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Where Can You Use Plastic Raised Floor Tiles?

By Paige Cerulli Created: July, 2017 - Modified: March, 2024

Plastic raised floor tiles are a highly popular flooring choice because of their versatility. These tiles solve some common flooring challenges, especially when you’re working with areas that are prone to excessive moisture or flooding. Whether you’re looking for flooring for a basement, garage, home gym, bathroom, dance studio, or another space, raised plastic floor tiles might be the ideal choice.

Benefits of Raised Plastic Flooring

Plastic floor tiles offer many benefits and are an affordable and practical flooring choice.


Plastic floor tiles are waterproof, so the tiles won't be destroyed if a flood occurs in your home. Many of these tiles are paired with a vinyl surface, which offers fantastic durability.

Since these tiles feature a raised base, air, and water can freely circulate underneath the tiles after a leak or a flood. This design helps to speed up the drying process, reducing the chance of mold and mildew growth.


Plastic floor tiles are modular, so their installation and removal are easy. These interlocking tiles fit together securely and easily, so you can install them yourself. If a major flood occurs or you need to remove the tiles, you can easily disconnect them and then reinstall them again in the future.

Additionally, these tiles can be installed over both hard, flat surfaces and carpet.


Plastic floor tiles are also very strong. These hard tiles can withstand the weight of foot traffic, furniture, and more, giving you plenty of options in terms of where and how you use them.


Plastic floor tiles are highly durable. They’re designed to be strong and are often backed with a multi-year warranty.

The Max Raised Floor Tile: A Popular Choice

plastic floor tiles for home
One of our most popular products is the Max Raised Floor Tile. The Max tile is made of a commercial-grade vinyl surface that is strong, durable, and completely non-absorbent. The tile also features a UV protective coating, and the surface is scratch-resistant. The tile will never need refinishing, making it a long-lasting, low-maintenance choice.

Additionally, the tile comes in decorative surface options resembling wood, stone, or slate, so the flooring is a beautiful addition to most spaces. The tiles measure one square foot, so they’re easy to transport and install.

A raised base tray is made from polypropylene, and the tiles feature a tab and loop connecting system for easy installation. This extremely durable flooring is backed by a five-year warranty.

Where Can You Use Plastic Raised Floor Tiles?

We asked our customers about how they’re putting the Max tile to work in their homes and businesses. Here are some of the most popular uses for this flooring.

1. Basement Flooring

raised floor tiles for basements
When installing flooring in a basement, it's important to have non-absorbent material. Thanks to non-absorption and a decorative surface, these tiles are a great option for basements.

2. Workout Room Flooring

These tiles can support the heavy weight of workout equipment like benches and treadmills. The decorative surface, which is extremely durable and supportive, will stand up against the constant abuse of workouts and physical routines.

3. Beach Room Flooring

Whether your beach room is closed or open-air, these tiles will give you fantastic quality for years and years. You can maintain the natural, rustic appearance of your beach room by installing light oak or maple, but you can also choose slate for the appeal of natural tile.

4. Bathroom Flooring

It's very important that the bathroom flooring you choose is non-absorbent, and these raised floor tiles for basements are also great for bathrooms.

5. Dance Flooring

With these raised floor tiles for basements, you can create a world-class dance area that makes your home or dance studio a great place to practice and perform routines.

6. Zumba Flooring

This high-energy fitness routine requires a high-quality surface that can stand up to relentless dance moves, so the durability of our raised floor tiles is essential.

7. Home Gym Flooring

plastic floor tiles for home gym
These tiles have a fantastic surface layer that helps you get the warmth and elegance of wood with the strength and quality of plastic and vinyl.

8. Church Basement Flooring

These tiles can help your church maintain a natural aesthetic. They are great for high-traffic areas and can be used over various surfaces, including concrete or existing wood panels.

9. Playroom Flooring

With this modular tile product, you can create an excellent play area for your kids and give them all the space they want without worrying about spills or wear and tear damaging the floor.

10. Trade Show Booth Flooring

Max tiles are durable and decorative, giving your trade show booth a professional and admirable appearance.

11. Basketball Court Flooring

These tiles create a high-quality basketball court that looks great, and the tough plastic base provides superior durability, strength, and necessary bounce.

12. Jazzercise/Aerobics Flooring

affordable modular flooring
This quality modular flooring creates a supportive base that gives shoes reliable traction, and you'll also have the long-lasting quality you expect for your workout space.

13. Garage Flooring

If you are creating a lounge or gathering space in your garage, these tiles will last for years and withstand all the foot traffic, dirt, and water that inevitably comes with it.

14. Daycare Center Flooring

Kids will love the interesting surface, and you'll have a non-absorbent material that won't take in spilled drinks and accidents. Cleaning is easy, and installation can be done quickly, making it a great option for daycare centers.

15. Game Room Flooring

If you have a game room at home, make sure to use a strong, durable flooring surface like raised flooring tiles, as they provide superior support and give your space a surface that won't fade and resists scratches.

16. Home Office Flooring

You can install high-quality flooring that has the elegance of real wood in a flash, and this modular flooring can make it happen. Because the tiles resist fading and scratching, they will look great under office chairs with wheels.

17. Laundry Room Flooring

Wet clothes, spilled cleaners, and dripping water can all create problems for absorbent hardwood and tiles, which makes these raised vinyl floor tiles a superior choice.

Order Your Max Tiles Today

Max Tiles are incredibly versatile, so whether you’re redoing your laundry room or need to find the perfect basketball court flooring, the Max Tile may be the perfect product for your needs. Don’t hesitate to contact the Greatmats customer service team with any questions - we’re happy to help you find the perfect product for your project.