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Folding Gym Mats Features

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Benefits of Folding Gym Mats

  1. Foam interior of the mats different thicknesses provides varying levels of shock absorption and comfort
  2. Hook and loop closures allow you to connect the folding mats in various orientations, adding to their versatility
  3. Easy storage - just fold up the folding gymnastics mats and pack them away when not in use
  4. Gym gats can go where you go - indoors or outdoors - giving you plenty of choices when you want or need to move your practice space
  5. Durable vinyl exterior ensures years of use, maximizing your investment
  6. Designed for safety, folding gymnastics mat can provide peace of mind whether you're teaching a class or have your own kids who want to practice gymnastics at home

Consider using a folding gym mats in the following applications:

  1. Home tumbling practice and exercise spaces
  2. School gyms
  3. Cheerleading practice spaces
  4. Tumbling practice spaces - both indoors and out
  5. Martial arts facilities

Don't forget that you can also attach folding gym mats to the walls of a gym, providing padding and protection in case kids happen to run or fall into the walls.

Consider the following factors when choosing the right folding gymnastics mat for your program or facility:

  1. What types of activities will be performed on the mat? Will the mat need to absorb high impacts?
  2. Will you be using the mat indoors, outdoors, or both?
  3. How many athletes will use the mat at any one given time? (With multiple athletes, you should opt for larger folding mats, or connect multiple mats together.)
  4. Do you want a mat that connects on the two narrow sides, or do you need a mat with hook and loop connectors on all four sides?
  5. Do you want a mat to incorporate your school, team, or brand's colors?
  6. Do you need folding gym mats to help train specific skills? (Greatmats has a wide selection of skills building mats.)

Folding Gym Mat Options

We've outlined a few of our most popular products below to help you get started.

Our 5x10 ft Folding Pro Gym Mats provide a layer of comfort and safety which is ideal for schools and residential users. Available in different colors, sizes and thicknesses, they are an ideal option for gymnastics, tumbling, exercising, athletic training, or even napping for young children. The folding gym mats are wrapped of a thick vinyl shell which features double stitched seams, and are guaranteed to last, even after multiple uses.

Our Folding Gym Mat 4x6 foot x 2 inch is a mat that is designed to optimize the safety of athletes of all levels. The leather grain reinforced vinyl 19 ounce cover is water resistant, anti-bacterial, and fire resistant. The 2-inch high impact foam makes for a soft, cushioned surface to make for comfortable landings. This folding gymnastics mat meets all emissions criteria for Greenguard Children and Schools Certification.

Our Gymnastics Mat 6x12 ft x 2.5 inch is one of the largest and thickest mats that we offer. This premium mat, which is also available in thinner options, is made to order right here in the USA. Because the mat is custom made, you have more control of factors, such as color, hook and loop fastener position, and mat thickness than you do when you buy other ready-made mats.

These mats are highly durable and are made with an 18 oz. 6P compliant vinyl cover which will stand up to rigorous use. These folding gym mats are available in fourteen different color options, so you can order mats which match your school colors, your business branding, or your team's colors.

The generous 2.5-inch polyethylene foam filler offers excellent shock absorption, making it a great multipurpose mat for school or home use. You can choose whether you want hook and loop fasteners on the two short sides of the mats, or if you want them on all four sides for greater versatility. These mats give you more control over their features, and are a great choice for professional facilities as well as for home use.

Additional Folding Gymnastics Mat Options

In addition to our folding mats, Greatmats stocks an assortment of mats for skills training. You can outfit your entire gymnastics training operation or professional facility with the variety of mats that we offer.

We offer many Gymnastic Octagon Training Mats to fulfill the training needs of any facility. Octagon mats, available in 6 different sizes, are perfect for training forward rolls, walkovers, and back handsprings. Some of our larger models are also favored by cheerleading programs. These mats are not only useful in the beginning stages of training, but can also be used to help fine tune experienced gymnasts and cheerleaders.

The octagon training mats are filled with a premium quality polyurethane foam. They are available in 16 different brilliant colors, and you can order mats incorporating one or two different colors.

Our Incline Wedge Mats are a popular option, as they are a versatile progressive skill builder necessary for any gym. These mats can be used as a training tool for students of all skill levels, and are used in Mommy and Me classes as well as by elite athletes training for international competitions. These incline wedge mats are available in a wide variety of sizes, and you can even order these mats in one or two colors.

The Fluffy Denim Gymnastic Mat is ideal for skill work where athletes repeatedly land on their stomach or back in the early stages of learning a skill. The generous 12-inch thick foam is soft and provides more impact absorption than you will find in other, thinner mats. The denim cover is durable yet soft, helping to take away the sting of a landing. This mat has a long life span, and is easy to move, so you can get excellent use out of this mat.

Care and Maintenance of Gym Mats that Fold

A gymnastics folding mat is easy to transport and lay out. Store your mats by stacking them together when they are not in use. Most folding gym mats can be laid out on any flat surface.

To keep gymnastics mats clean, we recommend applying mild soap cleanser and hot water with a damp cloth or towel. Do not soak your folding gym mats with water. Regularly cleaning the folding mats will increase their longevity while keeping your facility looking great.

Shipping Folding Gym Matting

For custom orders, Greatmats works with a USA-based manufacturer that produces quality folding gym mats made to order in a wide variety of colors. Mix and match colors to create unique folding gymnastics mats for your school or facility. Consider multiple colors of vinyl per mat at no extra cost.

Standard folding mats generally ship via ground service. Larger orders ship via freight delivery, shrink wrapped on pallets.