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Tactical Hapkido Self Defense Training Tips with Barry Rodemaker

By Greatmats Staff Created: July, 2019 - Modified: July, 2021

Unfortunately, self defense has become an critical concern to many in their everyday lives. While it can come in many forms, one of the most popular methods of training for these situations is the use of hapkido techniques. Here you will learn some basic and a few different ways in which they can be used to defend yourself against an attacker. The techniques and concepts are taught by Tactical Hapkido Alliance Founder Grandmaster Barry Rodemaker, whose system is taught at more the 30 schools across the United States and Canada, including West Point (military academy).

About Greatmats Hapkido Self Defense Training Series

1. Step Into Elbows:

Single Wrist Grab Defense Option 1
White Belt Technique

2. Step Out to Elbows:

Single Wrist Grab Defense Option 2
White Belt Technique

3. Step Into Elbows w/Force Multiplier:

Single Wrist Grab Defense Option 3
White Belt Technique

4. Outside Wrist Lock:

Joint Lock Option 1
Yellow Belt Technique

5. Armbar:

Joint Lock Option 2
Yellow Belt Technique

6. Figure 4 Arm Lock:

Joint Lock Option 3
Yellow Belt Technique

7. S Lock:

Cross Wrist Grab Defense
High Yellow Belt Technique

8. Displace Elbow:

Lapel Grab Defense
High Green Belt Technique

10. Exploding Arms:

Rear Bear Hug Defense
High Red Belt Technique

11. Slip Out Center Lock:

Rear Bear Hug Defense
Red Belt Technique

12. Arms Out Center Lock:

Rear Bear Hug Defense
Red Belt Technique

13. Figure 4 Arm Lock:

Weapon Disarm
Black Belt Technique

14. Split Entry Armbar:

Strike Defense
Black Belt Technique

15. Split Entry Vascular Restriction:

Punch Defense
Black Belt Technique

16. Split Entry Vascular Restriction:

Ground Punch Defense
Black Belt Technique

17. Side Parry Trapping Drill:

18. Haymaker Trapping Drill:

Thanks for checking out this Greatmats Self Defense Training Series with Grandmaster Barry Rodemaker. Be sure to stop back for more training videos and as well as checking out our other martial arts training series' on Karate and BJJ with USA Karate's Master David Younglove and 7-time World BJJ Champion and Record Holder Rodrigo Comprido.
Grandmaster Barry Rodemaker
Tactical Hapkido Alliance
Erie PA