Raised Modular Floor Tiles

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Raised Flooring Tiles for Basement, Garage, Gym, and Outdoors

Advantages of Raised Flooring

Raised floors offer many advantages, including:
  1. Air can freely circulate, helping to prevent the growth of mold and mildew from lingering wetness
  2. They are non-absorbent, and some are chemical, grease, and oil proof
  3. They often have anti-fatigue benefits with flexible surfaces
  4. Those intended for use outdoors or in wet areas are perforated to avoid standing water and maximize safety
  5. They combine resilience, bounce, and stability for an ideal dance location
  6. If needed or desired, they can be removed and relocated

Consider these for the following use cases:
  1. Cellars
  2. Dancing
  3. Patios
  4. Athletics
  5. Playgrounds
  6. Roofs
  7. Decks
  8. Warehouses

We've outlined a few of our most popular options below.

Raised Floor Tiles for the Basement

Our Carpet Tile gives the look and feel of carpeting without the risk of dampness damaging it.

These fit together quickly for an easy installation, and the raised carpet tiles extend away from the base. It's a great option for shielding against cold surfaces too.

Low Profile Raised Floor Tiles

These are frequently used in industrial settings since many of them have anti-fatigue properties that benefit workers who must stand. These are designed to maximize comfort and help prevent the pain and muscle fatigue that result from long hours on the feet.

Our StayLock Orange Peel is set up for industrial use with its cushioning. Additionally, it is waterproof and resistant to oils and acids, so it's tough enough to withstand harsher industrial environments. It even has an ASTM fall height rating of 20 inches, helping to increase the safety of the workplace.

A residential raised flooring system is tough and affordable, and it's an economical way to increase both the versatility and the comfort of the garage. These are equipped with non-slip tops, and they're incredibly easy to move. They’re low-maintenance, and they will transform garages into functional workspaces that are both comfortable and safe.

Our TechFloor Premium Tile offers a professional and stylish look. Highly durable, these can support vehicle weight. The raised square pattern looks high-tech and adds excellent traction to help keep everyone safe.

Our Garage Diamond is another popular option for garages. These have a load rating of 10,000 pounds. They are created in vibrant colors with a unique tab and loop connector configuration. Border and corner ramped edging are available for a complete, finished installation.

Raised Gym Flooring

For an indoor athletic area, these provide cushion and durability. They're an affordable way to outfit a workout space, yet they are ready for commercial applications too, unlike raised puzzle mat gym selections. Because these are so easy to install, they can save money over a professional installation since a DIY project is possible.

Our StayLock Bump Top is a popular pick for aerobic and residential gym floors thanks to its anti-fatigue and cushioning benefits. These don't require the use of underlayment and have superior cushioning and bounce support for intense aerobic activities, including P90X, Zumba, aerobics, hip-hop dance, CrossFit, and more.

While they provide plenty of cushioning, these are also durable enough for the dropping of free weights and can even bear the weight of most exercise equipment.

Raised Flooring Systems for Outdoors

Outdoor raised flooring is ideal for athletic courts for basketball, volleyball, tennis, inline hockey, and more. These are specifically designed for outdoor use. These often have perforated surfaces for fast drainage, and they're designed to be able to withstand the sun's UV rays without suffering damage or fading.

Our TopCourt Tiles are a simple way to install a sports court. These snap together in a hurry, so the court will be ready for play in no time. These are useful for roller hockey, basketball, and shuffleboard courts.

These can transform a worn or unsightly patio, roof, or deck into a space that is enjoyable for the entire family. Raised flooring provides the ultimate in traction and durability, but these are made to withstand the extreme temperatures, water, and sunlight that come with external use. Add to it at any time to gain more square feet, or remove it in the future if needed.

Our Patio Outdoor is an excellent and versatile choice. It is both waterproof and slip-resistant. These are comfortable on the feet and easily pop together for a simple installation.

Elevated Floor Tile System for Dancers

If you're looking to create a space for dancers in the comfort of your home or need a portable unit for a traveling troupe, we offer a number of ideal solutions.

Our Sprung Dance SubFloor DIY is one of the best sprung systems available. It eliminates any soft or hard spots. Take it along when the studio moves. There's no glue required, and all of the panels pop apart for quick disassembly.

Professional dancers also love our Sprung Dance Full Panels. The WaveLock design eliminates uneven or weak spots, yielding the perfect combination of resilience, stability, spring, and bounce. Simply unscrew each panel to make the overall purchase portable.

Raised Flooring Q&A

What is a raised floor tile system?
It will allow moisture to evaporate beneath the surface rather than get trapped underneath. The individual pieces sit on tiny legs that support a lot of weight and provide stability, creating an air pocket beneath. Since it can circulate, moisture dries fast, which helps prevent mildew and mold.

How do you make raised basement flooring?
The easiest way to create elevated floor systems is to use raised floor panels that use tiny pedestals to lift the bottom off the subflooring. Raised flooring is easily laid out and removed whenever desired. As needs change, expand by adding on or even relocating.

How do you soundproof concrete floors?
Rubber matting will create a quieter environment. The cushioning found with raised flooring also cuts down on noise.

What are some tips for finishing basement flooring?
Concrete in lower levels of the home, where dampness is often an issue, isn't usually suitable for laying traditional flooring products over the top, but raised flooring for wet basements is a perfect alternative. If a leak occurs, it can dry itself out, so don't worry about pulling it up, drying it out, and then reinstalling it.

What are the benefits of a raised flooring product?
The primary advantage is that it can be used in areas where moisture is an issue. There's no need to pull them up if dampness appears, saving time and energy.