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How To Remove Interlocking Garage Floor Tiles

By Lisa Hobbie Created: August, 2021 - Modified: August, 2023

One aspect that makes interlocking garage floor tiles so popular is the ease of installation and removal, making the replacement process a relatively easy one.

If you find yourself needing to remove interlocking garage floor tiles, you can either remove individual tiles until reaching the damaged one, or, you can lift an entire strip up still pieced together, remove the damaged one, replace it, and lay the strip of tiles back down.

If the garage tile is a harder plastic snap together product that will not stay together in strips when lifted, you’ll have to individually remove tiles, beginning with the one that was last laid and working backwards in a triangular fashion until reaching the one needing to be removed. This would be the case for removing tiles with hidden interlocks, whereas puzzle style interlocking tiles do not require disruption of any of the other tiles.

5 Interlocking Garage Floor Tiles with Easy Install and Removal Process

These products are top notch and deliver numerous features and benefits. They are easy to install and are made to last, so you shouldn’t have to worry about removing tiles for quite some time - if ever.

Perforated Garage TilePerforated Garage Tile is a polypropylene garage flooring product that has a durable, snap together design with 5 tabs per side that is computer engineered for repeated installations without degradation to the interlocking tabs on the tiles. So, it’s a great option to choose if frequent assembly and disassembly may be required.

These garage tiles are rated for 10,000 pounds per square foot and offer grip when the tiles are wet. Water will quickly and easily drain through the surface vents of the tiles, so this product is perfect for wet areas of a garage.

Diamond Garage Floor TileDiamond Garage Floor Tile is one of the best selling garage flooring products at Greatmats. It is made in the USA from polypropylene plastic and is durable enough to endure weight loads of up to 10,000 pounds.

This super strong, waterproof flooring will not sink like cheap ones could, and it has a tight fitting snap together connector system that delivers a quick and easy installation process. These tiles have a slip resistant diamond tread surface texture that offers a safe grip when walking or standing on them.

Warehouse Floor Coin PVC TileWarehouse Floor Coin PVC Tile is another example of interlocking garage floor tiles that are easy to install. You simply push the tiles together at the edges using the interlocking puzzle-style design.

This floor solution offers a DIY project that can be completed in very little time. They deliver a surface that is resistant to oils, gas, and chemicals and not impacted by heat, cold, or humidity.

Diamond Pattern SupraTileDiamond Pattern SupraTile is a black and gray flexible PVC and vinyl top modular product that is resistant to impact, moisture, abrasion, chemicals, oil, mold, and mildew.

This product is simple to install over concrete with its puzzle interlocking design, and once in place, it delivers warmth and comfort, sound absorption, and versatility. It offers optional protective topcoats and integrated ramp edging for most styles, and it comes in a selection of different colors, textures, thicknesses, and interlock styles.

TechFloor Premium Tile with Traction TopTechFloor Premium Tile with Traction Top is a product made of polypropylene and TPE. It offers an extremely durable surface for a garage floor that delivers superior grip for wet or dry non-slip use.

These garage floor tiles are easy to install with their loop and tab attaching system that keeps them locked tightly together with a seamless look. This one may take a bit more work if you need to remove a tile, but because it’s so strong, you will hopefully never need to do so. They come in black, blue, gray, red, and tan - allowing for you to let your creativity go to work in your garage space.

Greatmats - For The Best Interlocking Garage Floor Tiles

The products featured are only a few of the garage floor tiles at Greatmats. From numerous other modular options to rubber products for a garage gym or workshop space, there is a product to suit just about any need, design preference, and desired cost.

Whether one of the featured products suits your needs, or, if you want to explore some of the other options, just reach out to the service staff at Greatmats. They will answer your questions, assist with ordering, and help you decide which product is perfect for you.

When you’re ready to go to work on your garage floor project, let Greatmats go to work for you!