What's the Best Flooring for High Impact Aerobics?

By Kyle Schurman Created: January, 2021 - Modified: March, 2021

  1. What Are the Best Materials for Plyometrics Floors?

  2. What the Best PVC Plastic Flooring for High Impact Aerobics?

  3. Does Foam Work for Aerobics Workouts Involving Running?

  4. Will Aerobic Rubber Roll Flooring Lay Out Quickly?

The best flooring for high impact aerobics needs to have a few specific features, including cushioning, shock absorption, stability, and durability. It can deliver these benefits in a variety of surface textures, colors, materials, and formats, meaning installers don’t have to stick only with rubber floors.

Some of the best flooring for high impact aerobics products include:

  • StayLock Tile Bump Top
  • Home Sport and Play Mat
  • Martial Arts Mat Premium Tiles
  • Fitflex Maple Roll
  • Plyometric Rubber Roll

What Are the Best Materials for Plyometrics Floors?

Although rubber is highly popular as a best flooring for high impact aerobics choice, other materials work nicely and provide the option for extra cushioning, colors, and styles in the floor. These materials may better fit the projected use case than rubber. Some materials for step aerobics workouts include:

  • PVC plastic. With a PVC plastic tile layout for workouts, installers do not have to include a rubber underlay. PVC has a durability approaching rubber and a cushioning like foam.
  • Closed cell foam. Using foam flooring for workouts that include high knees yields plenty of cushioning, helping protect the lower body joints of the athletes.
  • Low Density Rubber. Rolled plyometric rubber is a popular flooring choice for high impact aerobics because of its durability and the sure footing it provides for jumping with plyo boxes, jump squats, and other specific workout patterns.

What the Best PVC Plastic Flooring for High Impact Aerobics?

Installers appreciate aerobics floors that consist of flexible PVC plastics, such as the StayLock Tile Bump Top, because they can lay it out directly over almost any type of subfloor, including carpet, cement, or wood. The interlocking tiles use a series of tabs and loops for a quick and secure connection without the need for adhesive.

The PVC plastic material has excellent durability that gives those operating an aerobics studio a good value for the money. It will last for years, carrying a five-year limited manufacturer warranty. Customers routinely report receiving up to 20 years -- and sometimes more -- of lifespan from this anti fatigue flooring.

For workouts requiring the best possible footing, such as for burpees, the slight bumpy texture on the surface of the PVC tiles gives athletes the stability they need for the best possible results. It consists of high quality recycled materials to yield an environmentally friendly style of flooring.

Does Foam Work for Aerobics Workouts Involving Running?

Yes, as closed cell EVA foam materials are an outstanding choice for high impact aerobics involving running and jumping jacks. Some EVA foams are scuff resistant, so they hold up under the stress of athletes using athletic shoes. Just keep in mind that it may take a little bit of time to break in brand new EVA foam floors as the manufacturing process involves the use of a release agent that can be slippery until worn or washed off.

The Home Sport and Play Mat tiles are highly popular for aerobics studios and home gyms. Each tile has a simple puzzle edge that allows the pieces to pop together with very little effort. Each square measures 3/4 inches in thickness and covers about 4 square feet.

For even more cushioning in the EVA foam material, consider the Martial Arts Mat Premium Tiles. These tiles pop together quickly with a puzzle style edge like the Sport and Play Mat - only larger. And they measure 1 inch in thickness, delivering a bit of extra cushioning needed for aerobics, plyometrics, and martial arts.

In some gymnasiums and aerobics studios, a colorful foam tile flooring isn’t appropriate. For those cases, consider the Fitflex Maple Flooring Roll, which uses vinyl adhered to the top of closed cell foam. It creates the look of a faux plank wood flooring that also delivers just the right amount of cushioning.

Each roll carries a seven-year warranty, so count on receiving outstanding durability. The faux wood aerobics floor will continue to look like new for years, making it an ideal choice for schools and churches, as well as athletic studios. It’s made for a permanent, glue-down installation in locations featuring workouts like aerobics, Zumba, yoga, martial arts, basketball, and volleyball.

Will Aerobic Rubber Roll Flooring Lay Out Quickly?

For covering a large space quickly in an aerobics studio, a roll of rubber is an outstanding choice. The Black Plyometric Rubber Roll has 4 feet of width with a minimum order of 25 feet in length, so installers can cover hundreds of square feet in very little time. Use double-sided tape for a temporary installation or glue for a permanent install.

This rubber roll is the best flooring for high impact aerobics where high levels of traction are needed. The low density rolled rubber measures 1/2 inch in thickness, so it has excellent cushioning and durability without being overly heavy.

When aerobics athletes are performing workouts involving explosive movements, plyometric rubber delivers an excellent level of traction with just the right level of cushioning. This roll is made in the United States, giving customers comfort in the quality of the manufacturing and in the purity of the materials.
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