Customer Reviews for: Royal Interlocking Carpet Tile

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I am enjoying my new carpet I layed down in my basement. It was easy to put together. I even walked around with no shoes on and my feet felt wonderful from the softness of the carpet.



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The flooring was great at the tradeshow where we stood for 8 hours each day. Our neighbors were jealous asking us if they could come and stand on our floor for some relief! Thanks Greatmats!


Cape Coral, FL

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Great Mats really are great. Very happy so far with the product. Thanks. Wes



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Hello Great-mats Team thanks for the outstanding service, the product looked absolutely fabulous in our booth I would recommend it to my friends very easy to use Thanks Great-mats for a great Product


Dominion City, MB

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LOVE IT! So soft and plush feeling on the feet, and great for the kids to lie on. The dog loves lying on it too. A huge improvement in looks over the old foam play mats we had. Also, we had our first spill, and it was so easy to clean up. Installation was super easy, even our 3 year old helped out.


North Vancouver, BC

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We used the Royal Interlocking Carpet Tile as wall to wall carpet tiles in a lower level educational space in our church that is subjected to occasional flooding. We choose this product because of its closed cell foam pad and interlocking edges that would allow it to be easily removed, dried and replaced. We are very happy with the results and with the quality and ease of installation. We carpeted approximately 800 square feet of space in about three hours.


Brown Deer, WI

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We love Greatmats. The carpet tile looked fabulous and appeared to be seamless when installed.


Toronto, ON

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I love my new look in my den. Thanks again.



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very ecellent product,easy to instal.


Reno, NV

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Your product is fantastic. It goes together so well and looks great - even my wife and I could do it ourselves. We put it on our patio and we hope that it lasts a long time. We've had outdoor rugs out there and we have to keep replacing them every 2-3 years. We will be happy if this lasts for a lot longer.



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I love this product. It goes togather easily and looks great. I especially love the soft texture of the carpet and the squishy feeling of the foam underneath. It feels like you are walking on a firm mattress. The seams where the pieces join shows up a little more than the pictures indicate, but this isn't a real problem, and they will probably blend in better as we walk on the floor more. The service was great, the shipping quick, and I would certainly recommend this product and company to a friend.


Poplar Bluff, MO

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My husband and I installed it on our back enclosed deck. I will say that was fairply easy to install and it looks and feels great. Only time will tell if it holds up, which we think it will.


Staten island, NY

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The Royal Interlocking Carpet Tiles are exactly what I was looking for. I am using them in my garage studio and I am able to spend extended time standing at my easel. Thank you, Maggie


Los Angeles, CA

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GREAT Product. Just what we wanted. Simple to use, Simple to Store. Good Looking product. I will use GREATMATS for all my mat needs. Bill Huber -President, Reno Toy Storage


Reno, NV

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First use at our trade show went well. More comfortable on the back than our old carpet. Hopefully it will stand up to repeated used.


Toronto, ON

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All in all, these mats are just what I hoped for. The foam backing is extremely resistant to indentation (I have two heavily loaded shelf sets on them, and they hardly dent the mats), but they feel soft when I walk across them. They were easy to install and cutting them to fit went well. My only concerns are that there is a bit of color difference between some of the squares, and I'm still vacuuming up a lot of mats' fibers. The mats are in a basement area, so the color issue is a minimal one.


Asheville, NC

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Everything is very positive. The carpet tiles exceeded our expectations, and seem very well made. The shipping was very efficient, as was the person who took my order. Very positive all around. Excellent job! take care,


Shorewood , WI

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Very nice product. I am using for a house rabbit play area. I installed over my carpet (to protect my carpet from the rabbits) and it has worked great. It is not recommended to install over carpet, but it is working fine for this purpose. My bunnies love it!


Keller, TX

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Bought this carpet for our 20 x 20 trade show booth. Worked great!! Our one concern was possible tripping on the edge, but once the show/isle carpets were laid down it worked perfect. The carpet was comfortable, cleaned up easily and held up nicely to heavy traffic. It paid for itself in one show and we hope to continue using it the rest of the year. Very happy!


Princeton, MN

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These carpets are a great buy. I like them because of the convenience I can place them down but if I need to remove them because of cleaning or basement getting wet I can pick them up fast and easy.Nice colors to chose from and good texture for my feet.


Baltimore, MD