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Top FAQs for Fitness Mats & Flooring

With an extensive selection of large gym mats in stock, Greatmats offers fitness flooring tiles that can accommodate various types of workouts and exercises. Looking to outfit a home gymnasium? Need fitness mats for a pro gym? No matter the needs, our extensive line of large fitness mat products is sure to have a unit that will be just right for the project.

What Are the Best Exercise Mats?

A number of customers appreciate using a foam fitness mat at home, but these products also work nicely as commercial interlocking fitness mats, as they are tougher than athletes may think.

How Thick Should Fitness Mats Be?

It really depends on the ways athletes will be working out on them. An exercise equipment mat, such as for weightlifting, can be up to 2 inches thick, protecting the subflooring. Portable matting should be much thinner, perhaps measuring 1/2 inch, for simple transportation.

Is There a Difference Between a Yoga Mat and a Folding Exercise Mat?

In certain circumstances, using the two interchangeably is fine, especially in locales where exercise routines change frequently. However, for yoga alone, thinner is typically better. High-quality, extra-thick exercise mats have the cushioning to guard against sore joints in the hips, knees, and ankles during intense exercise sessions. A folding fitness mat will be easier to transport and will fit over carpet, which is a nice advantage.

How Do I Choose Fitness Mats?

Greatmats has a wide variety of home gym flooring options. Think about the following factors when shopping:
  • The type of athletics that will be performed
  • The size of the area that will be covered
  • Whether athletes will be barefoot or wearing shoes
  • Whether they will be laid down permanently or temporarily
  • Whether there’s a requirement to be able to expand the coverage area in the future
  • For plans for working out outdoors, consider outdoor fitness turf for comfort and weatherproof capabilities
  • The amount of traffic the space will see

Why Are Exercise Mats Large Models So Expensive?

Although they certainly can be pricey, consider shopping with us to find fitness mats on a budget. These are inexpensive, so they may not have the greatest level of thickness measurements, but they will deliver the durability and cushioning required to have a safe environment.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Fitness Mats?

Fitness center flooring material provides multiple benefits:
  • Improved softness, which can contribute to reduced fatigue and pain during exercise.
  • Shock absorption properties help reduce pain in the body.
  • They can create ideal surfaces for workouts that reduce the risk of injury.
  • Permanent and temporary installations are available for a busy facility.

We have outlined a selection of our most popular fitness mats below.

Which Foam Fitness Mats Deliver Cushioning?

When it comes to fitness mats, foamed large workout mats are a popular pick. Foam yields a soft, cushioned surface, making for a comfortable spot that's suitable for aerobic activities and more. It yields excellent shock-absorbing properties, which help counteract the jarring of repetitive impact exercises like jumping jacks or jump roping.

Even though it is comfortable, it isn't ideal for all situations. Because it is softer, if heavy equipment is placed directly on it, permanent indentations could form. It isn't the most durable setup, either, so it isn't always the perfect fit for commercial gyms with significant foot traffic. In those situations, rubberized selections may be a better choice.

Our Fitness Floor Mats are a strong fitness puzzle mat selection. Made of 5/8-inch thick EVA foam, these are both safe and soft. They are lead- and latex-free. Both are waterproof and stain-resistant for long-lasting durability.

They're equipped with an interlocking connection design, so installation is fast and simple. They're also conveniently sized, so a single person can transport them and handle the entire job, which will save money and time.

Each comes with two border strips to perform an island installation with a clean, finished edge. Choose from 15 brilliant colors to outfit the gymnasium.

This is a great choice for use in all gymnasiums. If one is damaged or worn, replace just that piece rather than having to replace the entire floor. The installation is simplistic enough for a DIY job. And if you ever need to remove or relocate it in the future, each one can be pulled up and moved without damaging it.

Can I Use Yoga Matting for My Floor Exercises?

Yes, as it has the advantages of foam flooring in a portable option intended to travel to other locales. It can go anywhere, from working out at the athletic facility to taking classes. It is lightweight and easy to roll up, making it a must-have for an athlete.

The Home Gym Flooring Tile Pebble is designed to provide increased comfort. This features antimicrobial EVA PE foam ingredients. It's non-absorbent, which makes for quick cleaning and a healthier environment overall. The non-slip pebble surface is both soft and warm against the skin. This is versatile, highly comfortable, and tough enough to be used indoors and even in water.

What Is the Best Exercise Mat for HIIT?

Our Home MMA Grappling model is designed specifically for impact activities with its 1.5-inch thickness. It has the cushion and impact absorption required for activities such as tumbles and takedowns, withstanding daily use.

Our MMA BJJ Tiles feature a no-burn tatami to help avoid skin burns on knees and elbows. These have an interlocking design that makes for a simple DIY project. Additionally, these are waterproof and non-absorbent. These are reversible with a two-color design to create fun patterns or to gain the maximum usage possible.

How Does a Rubber Fitness Mat Work?

For an area that will see busy traffic, fitness rubber flooring fits nicely. One of the major advantages of this is that it is strong enough to withstand the heavy weight of certain gymnasium gear without being damaged. It is very durable, and it is available in a number of densities for a customized feel. Lower densities have more cushion, while a high-density unit will have a firmer surface. This is a versatile product for multiple applications.

Rolls tend to be the most economical option versus large gym mats if looking to cover entire rooms. These can cover huge spaces with minimal seams, especially when considering the number of seams that tiled pieces yield. Keep in mind, though, that these are heavy, so a team of people should transport and install them together.

If you're looking for fitness room flooring for plyometrics and aerobics, consider our Plyometric Rubber. This gives exceptional softness, yet it is designed to withstand the weight of equipment. Workout mats that are large-sized like this are ideal for repetitive and rigorous athletic movements and are made in the USA. Installations are easy, requiring no adhesives. Trim it for tight-to-the-wall installs.

If you're using it in a smaller room, look at our rubberized tiles. UltraTile with Quad Blok is popular thanks to its superior traction and slip resistance. These have excellent benefits, including absorbing sound and having anti-fatigue properties that contribute to an enjoyable environment.

Unlike some others, these have a low odor, so use them indoors and in smaller spaces without creating an overwhelming rubbery smell. They are constructed from recycled tires, so they can absolutely hold up to the wear and tear associated with busy locales.

Considering rubberized matting for a project? It is easy to lay out, and many times, each piece will fit just like in jigsaw puzzles. Interlocking edges hold them together securely, and there's no need for adhesive. With our tiles, select from center, border, and corner pieces, which allow the creation of an island in the center of the room.

What Are Some Options for a Large Workout Mat for Gymnasts and Cheerleaders?

Gymnastics mats are a highly versatile option that can be temporarily installed in the space. Many of these can be folded up if not in use, so they can add versatility to an existing space. Once folded, store them easily.

They are equipped with a durable vinyl cover that encloses a polyurethane-foamed interior to help tumblers absorb shocks to the joints.

For increased versatility, look for a model that is equipped with hook-and-loop closures on its edges. These closures allow the connecting of multiple units together, creating a long line suitable for tumbling practice or big spaces set up for group practice.

Similar to what’s found for gymnasts, cheerleader mats also offer comfort while remaining easily portable. These are made of high-performance sports cheerleading foam that is lightweight for transport. We offer units that can be rolled up for convenient transportation. Connect several pieces for longer runways.

These are perfect for tumbling and stunting, whether practicing alone at home or with the team at the facility.