What Are The Best Drainage Tiles for Home Use?

By Kyle Schurman Created: December, 2023

Top Recommended Drainage Floor Tiles for Home Use

Drainage floor tiles are a great selection for areas that have significant moisture, whether in a garage, a basement, or outdoors. We recommend the following 3 products as some of the best options you can use at home:
  1. Perforated Garage Tile
  2. StayLock Perforated Basement Tile
  3. Patio Outdoor Tile

These interlocking floor tiles all consist of PVC plastic or polypropylene plastic, both of which are waterproof. PVC is flexible and a little soft, making it easy to install. Polypropylene can withstand significant amounts of weight, including that of motor vehicles.

Garage Floors: 1x1 Perforated Garage Tile

red, black and gray drainage tiles for garage or home use

These tiles can withstand a static load of up to 10,000 pounds, allowing you to park a vehicle or lawn maintenance equipment over the top.

The ribbed pattern across the top is ideal for moving significant amounts of liquid through the slots between the ribs down to the subfloor. The layout of the ribbed pattern appears to form a diamond shape on each tile, which yields an eye-catching design.

The slip-resistant polypropylene plastic continues to deliver the traction you’re seeking even when the temperatures in the garage are cold. At the same time, they work in a heated garage without suffering damage, including if you have an in-floor heating system.

You can select among black, gray, or red tiles, and you can add a ramped border edge that connects directly to the tile to cut down on trip hazards.

Basement Floors: 1x1 StayLock Perforated Tile

1x1 StayLock Perforated Tile

With the PVC plastic material in these StayLock tiles, you can use them directly over the concrete subfloor in a basement to yield a more forgiving surface with some cushioning. These tiles have a 20-inch ASTM fall height rating.

Because of the perforations, you don’t have to worry about water seepage, leaks, or flooding in the basement affecting the performance of the floor. It uses triangle-shaped perforations in groups of four to maximize the amount of water it can move from the surface of the material to the subfloor.

This is an American-made tile that has high-quality materials. You can trust the manufacturing tolerances in use with these tiles, so each tile will be exactly 1x1 foot in size and 9/16 of an inch in thickness.

Outdoor Floors: 1x1 Patio Outdoor Tile

1x1 Patio Outdoor Tile

When you need outdoor PVC perforated tiles to place on a worn patio or deck, these tiles are able to withstand all kinds of weather, and they have a UV-treated surface.

Because of the slip resistance of these tiles, they’re ideal to use on a patio or deck near a pool, creating a safe space with a bit of cushioning for people to walk and for kids to run. They also work as a non-slip floor in a greenhouse or on a boat deck.

The surface contains hundreds of tiny square-shaped holes that efficiently move water to the surface underneath the PVC, allowing it to drain away safely.

Because of the hidden interlocking edges and the square shapes across the face of each tile, the final layout has many clean lines to enhance the design.

Best Features of Drainage Floor Tiles

So what makes these drainage floor tiles such an important option for an installation in damp areas?
  • DIY installation: Even for a novice, installing these tiles is an easy process. They all use a hidden tab and loop system to click them together without the need for glue.
  • Lightweight material: Each tile measures 1x1 foot and weighs about 1 pound, which means one person can easily carry a stack of them to speed up the installation process.
  • Directly over concrete: Place these tiles directly atop a concrete subfloor or another compacted surface without needing to add another layer of subflooring first.
  • Drainage holes: Each tile has holes and slots spread across the face that extend through the entire thickness of the material. This allows water to drain to the subfloor, where it then can reach a floor drain or slope into a grassy area.
  • Color options: Because of the use of PVC and polypropylene, you can pick among multiple colors, creating a more interesting design than a basic black floor.
  • Mix and match: Because all colors within a single model of these tiles use the same interlocking edge design, you can mix and match colors to create patterns.
  • Slip resistance: If you are walking in areas with quite a bit of water that necessitates the use of drainage floor tiles, it’s helpful to have materials that provides slip resistance against slippery liquids.
  • Easy to clean: As you might expect with waterproof flooring, these tiles are easy to clean. Just rinse or mop them and allow them to air dry. You can use common household cleaners on them.