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Commercial Anti-Fatigue & -Slip Rubber Kitchen Wet Area Mats & Rugs

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Kitchen Mats Commercial Ideas

The 5 Best Anti Fatigue Mats for Kitchens

Benefits of Commercial Kitchen Floor Mats

Commercial kitchen mats offer a number of benefits to any busy, high-traffic kitchen:

  1. Perforated mats allow for water drainage, preventing standing water and keeping workers safe
  2. Mats are specifically designed to maximize traction, minimizing the chance of slips and falls
  3. Kitchen mats are crafted from forgiving materials like rubber and foam to provide shock absorption and anti fatigue benefits
  4. Shock absorbing mats can help to reduce breakage when items are dropped on the floor, saving you money
  5. Interlocking mats can be used to create one continuous floor space, so there are no transitions onto and off of mats
  6. Industrial kitchen floor mats are an economical and essential step in making any kitchen space safer and comfortable for employees

Choosing the Right Industrial Kitchen Floor Mats

  1. Will the mats be exposed to grease or oil?
  2. Will the mats be in an area that is frequently wet, where drainage is essential?
  3. Do you use carts in your kitchen, and will you need to push a cart onto the mat?
  4. Do you need mats that are anti fatigue?
  5. Do you plan on using mats as island installations, or are you looking for an option to connect multiple mats together for a larger floor?
  6. Is maximized traction, such as in wet conditions, a concern?

Rubber Kitchen Mats

There's a good reason why most kitchen mats are made of rubber: Rubber is highly durable and is capable of withstanding the various demands of commercial kitchen environments. Rubber is long-lasting and holds up even in high-traffic spaces like commercial kitchens. Additionally, water doesn't damage rubber flooring the way it damages other materials, making rubber mats and flooring perfect for kitchens where spills and regular mopping are part of the environment.

Commercial kitchen mats rubber provide additional benefits that are valuable in kitchen settings, too. Though highly durable, it also offers shock absorption properties, amounting to a more comfortable and forgiving surface if falls do occur.

Grease Resistant Kitchen Mat Options

A commercial kitchen floor mat must contain with greasy, oily environments. Whereas grease and oil can break down many flooring materials, we offer many floor mat options designed specifically to contend with grease and oil.

Our TruTread Mat is available in two different finishes: Choose the black mat which is grease resistant, or opt for the red which is greaseproof. This mat sports heavy duty construction, and drainage holes allow liquid and waste to pass right through the mat, so workers stay above standing water. Anti-slip and water-repellent, this mat is a great choice for dry, wet, or greasy environments.

The VIP Guardian Mat is another popular greaseproof option. This innovative, lightweight mat is made of non-absorbent closed cell rubber. At only 1/4 inch thick, this low-profile mat is perfect for kitchens, cafeterias, and restaurants, since its drainage holes allow water to flow through. The mat is even reversible, ensuring you get plenty of use out of it.

Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mats

Your employees spend long hours working, and investing in a commercial kitchen anti fatigue mats for restaurants can increase employees' comfort. Commercial anti fatigue food service mats help to absorb shock, making work more comfortable and tolerable.

Our Safety TruTread 3-Sided Mat provides exceptional anti-fatigue comfort. Intended for use in wet, greasy, and dry environments, this mat features an elevated construction to allow fluids to drain away from the surface. Connectors are available so that you can link mats together to create larger surfaces, while colored borders draw attention to the mat's edges, providing an important safety measure.

If you want the absolute best in anti fatigue mats, then you need to consider our VIP Red Cloud Anti Fatigue Mat. This lightweight mat is crafted from non-absorbent closed-cell nitrile rubber for the ultimate in comfort and performance. It offers excellent anti fatigue properties for maximized comfort. The mat is easy to clean and has a textured anti-slip surface. It's versatile and can be used in virtually any area in a restaurant.

Mats with Optimized Traction for Kitchens

Great traction is one of the most important qualities for all food service anti fatigue mats. Maximized traction helps to keep your employees safe, minimizing falls, injuries, and broken equipment. You will find that kitchen mats are available with many different surface designs, all of which help to provide traction.

Our Safety TruTread 3-Sided GritTuff Mats have additional anti-slip traction that many other mats do not. The abrasive GritTuff surface provides extra traction, even when the mat is placed in a wet or greasy area. By draining fluids away from the mat's surface, the mat's design also helps to maximize traction and employee safety.

Similarly, the WorkStep Black Mat is also available with GritTuff. This comfortable restaurant anti fatigue mat offers anti-slip traction enhanced by the abrasive GritTuff surface. Molded beveled edges ensure a smooth transition onto and off of the mat. Water repellent and washable, this is an excellent flooring choice for countless applications.

Safe Transitions on Kitchen Matting

When you use mats in certain areas of your kitchen without matting the whole floor, you'll need to opt for mats designed to prevent tripping. Choosing mats that are low-profile and which have beveled edges can create a safer kitchen environment when things get hectic and employees start to rush around. They also enable you to push a cart onto and off of them.

The VIP Topdek Senior Black Mat is designed with molded, beveled edges to avoid tripping when stepping onto or off of the mat, as well as to facilitate cart use. This mat is available in a variety of convenient lengths up to 20 feet long, and there are no connectors required since the mats will be seamed. At only 1/2 inch thick, these mats are a great choice for independent, island use in kitchens, since their low height reduces the chance of employees tripping onto them.

Maximized Drainage Kitchen Mats

For areas that frequently get wet, we have a wide selection of kitchen mats designed to maximize drainage. You'll find that nearly every mat we offer is perforated so that water drains away and no one is left standing in pooled water.

The Safety TruTread 3-Sided Mat is not only water repellent, but features an elevated construction that lets fluids drain away from the surface. You can connect multiple mats together for larger areas, and colored borders contribute to safety awareness.

The VIP Topdek Junior Red Mat features multiple perforations which offer excellent drainage. Suitable for use in light grease applications, this mat is both anti-slip and anti fatigue for an excellent performance.