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What Makes PVC A Good Material For Garage Floor Tiles?

By Paige Cerulli Created: August, 2022 - Modified: September, 2022

Laying a new floor in your garage can instantly enhance its appearance, especially if you’re dealing with stained, damaged, or cracked floors. PVC garage floor tiles are a highly popular choice, and when you consider the unique qualities of PVC, it’s easy to see why this is an ideal material for use in your garage.

The Benefits of PVC Garage Floor Tiles

PVC floor tiles have several qualities that make them one of the best choices for use in garages.


PVC makes for heavy duty tiles that offer the strength needed for garage installations. These tiles can withstand significant weight, including the weight of a vehicle.

The tiles are also strong enough to support furniture and equipment like tool boxes, cabinets, and other essentials. Alternatively, if you’re converting your garage into a home gym, they can support gym equipment.


pvc garage floor tiles colors with traction
These tiles can also help to maximize traction, ideal when you’re working in a wet area or using heavy equipment. Tiles are available in a variety of finishes, including diamond and coin top textures, which help to maximize traction.

The traction that these tiles offer is also beneficial when you’re using your garage as a gym. It can contribute to your safety and help you to work out without worrying about slipping.


PVC tiles also offer valuable comfort. These tiles have a slight flex to them, and they’re more forgiving than a hard concrete floor.

Since these tiles have a slight flex, they can help to keep you comfortable when you’re standing on them for long periods of time. This can maximize the amount of time that you’re able to spend working in your garage.


Simply put, PVC garage floor tiles are cheap. These affordably priced tiles are easy to install, so you save money on the installation process, too.

Waterproof Design

PVC tiles also offer the advantage of being waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about leaks or spills. In addition, these tiles often resist mold and mildew growth, creating a healthier garage space.

pvc garage floor tiles colors

Many PVC tiles are resistant to oil, gasoline, and most solvents and solutions, so your garage can continue to be a workspace and you don’t have to worry about the materials that you use damaging your flooring.

Design Options

If you’re looking for a specific color floor for your garage, PVC tiles give you plenty of choices. In addition to their different surface textures, these tiles are available in many different colors.

pvc garage floor tiles colors

PVC tiles are available in everything from gray to black to white to red, so you have control over how your completed garage will look. You can even buy tiles in multiple colors to create alternating patterns that command attention and make a statement.

You will also find PVC tiles in multiple sizes, including the standard 1x1 foot tile and the larger 20x20 inch tile. The smaller tiles are ideal for smaller garage spaces, since there won’t be as much waste during the installation as there would with a larger tile that you have to cut.

If you’re working with those larger spaces, then choosing a larger tile will quickly cover more surface area. Those larger tiles can save you installation time.

Easy Installation

One of the major benefits of PVC tiles is that they are easy to install. These tiles feature interlocking designs so you can connect them together.

pvc garage floor tiles colors

Many PVC tiles have a slight flex that makes it easier to interlock them. You can dry lay them on your existing garage floor, and you can also cut the tiles to fit as needed.

Since the tiles make for a DIY-friendly installation, you can save on the cost of a professional installation and have the satisfaction of completing your garage floor yourself. There’s no need for an underlayment, which will also save you money.

Even more importantly, the modular tiles can be removed again in the future as needed. By disconnecting the tiles, you can remove the floor for deep-cleaning or store the tiles away until you need them again.

Since you can disconnect and remove the tiles, it’s possible to replace a single tile that’s worn or damaged. This capability will save you money over the cost of redoing a whole section or an entire floor just because a small area was damaged.

Ease of Maintenance

PVC garage floor tiles are also easy to clean and maintain. You can sweep the tiles with a broom or damp mop them with common household floor cleaners for a deeper clean.


pvc garage floor tiles colors

PVC tiles are also highly durable. They can withstand the weight of vehicles and heavy equipment, and they are built for the demands of industrial, warehouse, and garage use.

Additionally, PVC tiles are resistant to heat, cold, and humidity, making them ideal for garages that aren’t climate controlled. Designed to last, many PVC tiles are backed by generous manufacturer warranties up to as many as 10 years.