Customer Reviews for: Gym Floor Workout Fitness Tile Pebble

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I use them for sound and vibration insulation under my air conditioner condenser on my deck. Works very well, and they seem to stand up to the weather. The cost is reasonable and the service was great.



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Very nice and helpful salesman. Great product. Light and durable.


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Jo was great! She listened to our situation, sent the right product then corrected a minor issue within days. Great products and service!


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The mats are wonderful. I am an artist in a studio and being on my feet all day on a concrete floor is really tiring. These mats really help. The customer service people are also really wonderful. Worked with Beth and she was fantastic.

Florida Pastels LLC

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So far, so good, but to be honest weve only had the mats for less than a week. Easy to order, faster than expected delivery. Thumbs up!

Victoria Kunter

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Great customer service with Greatmats. I would not hesitate ordering from this company. The product is good. There are issues with minor variation in thickness of the tiles but the tiles still hold together well. I had rubber mats before these tiles and like the feel of this product better underfoot. It has a softer feel than rubber so floor work is more comfortable. The install was very easy and the overall look is good in the room. There is a minor smell associated with the product but it is not offensive and has been diminishing over time. I think this is the best option out there for foam tiles in a home gym setting.


Corpus Christi, TX

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Great product. Perfect balance between being soft enough for floor exercises but sturdy enough to go underneath a treatmill, weight rack and bench.


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Dunedin, FL

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I'm very happy with it. It was very easy to put down. There is no smell coming from the mats which is great. It looks very durable and will definitely protect the floor and equipment.


Denver, CO

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Bought it for a gym corner in a room and its perfect. Very easy to put down. There is no smell coming from the mats which is great. The material seems very durable and will definitely protect the floor and equipment. Very happy with it so far.


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My tiles are all installed and I love it. (Weightlifting Platform)


Buford, GA

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Since my last review I have been in touch with David from Great Mats, he And I have discussed the issue that I was having with my most recent order and he is going to replace the tiles that did not fit properly. He and I had a misunderstanding which led me to writing a poor review, because of his willingnss to rectify the problem I am retracting my last review and decided to place another order with Co. in the near future. Thank You David

Glenn Tortorici

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I had a great experience with Greatmats. Their sales associates are knowledgeable and helpful, along with having great customer service. Their responses to emails are prompt, and their shipping is quick as well.


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Product exactly as advertised. Works well for my intended purpose. Prompt shipping.


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A little more rigid than expected but it looks like it will perform well.


Hayward, WI

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As seen in the picture, I use the pebble 3/4'' tiles for my home gym. I was concerned about installing a workout area in a room with a tile floor, so I elected to go with the thicker foam tiles. Greatmats was awesome- I requested three samples from them, which arrived quickly and were free! It was extremely helpful being able to compare the densities, weights, and textures of all three samples side-by-side. The other two samples were roughly a half-inch thick and it was apparent the 3/4'' was the way to go for my purposes. I try not to drop any weights- more to take care of the equipment than out of a fear of damaging the underlying tile- but I love the peace of mind the mats give me to set down a deadlift relatively firmly or letting a weight slip out of my hand and not have to worry about any damage to the floor below. The density is perfect- firm enough to not feel 'squishy' underfoot (I was concerned about my feet sinking in and being unstable during squats, but that hasn't been an issue), but still enough cushioning to soften a weight being dropped. Installation was a breeze- I went to Home Depot and bought a 3' straightedge which helped tremendously. Because I installed wall-to-wall, I had to trim about a half-dozen tiles. Just make sure you have a fresh blade on your utility knife and the cuts will go much faster. I have yet to mop it or spill any water on the floor other than sweat, but I haven't noticed any liquid seeping through and they're very easy to sweep/mop up. Excellent product- I actually plan to buy a few more to finish off the room!


San Diego, CA

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Delivery was on time and product arrived in good condition as advertised. A truly great product.

Allen Bailey

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I created a workout area in my unfinished basement. It took me such a short time to install 60 tiles and the result is amazing. Greatmats looks good and feels great!

Louise Baylis

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It is always a relief and a pleasant surprise when you run into an online buying experience as professional as Greatmats. From their detailed website product descriptions (with hardness scales!) to their quickly-emailed, highly informative order confirmations, they are immediately seen as a company that has been doing this for a long time and listening to their customers for all of it. I find the shipping costs a bit high, but these are heavier, larger packages, so I bit the bullet, hoping the quality was worth it. And it was. The "Gym Floor Foam Tile Pebble Top 3/4 Inch" was exactly what Id been looking for in designing a garage gym for my son and I. The pebble top is ideal for traction, but it really shines in the high density of the foam. I had been looking at purchasing the heavy solid rubber mats, worried that EVA foam mats could not protect the underlying floor when dropping weights. The hardness scale rating in the product description, not to mention customer comments on usage in everthing from horse stalls to agricultural machinery to gyms, convinced me that this particular EVA foam mat might in fact be exactly what we were looking for. They most certainly were: thick but incredibly light, but at a high enough density that there is no doubt they can withstand the punishment. We laid out 200 sq ft of these interlocking mats: precision cut, they were a breeze to install. A full rack of dumbbells hardly dented them, nor did a pro-caliber elliptical. A great mat from a great company!

Thomas S

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Awesome order was correct and delivered before expected, wonderful product!