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Decks and flat roofs may show wear and tear left behind from extreme environmental conditions, and they must be maintained regularly. With plastic or rubber roof deck floortiles, you'll no longer need to worry about that old, weathered look. Simply cover the roof surface with a durable, stylish, weather-resistant rooftop deck flooring.

Rooftop patio flooring adds softness underfoot as well as a great appearance to your outdoor living space. Install them and forget them if you want, but you'll always appreciate the physical and aesthetic benefits these roof deck tiles provide. Decktop architectural rooftop deck flooring tiles are available in different colors so you'll be sure to find exactly what you need to match your decor and make your rooftop or deck look great.

Top 5 Benefits of Rooftop Deck Flooring Tiles

  1. Maximize the livable space of your space.
  2. Increase the safety and comfort of your flat roof.
  3. Increase fall protection for play areas
  4. Enjoy a variety of surfaces which allow you to truly customize the space to your liking
  5. Protect the existing roofing material from the elements.

Top 7 Ways How to Find the Best Rooftop Deck Flooring

  1. Is this commercial or residential use type.
  2. Determine the climate for installation
  3. What is the use type: playground, patio, pool surround.
  4. How long does it need to last.
  5. Whom will install the flooring.
  6. Is the rooftop deck flooring permanent or temporary.
  7. What type of surface membrane will the roof deck tiles be installed over.

Rubber Roof Deck Tiles

Rubber roof deck tiles are a popular choice, thanks to their durability and forgiving, comfortable surface. Installing these rooftop deck tiles is easy. Outdoor rubber paver tiles from Greatmats can be simply cut to fit around corners and obstacles. Border edging is available. Cleaning and care of most roof deck flooring tiles is as easy as using a garden hose and/or a broom.

Another nice feature about our rubber deck and roof tiles is the fact that they can connect without adhesive by using a pin or other interlocking system. This allows you to bring the tiles with you should you decide to relocate. It also eliminates the mess and added expense of gluing the tiles down. Rubber roof tiles are designed specifically for rooftop areas so they won't damage fragile membranes. Compare our 2 inch rubber roof pavers to durastrong roof pavers.

Paver Roof Deck Tiles

Decktop architectural tiles come in many forms. Solid-surfaced raised rubber roof deck tiles can be pinned or clipped together for a non-glue installation, and are some of the most popular choices. These interlocking roof deck tiles will not be damaged by extreme temperatures and provide an excellent non-slip surface that will not shift or curl. They are also lighter weight than concrete alternatives, eliminating most need for extra roof reinforcement.

Perforated Rooftop Deck Flooring

Modular drain-through perforated deck tiles that simply snap together allow for a dry and safe rooftop or deck surface. The holes in the tile surface prevent water from pooling on the top of the tile's surface. Instead, the water simply flows away, leaving you with a deck or roof surface that is useable, even during some of the wettest conditions.

Roof deck tiles can be installed over any rooftop surface and will not damage rubber or urethane roof membrane surfaces. Keep in mind that not all deck tiles are intended for all kinds of rooftops, however. These tiles are lightweight, conveniently sized, and very portable. With proper care, they can be installed, removed, and reinstalled numerous times without any damage to the tiles.

Plastic Roof Deck Tiles

Our plastic deck tiles are lighter weight than our rubber rooftop tiles, but they are also very effective at providing a soft and attractive surface for your roof or deck. These perforated tiles can be used for different applications including spas, pool surrounds, and playgrounds as well as decks and roof terrace flooring.

Plastic is less expensive to manufacture than rubber and, because it is lighter, it costs less to ship. This makes it an economical counterpart to our rubber rooftop tiles. We carry a few options in plastic deck flooring and some come with up to a 5-year warranty. Like rubber, these plastic tiles provide excellent drainage and are designed to withstand the elements outdoors.

Each of our plastic rooftop flooring options features a tab-locking system that eliminates the need for adhesives. The interlocking tabs are designed to stay together and will not work themselves loose over time. However, the tabs are made to come apart easily when you decide to take up the flooring to move it.

Plastic deck flooring provides fatigue relief and is much softer than most people think. It is a great alternative to higher priced rubber flooring for decks or roofs. These roof deck tiles are rugged enough to withstand regular use of chairs and tables, it also functions as a sound dampener.

Ordering Your Roof Deck Tiles

Whether you are looking for a grippy, heavy duty deck or roof tile, brightly colored and lightweight plastic tile, or natural look turf surface for your deck or rooftop, we've got it. Browse our entire selection of decktop architectural tiles here, or call one of our customer service representatives to guide you in the right direction.