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Options for Rooftop Turf

There’s nothing quite like relaxing on a rooftop deck at your home on a cool summer night after a long day at work. Maybe you just don’t have a space with a design that allows you actually to relax, though. An industrial-looking concrete and asphalt rooftop patio may remind you too much of your office, making it tough to enjoy your time spent on the patio. To deliver a vibrant, beautiful space, consider installing rooftop turf from Greatmats.

We have multiple types of synthetic rooftop turf that provide a good value, no matter what square footage you need to cover. If you envision faux astro turf when you think of artificial turf for decks, think again. Our rooftop grass has a beautiful, natural look that’s also comfortable. Let us help you find the perfect installation option for your roof terrace, giving you the perfect space to relax.

Types of Artificial Grass for Rooftops

Select among a few different formats for our rooftop artificial grass.


Rolls of roof deck and patio turf yield a good value per square foot. They can quickly cover a large amount of space, which saves time on the installation.

We offer roll widths of either 7.5 feet or 15 feet. Customers then can order a custom length in the roll, typically between 15 and 100 feet.


If you prefer a smaller coverage option that’s easier to install than the roll, Greatmats has artificial turf rooftop rugs that you can use. These rugs can adequately cover a smaller patio. The available sizes include:
  • 4x6 feet
  • 6x9 feet
  • 9x12 feet

Pile Height

Depending on your preference, you can select among a few different pile heights in the rooftop turf. Longer pile heights look more like natural grass and may be a bit softer under bare feet. Shorter pile heights are slightly easier to maintain and cost a little less. Typical pile heights range from about 3/4 of an inch to 1-1/2 inches, although longer and shorter pile heights are available.

Usage Types for Synthetic Turf for Rooftops

You can install our artificial rooftop turf for a range of usage plans, including creating:
  • A gathering space on a home rooftop patio or deck.
  • A fresh look and covering for a worn wood or concrete raised gathering space.
  • An office building rooftop area for employee break time.
  • An outdoor gathering space where you want to perform minimal maintenance.
  • A rooftop bar or gathering space at a hotel for guests to use.
  • A covering for a pool surround.

Benefits of Rooftop Turf

The benefits of roof deck turf from Greatmats include:
  • Comfort on bare feet
  • Heats up minimally in direct sunlight
  • Covers a large space quickly with a roll
  • Turf drains effectively after rainstorms
  • Resembles natural grass
  • Reasonable cost per square foot
  • Some colors available other than green
  • Minimal maintenance work required

If you need help selecting the right product for your needs, contact the rooftop turf experts on the Greatmats customer service team.

Rooftop Turf Q&A

Can you put artificial turf on a roof deck?

Yes, you can put artificial turf on a roof deck gathering area. Using artificial turf for a rooftop deck provides benefits like producing a vibrant green color year around, a comfortable surface for bare feet, and a material that won’t heat up in direct sunlight like concrete or asphalt.

Does artificial turf drain?

Yes, artificial turf’s drainage properties are perfect for an installation where you see regular rain. Should you want to improve the natural drainage properties of rooftop grass carpet, you can add specifically designed drainage tiles underneath the roof deck and patio turf.

Can you put turf on a balcony?

Yes, you can put turf on a balcony. Rooftop turf installations on a balcony deliver a vibrant green color in an area that typically has more of an industrial look. It also offers more comfort than bare concrete, while remaining cooler to the touch in direct sunlight.

What are the top residential rooftop deck flooring options?

In addition to artificial turf, the best residential rooftop deck flooring options include rubber tiles and PVC plastic tiles. These flooring materials deliver excellent quality, stylish appearances, and the ability to stand up to any kind of weather.