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Fast and Lower Cost Shipping for Idaho, Utah, Arizona, and Westward

Greatmats offers rubber flooring rolls and more that are stocked along the West Coast of the United States and offer faster and lower-cost shipping for customers located in Washington, Oregon, California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and Ohio.

When you want rubber flooring, you are looking for an economical style of floor that’s also extremely durable. This type of flooring is ideal in an industrial setting, a workout gym, a commercial building, and other areas.

Rubber flooring can have high shipping costs, though, as it is heavy, whether you’re selecting rolls, mats, or tiles. That’s why Greatmats has shipping warehouses in different locations in the United States, placing our products near the customer, which allows us to perform fast shipping of our heavy-duty rubber.

Our ability to deliver savings to our customers in terms of shipping includes those on the West Coast. The states we serve from our West Coast warehouses include:

  1. Arizona
  2. California
  3. Idaho
  4. Nevada
  5. Oregon
  6. Utah
  7. Washington

Three primary types of rubber flooring are available, and all three have specific advantages that may fit your use case nicely.

Rubber rolls. For those who need to cover a lot of space at a low cost per square foot, rolls of rubber are the best option from an economic perspective.

You can select rolls in a few configurations. One of those is confetti regrind, which will have multiple color flecks added to the black rubber. Natural regrind, which may contain white flecks in the black rubber, is another option, where whitewalls from recycled tires are included in the rubber roll in no particular concentration.

You can also select a color fleck roll of rubber that has a certain color in it at a certain concentration of flecks. This style works nicely when you need a particular look from the roll of rubber floor for a public-facing area.

Once they’re laid out, rolls of rubber will lay down as a sheet of rubber that you can glue down if you want a permanent type of installation. For a temporary installation, you can use double-sided carpet tape to adhere the rubber roll to the subfloor.

Rubber mats. Rubber flooring is available in a mat format too. Mats are available in many of the same thickness measurements as rolls and tiles.

However, they can have straight edges or interlocking edges, so they’re made to be laid out and cover large and small spaces. You can slide multiple mats against each other to cover more space. The best way to ensure the mats stay in place is by gluing them to the subfloor or installing them wall-to-wall.

Mats are made to cover areas where extra cushioning or durability is needed. For example, some industrial or factory settings may lay out a mat in an area where employees must stand much of the day, providing anti-fatigue benefits.

Another option for using mats is underneath a swing set at a playground, preventing excessive wear from kids dragging their feet on the ground. Gym owners may use mats underneath a treadmill or under a free weights area to increase the protection for the subfloor.

Rubber tiles. As rubber flooring, rubber tiles are the easiest to handle for customers who do not have the special equipment required to move huge rolls or mats. Residential customers often pick rubber tiles to simplify the installation process.

When you stick with rubber tiles, the pieces will include puzzle-style edges that interlock, allowing you to secure the pieces without the need for messy glues. The highest quality tiles will have the edges formed using water jet technology, which creates an exact cut that allows the pieces to fit together precisely. A tight fit between rubber tiles will almost cause the seams to disappear from view, which creates a finished look in the flooring.

Rubber tiles may measure anywhere from a couple of square feet of coverage area to five or six square feet. Larger tiles will weigh more, so you may need more than one person to install bigger and thicker tiles. With smaller and thinner tiles, you can install them on your own.

Many of our customers are looking for rubber tiles for indoor installation. However, when you want to create safe flooring for kids at an exterior outdoor playground, specialized rubber tiles work nicely there too, covering a large play space in very little time while standing up to all kinds of weather.

Tiles are available in both recycled rubber and virgin rubber formats. Virgin rubber reduces the tire odor that recycled rubber can cause, so some people choose virgin rubber tiles when working in an indoor area without good ventilation.

Rubber flooring buying guide. When you’re looking for rubber flooring on the West Coast, you can count on Greatmats to have many products in stock and ready to ship. Many standard orders will be ready to ship within a few days, and custom orders usually ship within two weeks.

With our warehouse locations, we can reduce shipping costs as much as possible for rubber flooring. Because the majority of our rubberized floor products are sourced from the United States, our sourcing costs are low too, allowing us to provide excellent price points for our customers.