlocking puzzle mats are easy to install for exercise rooms and gymnasiums.

These generate softer spaces. This makes these ideal as cheap interlocking foam mats for babies play mats, children’s bedrooms, and daycare rooms. 

Our Foam Floor Mat 5/8 Inch Premium product is the most popular choice of foam matting for residential use. The soft floor tiles are safe, and they’re delivered in 15 colorings. Each piece comes with 2 border strips, which will allow creation of an island installation with a perfectly finished edge. 

The Sport Plus Designer Foam Tiles meet several use cases. Available in custom thicknesses and sizes, these kids foam floor tiles are suitable for many uses. Our customers use these at the house or in a school for training.

They can be cut to fit for a tight to the wall installation over any hard flat location. Puzzled styles will turn any cold concrete into a usable exercise or gymnasium space in minutes. This style is popular in a basement.

For a wooden grain look, consider the Foam Tile Flooring Reversible product. This wooden look interlocking mat features three wooden stain color designs.

They are reversible, providing additional versatility and value. If they become worn, just flip them to the other side. These fit nicely in basements, trade show booths, and exercising rooms. 

Some are thick enough to be used for indoor playgrounds with ASTM fall height ratings. 

We have more than 19 years of direct experience sourcing and supplying quality floorings. We understand how to provide durable, long lasting products at affordable prices. We source only outstanding products from manufacturers.

Wood Look Foamed Tiling Uses

Economy Foam Matts - Features and Benefits Video

Anti Fatigue Matting

For excellent relief from joint and leg fatigue, consider foams, which are known for their vibration absorbing properties. They will promote subtle movements when standing for long periods of time. These are useful in manufacturing, industrial, and factory settings. 

The Hog Heaven floorings are constructed to be used in the most demanding work spaces. The nitrile rubber top surface and closed cell EVA foams provide quite a bit of cushion. The top layer is considered safe for welding, and it’s electrically conductive.

This high quality style is resistant to chemicals and is grease and oil proof. It is certified as slip resistant by the National Floors Safety Institute. It provides safety to workers in all environments. 

Gymnasium Thick Foam Mats

Our products are designed to be shock absorbent with cushion for athletic uses. These types of gymnasium mattings are available in a variety of colorings.

Our made in the USA folding gymnastics paddings are popular for schools that want custom colors. These vinyl covered units feature a durable core and double stitched seams.

For DIY installs, simply pull them out and unfold them. When done, fold them up and store them away. 

Carpet topped 2 inch thick cheer mattings are designed for cheerleading team or individual practices. These are thicker, durable, and lightweight for easy transportation and storage. These are 2” in depth and provide excellent shock absorption during jumping drills.

Foamed Roll Out Matting

These make a practical option for larger surfaces. These quickly install and can be used as an underlay to add cushion.

They are available with vinyl or carpet top surfaces in two thickness measurements. Without a covering, though, foamed rolls are intended to be used only as underlayment and not as a finished upper layer. 

Wall Padding

Cores with foams are custom made to order as needed for each install. Wood backed pads are the most common type of padding for schools and homes to hang on the walls.

For smaller residential installs, users may choose to mount them sideways on the wall.

FAQ Foam Mats Q&A

Can foam mats be used outside?
Only if they’re protected with strong vinyls. For outdoor stadium installs, for example, we have outdoor rated padding options for walls. 

What are best for home gym floors?
We have many units that are great for exercise mat workouts at home, providing safer surfaces for children and adults to practice impact activities. There are great selections for cheer, tumbling, or martial arts training. Vinyl coverings on folding gym mats are made of cross-linked polyethylene for toughness and safety. 

What's the best way to clean a foam play mat?
Start by sweeping them with a broom or a vacuum on the highest settings. Damp mop the surface to clean thoroughly as required. For stains, scrub with a brush or rag.

Is a foam puzzle mat safe?
Yes. EVA foam mats are lightweight and piece together like a puzzle. There is no glue needed, which makes these mats a smart idea for a DIY job. The softer surface for baby’s playtime is a must have in any house. They have no harsh or toxic chemicals, so they’re safer for prone exercises, crawling, or tummy time.

Are cheap foam mats waterproof?
Yes, at least those we offer are. Our premium color foam playmats are waterproof and stain resistant. They’re designed to withstand the demands of kids playrooms, baby and toddler play areas, or daycare facilities.