Industrial Wet Area Slip-Resistant Safety Floors

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Industrial Wet Area Flooring Ideas

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Industrial Wet Area Flooring Features

Why Would You Want Customized Anti-Fatigue Mats?
Industrial wet area flooring is excellent for providing a slip resistant surface to add safety to industrial areas where moisture of often present. Many of these industrial flooring mats and tiles offer a variety of perforated surface that allows liquids to flow through the tile and keep feet out of water or other liquids. This style of industrial mat or tile also allows more air to reach the wet areas, encouraging the area to dry on their own. Should additional measures be needed to dry the floor, the mats and tiles can be easily removed and reinstalled once the floor is dry.

Our other wet area industrial flooring have open slots or grit texture to prevent slipping. Many of industrial flooring options are also grease resistant and provide anti-fatigue benefits. In ares where tripping is a concern, several of our mats offer a brightly colored beveled safety border strip for increased visibility and to limit the steepness of the edges of thicker mats.