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What Is the Most Affordable Self Draining Garage Floor Tile?

By Kyle Schurman Created: March, 2021 - Modified: August, 2023

Self draining garage floor tiles are a great choice for areas that may suffer moisture exposure on a regular basis, and there are even affordable units that deliver good levels of longevity and performance. Customers don’t have to break the budget to use these particular models of modular drainage tiles, including:

  • Wearwell ErgoDeck General Purpose Open with Gritshield 18x18 Inch Tile
  • Portable Outdoor Tile
  • Perforated Garage Tile

Customers can park a car on top of these tiles. With the perforations throughout the thickness of the self draining garage floor tiles, wet snow, ice, mud, and rain dripping off the car will drain through to the concrete subflooring inside the garage at the home.

What Are the Best Self Draining Garage Floor Tiles With a Gritty Surface for Traction?

When working in consistently wet conditions, the perforated tile allows the water to drain away, which helps to reduce slipping hazards. For extra traction in self draining garage floor tiles, look for a tile that has a surface with a gritty texture.

open black tile with gritshield cornerThe Wearwell ErgoDeck General Purpose Open with Gritshield 18x18 Inch Tile is a durable and useful style of tile for wet conditions. It works especially well for a commercial installation, yielding a good value with excellent durability, as it offers a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty.

The flexible base PVC material in these self draining garage floor tiles keeps them lightweight versus other styles of flooring, as an individual tile covers 2.25 square feet and weighs 5.4 pounds.

One person is able to handle the installation relatively easily, as the tiles have an interlocking tab and slot system. Because these tiles use a interlock system, customers can easily calculate the number of tiles required to cover the space in the garage, as there’s no loss of coverage like occurs with a puzzle edge tile.

The grit top layer attaches to the top of the PVC, delivering the longevity that customers need. With the grit layer included, each tile measures 7/8 inch in thickness. Customers can order side safety ramps that attach to the full tile, reducing the severity of the lip of the assembled tiles.

The perforated PVC base allows for air flow, increasing the speed with which the subfloor dries after the moisture drains away from the surface of the tiles.

What Type of Drainage Tiles Work Over Uneven Surfaces?

Portable Outdoor TileFor customers seeking self draining garage floor tiles that work equally well for use over the top of a firm concrete floor in an indoor garage or over a gravel or dirt area where customers are parking cars outdoors, the Portable Outdoor Tile is an excellent selection. It has a budget friendly cost of less than $3 per square foot.

This style of tile consists of rigid polypropylene plastic that will resist breakage, even when placed under the weight of vehicles on a slightly uneven surface. Polypropylene plastic provides excellent performance in any kind of weather or climate, ensuring long lasting performance in places such as carports.

Each tile measures only 1 by 1 feet and weighs only 0.81 pounds, which means that one person can perform the installation quickly. These tiles have interlocking tabs and slots, simplifying the process of connecting the tiles with just a little bit of force.

The plastic tiles have a slightly raised diamond pattern texture on the surface that provides a greater level of traction for those walking across the top. The base layer of the tile has a grid support system that raises it slightly above the ground, encouraging air flow and drying the space faster through evaporation.

Which Type of Garage Tiles Maximize the Speed of Drainage?

Perforated Garage TileFor those customers who want the maximum level of drainage in their self draining garage floor tiles at a low price, the style found with the Perforated Garage Tile is the best option. The tile costs less than $4 per square foot.

It has a polypropylene plastic design with some of the largest drainage spaces found in garage floor tiles. The plastic uses an octagon angled rib pattern that provides the strength required to allow cars to park on it safely. It has a rating of 10,000 pounds of support per square foot.

Each rib has an open space around it to deliver the fast draining that someone operating a wash bay, a detailing business, or a cleaning station for vehicles would need. The ribs also generate just a bit of traction for those walking on the tiles, helping to prevent slips.

These tiles measure only 5/8 inches in thickness, which limits the lip at the edges of the installation and reduces the chance of creating a tripping hazard.

The tiles use a hidden interlock tab and loop system to simplify installation. Each tile measures 1 by 1 feet and weighs 1 pound, allowing one person to perform the layout quickly.