The Best Spaces To Use A Golf Practice Mat?

By Lisa Hobbie Created: November, 2021

A golf practice mat can be used anytime you want to perfect your short or long game off of the outdoor course or driving range.

There are mats made for putting and others suitable for hitting and driving. There are cheaper DIY ones that are best for putting only, and other turf mats perfect for driving or teeing off in your backyard.

If you’re looking for a great way to perfect your swing, purchasing a golf mat from Greatmats may be the perfect solution. The following 6 products represent some of the best and most popular choices:

The featured products make up some of the best golf mat options available anywhere. They are made really well, and there is an option that would likely suit your needs and available space perfectly!

Golf Artificial Turf Floating Practice Mat Kit is a 3x3 polypropylene mat perfect for home or office use, or, anytime you want to take your practice mat on the go. It performs like real grass, making you feel like you’re on the golf green.

This 100 percent green and eco-friendly golf mat features professional grade quality. It has a 1 inch foam backing which holds it in place, and it is designed to endure lots of use and even misuse. It can be used indoors to work on perfecting one’s putting skills, in turn making one’s golf game more successful and enjoyable.

The kit is priced at just over $145 and includes flags, flagsticks, 4 inch practice cups, 12x18 inch chip mat and 12 floating golf balls. It would make a perfect birthday or holiday gift for the special golfer in your life.

Golf Artificial Turf Floating Practice Mat Kit Junior is a 3x4 polypropylene golf mat designed to stay put once in place. It’s designed for home use or on the go, and it is 100 percent green and eco-friendly.

This professional grade product features a natural look, 1 inch foam backing, and natural grass performance. It has stability and durability that will help you perfect your game off the course.

The kit includes flags, flagsticks, 4 inch practice cups, 12x18 inch chip mat and 12 floating golf balls, and it’s priced at just under $260.

Golf Putting Green Turf Professional Mat 3x8 ft is another option for home use or on the go. This one is 3x8, giving you a larger space on which to practice. It is 100 percent green and eco-friendly, and it is professional grade quality.

This golf mat boasts superior engineering to offer a product that delivers stability, performance, and a natural look. It has a 5mm foam non-skid backing to hold it in place, and it can be used for putting or driving practice. It’s even durable enough to hold golf tees. It’s priced at about $75.00.

Golf Practice Mat Residential Economical 3x5 ft is a polypropylene plastic mat that has an overall thickness of ¾ inch thick. It delivers 15 square feet of golf practice surface space, and it offers superior stability and performance.

This practice mat presents the appearance of a golf fairway or green and can be used outdoors to practice a long game, or as an indoor practice putting space to perfect one’s short game. It is 100 percent eco-friendly, and it is perfect for home use or on the go. Made with professional grade quality, and a 5mm foam pad backing for extra durability, it’s priced at just over $62.

Golf Practice Mat Commercial Heavy Duty 3x5 ft mat is truly top notch. Offering professional grade quality and a 5/8 inch thick closed cell foam backing and 110 ounce nylon.

This mat is also 100 percent green and environmentally friendly. It’s the sturdiest mat available, and it’s designed to endure misuse and driving with a tee. This superior product is the best of the best, and it is priced at around $207.

Golf Practice Mat Commercial Standard 3x5 ft is an artificial turf mat that is professional grade and perfect for home use or on the go. It has a ⅝ inch foam backing, and offers a natural look and feel.

This 100 percent green and eco-friendly mat is a top notch product often selected for its stability, performance, and appearance. It has a 1 inch pile height, and it’s priced at roughly $147.

Greatmats - For The Best Golf Mat Products

Greatmats offers the very best golf mats available anywhere. With different sizes and types available, as represented in the list of featured products, there is something that would be perfect for any person or space.

If you have questions about these products, just reach out to the team at Greatmats. They can provide you with any information you might need and help you choose one of the products. They can even help you place your order. No matter which product you choose, you can be confident in the fact that you’re getting the best!

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