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In a demanding environment, our industrial floor mats are up to the task. We have an impressive selection for factories, standing work stations, damp locales, and more. With a selection of quality USA industrial floor mats in a variety of material types, sizes, and thicknesses, we're sure to have the right product for the exact industry space.

Benefits of Industrial Floor Mats

  1. Excellent durability to withstand heavy-duty traffic
  2. Maximized traction
  3. Relief for improved worker productivity
  4. Resistance to common items, such as grease and oil
  5. Drainage for use in wet areas
  6. Specialty floor protection, such as for electrostatic discharge

We have outlined some of our most popular industrial floor mats below.

Safety Floor Mats

Workspaces are full of potential dangers, with electricity and electric shock being two of the most common. That's why we stock a full line of industrial safety mats specifically designed to keep workers safe and valuable electronic equipment protected.

Our Conductive Diamond ESD dissipative industrial mats reduce static electricity and prevent damage to sensitive power equipment. Have a grounding snap installed for additional protection.

These industrial safety mats have a resistance to top (RTT) rating of 104-105 ohms and a resistance to ground (RTG) rating of 10K-100K ohms. They are made in the USA and are moisture-repellant. These are 9/16” thick, 2’ to 4’ wide, and 3’ to 75’ long. Custom lengths are available.

Diamond Conductive Runners are 3/16” in thickness and have a length of 75’. This anti-static runner has anti-slip traction. Moisture- and wear-resistant, these commercial runner rugs are an industry favorite.

Our Apachestat Soft Foot has RTT and RTG ratings of 100 million to 1 billion ohms with snaps for grounding. These provide anti fatigue mat benefits, creating more comfortable and forgiving work floor mats. The thickness is 3/8”, and they range from 2’ to 4’ in width and 3’ to 60’ lengthwise. They can also easily be cut to fit.

Switchboard Corrugated Runners are offered 75’ longwise and in widths of 2’, 3’, or 4’. Custom orders are possible. Our 1/4” antistatic materials feature a corrugated surface to provide traction.

The installed ground snap yields dielectric 30,000 V (VAC) strength. The maximum recommended use for these is 17,000 volts (VAC). These versatile industrial & manufacturing mats are designed for environments with high, medium, and low voltage electrical potentials, and they are suitable for manufacturing, automotive, maintenance, shipping, and packing environments.

Anti-Fatigue Industrial Floor Mats

To cover large, narrow spots, such as those in warehouses or assembly lines, ours are an economical way to create a continuous flooring surface. If full industrial rubber flooring rolls aren’t needed, we offer cut lengths on many of ours, including recessed mats to fit particular spaces.

Our Diamond Foot industrial rubber matting roll comes in 2’ to 4’ widths and 75’ lengthwise with a black or a black/yellow color option. These roll matting products are made of solid vinyl, are 3/16 inches thick, and are ideal for workbenches. They can help prevent fragile parts from being damaged. The flexible 100 percent vinyl compound resists common chemicals, while the brilliant yellow borders increase visibility.

Tuff is available in corrugated or wide-rib surfaces for increased grippiness. These large industrial rubber mats are 105’ long and range from 2’ to 6’ wide, so they can easily span huge spaces. These measure 1/8” and will resist oil, grease, and chemicals. They also protect the subfloor, reducing maintenance costs.

To maintain worker comfort and, in turn, productivity, consider investing in a floor mat that emphasizes cushioning properties.

Wet Industrial Kitchen Flooring

We have many options for wet area flooring. These have perforations that allow water to flow through them, preventing it from sitting atop the materials. Workers stay up above the water, which helps with maximizing traction.

Consider our Performa GritTuff Black. These feature drainage holes so that liquids and waste can pass through. They are water-repellent. They are an excellent choice for kitchens, cafeterias, and other areas where the floors are often damp.

While exploring these, please call our experts. We would be happy to help find the best product for the workspace and its individual needs, including commercial floor mats with logos. For spaces where employees will be sitting at a desk much of the day, we have chair mat designs too.

FAQ Industrial Floor Mats Q&A

What are industrial floor mats?
Durable and made to keep employees as safe as possible, these are an excellent investment for the workspace. They consist of tough materials that can stand up to all kinds of difficult environments.

Do antifatigue industrial floor mats really work?
Yes, as cushioned surfaces give an employee the support and softness he or she needs to remain feeling fresh throughout the day. Many of our industrial flooring options have cushions that are designed specifically for maximizing comfort.

Are standing industrial floor mats worth it?
When someone must stand up to do a job for the entire day, it can be tough on the back, hips, knees, and ankles. These will support the weight of the body in a comfortable fashion. A standup foot mat features impressive longevity too.

Where can I buy industrial floor mats?
At Greatmats, we have designs that are perfect for almost any use case. We even offer logo mats to help with branding. To find just the right item, ask these questions:
  1. How much traffic will there be?
  2. Will they be in an area that is frequently damp?
  3. Will they be exposed to agents like oils, greases, or solvents?
  4. Do they need to protect employees with electrostatic capabilities?
  5. What type of installation method is preferred?
  6. Which properties are most important: Tractioning, fatigue relief, or ease of cleaning?