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How To Cover A Gym Floor For A Wedding

By Paige Cerulli Created: February, 2024

Using your gym space for other events, like weddings, can increase its versatility and usefulness and can even let your school or business collect rental fees. But it’s important to protect your gym floor surface against damage and general wear and tear when it’s going to be used for an event. Choosing the right gym floor cover can allow you to safely host a wedding without damaging the floor.

The Best Gym Floor Cover for General Areas

Weddings mean that your gymnasium floor needs to withstand traffic from high heeled shoes, tables and chairs, wheeled carts, and more. To protect your gym, you’ll need to cover all of the general areas that will be used. You will need a protective cover that can be easily installed across these larger spaces.

We have several ideal options at Greatmats.

Gym Floor Covering Carpet Tile - The Gym Floor Covering Carpet Tile measures 39 ⅜ x 78 ¾ inches. These large carpet tiles can quickly cover gym floor spaces. The tiles can be dry laid without any need for adhesive, and their non-slip backing helps to keep them securely in place. The tiles instantly add comfort and style to your gym, while also protecting your subfloor. After an event, they can be easily removed and stored away. Cleaning them is easy, too, since the tiles can be vacuumed or periodically cleaned with a carpet cleaner.

large carpet tiles to cover a gym floor for a dance or event

GymPro EcoRoll Carpet Floor Cover - Our GymPro EcoRoll Carpet Floor Cover is a lightweight yet durable flooring roll that you can easily install throughout your gym. The carpet layer is made of recycled bottles, while a non-skid backing keeps the roll in place and also helps to prevent moisture from reaching your gym floor. These carpet rolls are lightweight yet durable, and they also provide slip-resistant traction for the safety of your guests. Installing the roll is as simple as unrolling it over your gym and attaching reusable hook tape to tape the seams together.

rolls of carpet covering a gym floor for a dance or event

Gym Floor Cover 32 oz Vinyl - The Gym Floor Cover 32 oz Vinyl is made of ultra-durable three-ply fabric. These vinyl rolls feature a slip-resistant surface to maximize safety, and the lay-flat seams also help to prevent tripping hazards. The waterproof construction protects your floor from spills, and the roll also resists mildew, fungus, and bacteria formation. Since the roll measures 10 feet wide, you can quickly unroll it to cover your gym floor.

rolls of vinyl covering a gym floor for a dance or event

Gym Floor Cover Options for Dance Floors

When it comes to creating a dance floor in your gym, you will want a more specialized flooring option that not only protects your gym floor, but that also functions specifically as a dance floor. We have a few portable dance floor options that are ideal for this type of installation.

EZ Portable Dance Floor Tile - The EZ Portable Dance Floor Tile measures 1x1 foot, so you can easily customize the dimensions of your dance floor. These lightweight tiles are available in six highly realistic wood grain finishes, so they make a beautiful addition to a wedding setting. The interlock system makes for a fast and easy installation and removal. Additionally, Max Tile Border Ramps complete the dance floor system and provide a smooth transition onto and off of the floor.

portable dance floor at wedding event

Portable Dance Floor Seamless Wood Grain Cam Lock - The Portable Dance Floor Seamless Wood Grain Cam Lock tiles are 3x3-foot panels available in five wood grain finishes. Their vinyl top surface is highly durable, and these commercial grade tiles are easily portable. Thanks to their cam lock technology, the tiles connect tightly, and you only need the T-handle Hex Key for assembly. Trim pieces complete the look and help to prevent any tripping hazards as guests step onto and off of the dance floor. Since these tiles are larger, they’ll quickly cover a larger area, and our Portable Dance Floor Transport Cart is sized to hold, store, and easily move those tiles as needed.

portable dance flooring panels for wedding event

Additional Gym Floor Cover Accessories

Having the right accessories can make the process of installing your gym floor cover easier.

The Cart for Protective Carpet Tiles can store up to 65 of the gym floor covering carpet tiles. It’s easy to roll, and the handle is removable for extra versatility.

The Safety Storage Racks 6 Rollers system simplifies the process of storing and transporting vinyl covers. It features a heavy-duty steel frame and 14-gauge galvanized steel rollers to support the weight of up to six flooring rolls.

The Case of Floor Tape includes 16 rolls to help secure your gym floor cover. The tape is transparent, so it blends in with your cover’s color, and it won’t leave any residue on your floor or floor cover.

Our Walk Behind Tape Dispenser is a must-have when you’re going to be regularly installing gym floor cover rolls. The dispenser features a walk-behind design for faster and easier installation, saving you from having to kneel or bend down when taping seams.

Order Your Gym Floor Cover

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