What Are The 5 Best High Visibility Anti Fatigue Mats?

By Julia Nass Created: May, 2018 - Modified: July, 2023

There exists more and more research detailing the damage that can occur in the body if people stand on their feet day in and day out without sufficient rest. Workers required to be on their feet all day often complain of soreness, achiness and discomfort in the body. However, this is just the beginning for some. Others go on to develop serious and chronic problems in their backs, knees, ankles or feet.

The Solution: Anti Fatigue Mats

That is exactly why anti fatigue mats are steadily increasing in popularity across a variety of industries. Experts find anti fatigue mats to protect the comfort, bodies and health of those in occupations that require standing for long periods of time. Even if is the feet that have direct contact with the floor, the strain of standing can go all the up through the neck. With cushion underfoot, there is not as much strain on the rest of the body. Weight and energy is distributed, and the impact of standing is not so pointed. Plus, added cushion forces the muscles to move in subtle ways, which helps maintain blood flow.

Other Benefits


Not only do anti fatigue mats provide direct health benefits, but they make financial sense as well. With increased comfort, people stay energized and focused on the tasks at hand. Anti fatigue mats help people extend their productivity, which ends up being financially beneficial as well.

Higher Morale

In addition, a workplace anti fatigue mat can increase the overall spirit of the workplace. When people are happy and healthy, the entire environment and culture of a space becomes happy and healthy.


In some work environments, extra safety precautions are of the utmost importance. In workshops, factories, restaurants and other industry settings with high risk environments, it is essential to go to great lengths to ensure the safety of each individual. Anti fatigue mats are a great step for safety precautions, but high visibility mats are even better. The best industrial safety mats are designed with high-visibility edges to indicate the complete matted area. This decreases the likelihood of trip and falls, which is particularly important in environments in which people are carrying dangerous tools and equipment.

High visibility matting is an easy step to take in ensuring the safest possible work environment. Greatmats makes it even easier by offering the highest quality industrial safety mats at an affordable price.

Review the top five high visibility mats recommended by flooring experts.

Supreme Slip Tech

First up, Supreme Slip Tech high visibility mats. These mats offer supreme traction, vibrant yellow sides, and beveled edges to help prevent any gravity-related accidents from happening. The effective traction comes from an industrial pyramid design tested for slip-resistance, even when wet. Mats offer dual compress-deflection properties between the durable surface and the underlying ergonomic foam. This high visibility matting can be custom cut to fit any space, large or small.

Safety Stance 3-Side

Step out of the box with this 3-sided high visibility matting. Safety Stance 3-Side Anti-Fatigue Mats are durable, slip-resistant mats that work well in wet, oily, and dry areas. Unlike other industrial safety mats, these mats are offered with orange or yellow edge options.

These mats are made with a 100% nitrile rubber mixture with a perforated open grid surface texture. These high visibility mats are 7/8 inch thick and are available in 4 size options.

Safety Soft Foot

Safety Soft Foot mats are one of the most affordable anti fatigue high visibility matting options. These mats offer the perfect mix of durability, safety and comfort, all at an economic price. Mats can be ordered with either a pebble or ribbed surface finish, both of which offers increased traction. Get in touch with the friendly folks at Greatmats.com to inquire about volume discounts.

Diamond Foot Colored Borders

Diamond Foot Colored Borders Mats are yet another affordable option with vibrant yellow edges. These industrial safety mats are made of foam for maximum comfort while promoting blood flow and stimulating muscles. Diamond Foot Colored Borders 9/16 Inch Mats do wonders in reducing the pressure of standing for long periods of time. Plus, they are constructed with an aggressive, pebble-embossed surface to prevent slips.

Cushion Dekplate Safety Edge

Last but not least, flooring experts recommend the Cushion Dekplate Safety Edge. Like the Diamond Foot, these industrial safety mats offer serious traction with a diamond pattern surface. This high visibility matting is great in industrial areas and around heavy machinery. Like other anti fatigue high visibility mats, these are easy to clean by sweeping or damp mopping with a mild detergent and warm water. However, it is not recommended to use Cushion Dekplate mats in wet areas.

Learn More

For more on industrial safety mats, visit the Fatigue Mats page at Greatmats.com. There you can find a variety of resources to assist you in your quest for comfort and safety in the workplace.