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Find rubber flooring products for covering a home gym floor or going over a garage floor to make a man cave or workout space. It yields extreme resiliency at a good value, making it perfect for garage flooring that won't be used under vehicles. A rubber mat roll, underlayment, floor tile, or floor mat is available for installation anywhere.

How to Choose Rubber Mat Flooring

  1. Consider whether indoor or outdoor layouts are desired and the planned use type
  2. Review the size of the project and budget
  3. Look at the potential color compared to the room design
  4. Consider interlocks vs. rolled layouts
  5. Consider freight vs. ground delivery

A commercial customer could use our high-quality rubber flooring for weight rooms, animal stalls, playgrounds, and rooftops. These are American-made, allowing our customers to count on the quality they’ll receive. Greatmats carries the best price points, no matter how big or small the order.

Our network of factories around the country ensures we can find the best prices and shipping rates. Greatmats uses recycled tires in quite a few models, which helps keep each tire out of the landfill.

Heavy-duty rubber flooring rolls allow a customer to cover a large spot in a short amount of time at a great cost. These installations will have fewer seams than paver installations. A customer can glue this down for a permanent installation or use carpet tape for temporary installations.

We commonly have these in 4-foot widths in all black or in black with color flecks.

Rubber floor mats work equally well for indoor and outdoor use cases. Outdoors, consider using them in horse stalls or on a playground under swings or a slide. For indoor setups, it’s shock-absorbing for use underneath free weights or heavy exercise equipment.

Greatmats offers a wide range of floor rubber mats, including 2x4, 4x6, and 4x10 foot coverages.

Beneficial Floor Rubber Mat Designs

  1. Desirable price point
  2. Easily moveable
  3. Simple storage
  4. Extreme durability

They commonly will make use of an interlocking edge rather than a straight edge, like square and rectangle mats have. Jigsaw edging allows customers to tightly connect them without the need for adhesives. Pop them apart to return to the original subfloor. They stack perfectly for storage in a closet.

The puzzle-style edges will fit together tightly. This means they stay connected if placed under stress. Manufacturers sometimes cut interlocking rubber tiles with a water jet. This delivers an extremely precise shape.

Another option is a stamping process. Stamping isn’t quite as precise, but it still works well.

With puzzle edges, customers have the option of performing a DIY installation. Only a couple of people are required to install them. The interlocking tiles are small and lightweight.

These are popular in schools, homes, and commercial gyms. They have what’s needed for both workouts and weight training.

Rubber mats can be laid directly over a hard, flat surface, such as concrete. Rubber gym flooring has significant sound reduction and thermal insulation properties too.

Rubber gym flooring rolls absorb the impact of dropped weights, which limits noise.

Rubber rolls in a 4x10 foot size are common in 1/4 and 3/8 inch thick styles. 4x10-foot rolls are commonly used for home gyms and exercise rooms.

Playground rubber tiles and mats offer fall height ratings. We provide them at various prices and with several color choices. For playgrounds, these tiles have good traction for running and jumping. Should children drag their feet while swinging, they will stay in place.

They are easy to install and maintain. Many carry warranties of up to 15 years. They create a safe surface year-round. Use them in any climate. Whenever one becomes damaged or worn, just replace it. This is easier than trying to repair a large section.

For stable owners, using horse stall matting is becoming more popular as it has durability and strength. An animal stall with these rubber products is better for cleaning, as it reduces the time required. Additionally, they’re more comfortable and safer for horses than dirt. They require less bedding too.

Choose interlocking kits made to cover 10x10-foot areas and larger. Or they can be customized to fit any barn space. Use them in aisles, stalls, and wash bays.

Rubber Anti-Fatigue Mats

Anti-fatigue floor mats for manufacturing and industrial use help employees reduce stress on their legs. When spending long days standing for work, padding is important to keep employees feeling fresh.

They are durable, standing up to constant use. Some even have foam centers for comfort. We offer various textures on the surface. Some are designed for wet areas, yielding non-slip surfaces when damp.

Rubber flooring for a commercial kitchen or food processing plant will have grease-resistant properties. It is easy to clean while increasing worker safety and productivity in a factory or restaurant environment.

Greatmats even offers diamond plate textured rubber anti-fatigue mats.

Rubber pavers are a popular choice for outside requirements. These work nicely for outdoor rooftop patios and flat surfaces, creating wind and weather resistance in climates of all types. Freezing temperatures and direct summer sun do not affect it. For outside installations of 400 square feet or more, glue them to each other and to the subsurface.

Dog training and doggy daycare facilities use them too. They are quick to install, carry a low cost, and offer impressive strength. They protect the subfloor against pet urine. Use glue for a water-tight installation. Use clear silicone caulk on the seams to seal against accidents from pets.

It is an environmentally friendly flooring material. With almost 260 million tires discarded each year, creating recycled flooring helps the environment by keeping them out of landfills.

Greatmats offers recycled, virgin, and EPDM rubber flooring options for a variety of applications, from exercise rooms and home gym flooring to flooring for laundry rooms and underlayments for laminate. Rubber material makes a great water-resistant and slip-resistant flooring solution for playrooms and is comfortable underfoot.

Most of the best sellers come from recycling car or truck tires. They may last for decades. Many have 10- or 15-year warranties.

These may require resealing occasionally, such as in entryways. Sealers provide a durable wear layer for a high-traffic area. At gyms, though, it rarely will need to be sealed.

It can be swept or hand-washed as needed. Always use a neutral-pH floor cleaner. Have two buckets on hand whenever cleaning with a mop. One bucket will have clean water, and the other will have dirty water.

For larger spaces, use automated walk-behind or ride-on cleaners to steam clean or scrub with a soft brush or pad.

Rubber Flooring FAQ

Is recycled rubber flooring safe?

Yes. It is safe to use in numerous applications for all ages of people and pets. It sometimes has an odor when initially installed. Using it in a well-ventilated room negates the intensity of the smell, which will dissipate eventually.

Is rubber flooring expensive?

It provides long-lasting performance, resulting in a great value. It will deliver several years to a few decades of safer use. It's one of the most durable selections available. Its overall price per square foot is about average compared to some other selections.

Does rubber flooring absorb sound?

It will provide a sound-dampening capacity if used in an area where noise is constantly present, like in workout locations where weights are often in use. It also yields a cushioning subsurface to place under exercise machines, which cuts down on the noise they generate.