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Customer Reviews for: Home BJJ Mats 1.5 Inch

Customer Rating:


This was my second time ordering from your company. Again, the shopping experience was great...expeditious too. Love the product. Thanks for customer excellence!


Fort Sam Houston, TX

Customer Rating:


Great product for a home or business gym...sturdy and of the right softness. Also, because of the puzzle design, I can add pieces later on as my requirements to have a bigger mat increase: very happy with this buy and the expediency of your service. Thank you. v/r lugo


Fort Sam Houston, TX

Customer Rating:


Mats are great, I bought them because Comprido endorsed them and am very pleased


Homer Glen, IL

Customer Rating:


A little on the hard side for wrestling, but good quality. Delivery was timely.


Catonsville, MD

Customer Rating:


Awesome mats---Will be buying more soon. They hold up well too!


Newell, IA

Customer Rating:


Outstanding product. The surface is is easy to turn yet offers support.


Irn Mountain, MI

Customer Rating:


I like the mats it fits on my living room, i bought this because I live in an apartment 3rd floor and i don't want to make noise while I'm doing my video workout, So far so good less noise, but I think I need 2 more mats. Ordering and Shipping is fast but the shipping is very expensive, I want to buy two more but then I'm thinking about the shipping hopefully they give me discount. I'll give greatmats 4.0 stars but if the shipping is right price it will be five stars.


Chula Vista, CA

Customer Rating:


I use them to continue Judo training with my kids and I outside of th dojo. They are durable and they feel like the ones in class. The mats are good for Judo as well for the kids to play in a safer manner. They are easy to be remove in order to clear the area.


Monroeville, PA

Customer Rating:


Have had awhile however we have only used for the past week. The mats go together very easily, however sometimes it is difficult to match them up, specifically if you want to offset a row. That is the only fault we have found to date. The mats are extremely durable, lightweight, and great for impact falls. Overall we love them!


State College, PA

Customer Rating:


These mats are great. I use them all the time when im not at the gym training. Real easy to clean and dry up pretty quick. I do a lot of grappling so they get used pretty hard. I have not gotten any mat burn while using them. Assembly is quick and easy. I would definitely recommend these mats to a home user if you are not able to get to a gym.


Beaver Dam, WI

Customer Rating:


Mats are Excellent! Great for my kids. Also, since the mats are set up under and around my heavy bag - they have significantly reduced the wear and tear on my legs from the heavy bag workouts as opposed to previous use on a cement floor. Highly recommend for kids and adults!


Dardenne Prarie, MO

Customer Rating:


I bought these mats for my workspace (I'm a woodworker and I'm on my feet all day) and I love them. I had been experiencing some fatigue and body aches as a result of standing on a hard floor, and within days of installing my mats it was all gone. They are really well made. They don't feel squishy (which is a good thing) but they are completely effective shock absorbers. I would certainly buy more if the need arises.


McKinleyville, CA

Customer Rating:


We received the shipment perfectly, and the the delivery was as described. The flooring was a snap to put together we are using it in the basement, and this flooring has transformed the basement into a very comfortable workout room. I work out in bare feet or sneakers and it very supportive for all feet conditions. The tiles are extremely comfortable and solid- do not move, easy to cut ..or shape around poles. Nice product.


Cromwell, CT

Customer Rating:


Awesome - absolutely love them...


Anaheim, CA

Customer Rating:


Received mats quickly. Good quality but a little firm for any judo or take downs. I will probably order more eventually to expand my training space.


Naperville, IL

Customer Rating:


Love these home mats. I installed them in my 2-year old's room so he can play on them during the day and then I can go in at night and run some drills. I bought 16 for an 8x8 area and that's great for what I'm doing on my own.


Franklin, TN

Customer Rating:


These mat squares were easier to put together than I expected and look good on the floor.


Santa Ana, CA

Customer Rating:


Very nice product. Looks nice installed. Just a touch firmer than I expected they would be.


Metuchen, NJ

Customer Rating:


The mats are very easy to assemble and great for grappling. I provide training for Aikido, Jui Jitsu and Kick boxing and overall these mats have been great for most of the training and sparring. However, I would not recommend them for basic training in falls as they aren't really soft enough for beginner students to learn how to fall on. Nonetheless, I am about to place a second order for these so as to increase the size of our workout gym.



Customer Rating:


The mats were easy to install. Cutting for wall to wall coverage only required a sharp utility knife. I use the mats for work on the heavy bag (Thai Boxing) and BJJ. They provide ample cushion and the seams fit together tightly. I have been very happy with the performance of this product.


Bel Air, MD