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Commercial Carpeting Tiles

For demanding, high-traffic commercial surfaces, consider our commercial grade interlocking carpet squares. These high performance carpeting tiles are specifically made to withstand significant foot traffic.

Carpeted commercial tiles are ruggedly constructed. They have permanent anti-static properties. These tiles create a quality floor that brings warmth into a retail or office environment.

Some carpeting is spike resistant, able to handle rolling loads, and able to pass flammability and pill tests. 

Consider our selection of commercial clearance carpet tiles with high friction StayTac backing. This backing type allows for installation without adhesives.

One example of this new commercial option is the Joy Carpet Clockwork Carpet Tile. This design is one of the most unique and versatile tiles equipped with the StayTac Backing System. 

The design pattern for this tile allows any number of patterns. Just rotate the position of the tiles to create a look in the flooring that will be eye-catching.

Or lay the tiles all in one direction, creating a pattern-free design. This provides our customers with complete control over the end appearance of the flooring in the commercial space. These tiles are versatile and look great after installation. 

Interlocking Carpet Squares

Interlocking waterproof carpet tiles are designed to allow for a fast and easy installation. Additionally, they can be removed in the future if needed, because the installation requires no adhesive.

The tiles fit together like puzzle pieces. Installation could not be easier, thanks to these puzzle-like edges. Additionally, their seams are tight enough to prevent the tiles from separating while under normal use.

Our interlocking tiles are lightweight and easy to transport. They make a perfect a DIY project. When performing a wall-to-wall installation, just cut the tiles to fit by using a sharp utility knife. 

If moisture develops under the tiles from a leak or from cement floor seepage, remove the tiles. Once the tiles are picked up, the floor can dry from natural airflow. Once the floor is dry, simply reinstall the tiles. The foam backing on these tiles makes the flooring comfortable and helps to insulate any room.

Greatmats Royal Carpet Tiles are easy to install. They offer both ergonomic and anti-fatigue benefits. They provide plenty of cushion for a comfortable carpeted flooring surface.

These tiles are made from a high density EVA foam. They offer a high level of comfort, while also being non-absorbent and odor resistant. These tiles are an excellent choice for concrete basement floors for kids and adults. 

Outdoor Carpeted Tiles

Entryway tiles consisting of carpeting are designed to be waterproof and UV resistant. They consist of materials that are durable and easy to clean.

Entrance carpeted mats are durable, making them perfect for use in commercial environments. Indoor outdoor carpet runners exist, giving customers plenty of versatility in how they plan to use the product. Many of our customers choose to use them in the highest traffic entryways in the building.

Carpeted tiles in entryways face significant demands. They need to be able to withstand large amounts of water, dirt, and sunlight. Count on tiles from Greatmats to deliver the toughness required for a good value and long lasting performance.

All of our entryway tiles feature non-slip, textured surfaces. This design both improves safety and catches much of the mud and dirt at the door. Some of these tiles also can be used outdoors. 

Modular tiles are a raised style of tile that is lightweight and conveniently sized. These tiles are made to be easy to transport, install, remove, and reinstall.

Our modular tiles feature a snap together design, which makes for a fast and easy installation. Modular tiles quickly transform hard surfaces into soft, welcoming areas.

If modular tiles become wet or if the flooring underneath becomes wet, it's not a problem. These tiles can be easily pulled up and reinstalled again once the floor is dry.

If a particular tile is damaged, stained, or worn, just replace that single tile. Don't needlessly spend time and money having to replace the entire floor, as occurs with other flooring products. 

Raised carpet tiles are designed to create a durable flooring that can be used even in areas where moisture is an issue.

These squares have a raised base design that allows both air and moisture to freely circulate beneath the surface. This design promotes faster drying. It also helps to reduce the formation of mold, odor, and mildew.

Thanks to this unique design, snap together carpet squares are ideal for basements. Customers use them in any areas where moisture and leaks may be an issue. 

These tiles are easy to install even for one person. The tiles can be removed in the future if needed. Raised tiles also can be installed over existing carpeting
Royal Interlocking Carpet Tiles have proven to be our most popular carpeted trade show flooring option. This isn't really a surprise, thanks to the smart design we've used.

The tiles have a layer of foam for increased comfort. Yet, they're thicker than most foam tiles with carpet tops on the market.

These innovative foam tiles maximize comfort and create a welcoming flooring that clients are sure to appreciate. Additionally, the tiles are waterproof and incredibly easy to clean and maintain. 

To add comfort and style to any gym space, tiled carpet provides an affordable option.

Gym carpet tiles are available in different designs. Glue down carpet gym tiles are a great choice for home and commercial gyms. The tiles are anti-static for an excellent performance.

They're built to last too. They're backed by 5-year warranties, allowing customers to confidently invest in them for a business or home gym. 

Dominator LP Gym Carpet Tile have proven to be our most popular high-traffic gym floor tiles. These tiles feature a dyed polypropylene surface material that's highly resilient. This ensures the carpet will continue to look good in high traffic installations. 

Gym Floor Protective Carpet Tiles

To protect a gym floors during non-athletic activities like dances, ceremonies, and meetings, tiled carpet is an ideal solution. Our protective tiles can be quickly laid down on top of an existing gym floor. They offer damage protection from high heels, tables, chairs, and even spilled drinks.

These gym floor protective tiles add comfort and style to any gym for special events. They're equipped with a non-slip backing for safety,

Our protective gym floor carpeted tiles are large, measuring 1x2 meters in size. A large tile size delivers quick coverage of big areas like basketball courts in high school gyms. 

Gym Floor Covering Carpet Tile have straight edges. They feature a hard membrane bottom that ensures they lay flat, preventing the corners from curling. 

For a flooring option that insulates against a cold basement floor, both snap together and interlocking tiles will do the job. Carpet interlocking tiles are affordable, non-absorbent, and odor resistant.

They can be quickly removed and reinstalled if moisture is an issue, making them ideal for use in basements. Snap together tiles have a raised base to help prevent mold and mildew buildup in damp areas.

Our interlocking tiles tend to be the best option to incorporate carpeting in a basement. The tiles are moisture resistant, while still providing excellent cushion for a comfortable flooring option.

These tiles are available in a variety of colors and styles. They're easy to install and remove. Interlocking tiles can be dry laid, as they require no adhesive. This means that a DIY installation is possible.

Customers can remove the tiles in the future when dealing with a leak or a flood in a basement. Once the basement has dried, simply reinstall the flooring. 

Sports Team Rug Squares

Carpeted sports team tiles bring licensed logos of favorite sports teams to any room. Sports enthusiasts will be delighted to learn that Greatmats offers nearly 140 different sports team tiles. These feature officially licensed logos from sports teams.

Our sports tiles allow for creation of an amazing carpeted sports room, den, garage, or other space. They come in packs of 20 tiles, measuring 18x18 inches.

Half of the tiles feature the sports team's logo, while the other half come in solid team colors. This combination of tiles makes it easy to create an eye-catching pattern in any room. Designing a great looking floor is an easy process with these tiles.

Outdoor tiles feature a design that drains standing water, resisting the formation of odor, mold, and mildew. The Style Smart line is an economical, yet durable option. The Smart Transformations line is a step up in cost and quality.

The Style Smart line of squares can be installed both indoors and outdoors. These tiles are affordable, priced at around a dollar per square foot. But they're also highly durable, working well in nearly any installation area.

The tiles are designed so that they don't fray, pull out, or unravel. These tiles are available in many colors, all measuring 18x18 inches. Install them using a peel and stick method, which saves time and simplifies the installation process.

Our Smart Transformations line is a step up in quality from the Style Smart line.

The Smart Transformations tiles offer all the benefits of the Style Smart tiles. However, they're also resistant to mold and mildew. These 24x24 carpet tile can quickly cover larger areas. They're also available in more color and pattern options than the Style Smart line. 

Compared to the Flor carpet tiles cheap construction, our high quality Greatmats tiles are backed by an impressive 5-year warranty. Feel free to use this style of tile in indoor or outdoor areas where they'll be exposed to tough conditions, and they'll maintain a great look.