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Outdoor Deck Turf Tile

Outdoor Deck Turf Tile, Wood Base Turf Top Tile, Outdoor Deck and Patio Tile

Outdoor Grass Tiles, Squares of Turf for Deck
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  • Green Grass

Quantity 50 Tile Minimum
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Top Features for Outdoor Deck Turf Tile

  1. 25 year rated treated lumber base
  2. Artificial grass turf top is soft to bare feet
  3. Conforms for uneven surfaces
  4. Installs on any hard flat surface
  5. Safe for rubber roofing membranes
  6. Easy installation, no adhesive required
Use Types

Outdoor Deck Tiles, Rooftop Flooring, Patios Tiles

If you struggle to keep outdoor patio and deck areas looking nice, because of peeling paint, cracked cement, and faded stain, the Greatmats is an excellent solution. This modular, grass deck tile is great for outdoor areas like decks, patios and rooftop settings.

Designing attractive outdoor living areas is easy with flexible artificial deck turf mats. You can turn any outdoor area into a safe and comfortable outdoor simulated grass environment that can be used with tables and chairs.

We've collected the six best reasons to make use of these outdoor grass tiles on your property.

1. Options for Use

Because the deck turf mats do not need any adhesives during installation, they're safe to install in almost any location without worrying about damaging the underlying surface. If you'd like to use adhesive in the installation to create a more permanent layout, you can do that as well with these mats.

You also can install these artificial grass mats in areas where you're renting, such as an apartment balcony, because you can just disassemble the mats and take them with you when you're ready to move to a new location.

These artificial grass tiles are ideal for condo balcony decking, roof decks, terrace decks, patio decks, resurface free-standing decks, DIY decking and pool decking. Here are some ideas for where you can employ the turf tiles.

Cement Balconies: These tiles are an excellent alternative to cold, hard cement balconies in apartments and condominiums. Because water can drain through the tiles, you won't affect the proper drainage of the concrete surfaces of condominium balconies during rain. These turf tiles will enhance the outdoor living space of any balcony terrace.

Deck Surfaces: This type of outdoor tile is an excellent way of improving the look of old and worn out deck surfaces. You can install the turf for deck tiles over existing wood decking in minutes, which transforms an old, discolored wood deck into a thing of beauty. You even can vary the pattern of the tiles, installing them like traditional patio slabs or like interlocking stone, providing a neat, well-proportioned look.

Outdoor Patios: These deck tiles were created to improve the look of outdoor patios and walkways. This breakthrough in outdoor flooring looks incredible, extends your outdoor seasons, and increases the value of your property.

Pool Decks: Most pool decks consist of cement, which can become slippery when wet. But the turf for deck options will give you a better footing around the pool, while creating an interesting look around your pool. After all, most people don't have a grass area around a pool.

Rooftop Settings: Choose this modern looking modular artificial deck turf tile for rooftop patio settings. As long as you have a rooftop deck or patio area that's safe for walking on and for placing outdoor furniture on, you can use these turf tiles safely.

2. Easy Installation

Each tile measures 23.75 by 23.75 inches and is 1.625 inches thick. This means each turf deck tile covers almost 4 square feet. Each one of the turf tiles weighs 11 pounds, meaning one person should be able to handle the installation alone.

The patented turf for deck tiles is flexible. Because of their flexibility, the Greatmats Outdoor Deck Tiles can be installed over irregular surfaces, or they can be cut to fit irregularly shaped areas. Just use a sharp utility knife and a straight edge to have success making a smooth cut on the turf portion of the tiles. Due to the wood slat base, a saw will be needed as well.

Installation is a breeze for both resurfacing applications and ground level installations. Construction adhesive may be used to fasten the deck tiles to an existing hard surface, if you'd like to have a more permanent installation of the tiles. You also can feel comfortable dry laying them without glue. Simply butt the tiles one next to the other, or install in a brick pattern, overlapping the seams.

These condo-approved outdoor deck tiles are flexible, fit any shape or landscape area, and have no need for nails or screws to install.

Understand that these tiles are not connected in any way. So if the tiles are not tight against each other, they could slide around slightly. If you're worried about tiles moving around, you may want to use an adhesive for a more permanent installation.

3. Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Because our deck turf mats are designed to be used outdoors all year around, they will stand up to whatever kind of weather you'll encounter, all while remaining durable. Additionally, taking care of these tiles requires very little time. Here are some tips for caring for these turf tiles.

Cleaning Annually: We recommending cleaning the turf for deck tiles at least once per year and perhaps twice per year, depending on the amount of loose dirt the tiles collect over time. Keeping the mats clean improves the lifespan of the tiles, but it also allows water to drain more efficiently through the tiles.

Run a Vacuum on the Surface: For the initial cleaning process with the artificial grass tiles, run a vacuum attachment over the top surface, just as you would with a piece of furniture.

Run a Vacuum Under the Tiles: Additionally, if you have a hard surface underneath the tiles, we recommend you lift the tiles (as long as you did not use adhesive during installation) and use a vacuum under them. Debris could become caught between the tiles, eventually working its way underneath the tiles, which could cause an uneven surface.

Wash with Water: Even though the turf tiles look like real grass, we do not recommend allowing a dog or other animal to urinate or defecate on the mats. This could cause a staining of the material if it remains in place. Should you notice any foreign materials on top of the tiles, remove them immediately and wash the area with water.

By cleaning the tiles regularly, you'll keep the tiles looking great for longer. Each deck turf tile has a 5-year limited manufacturer's warranty.

4. Create a Beautiful Look

Having the look of grass while requiring minimal maintenance time is a huge advantage of the Greatmats Outdoor Deck Tiles. These turf for deck mats will maintain their bright green color for many years, as they're made to stand up to any kind of weather and sun conditions you may encounter.

Our tiles work very well for providing the illusion that you have grass planted. If you'd like to add some color to a patio area that just contains grayish cement, for example, you can completely change the look of this outdoor area, making it feel warm and inviting for guests.

If you've been tempted to try to build raised planters to add greenery to your rooftop patio or to a wooden deck, you'll save a lot of time and effort by selecting our deck turf tiles instead. These tiles require far less maintenance than actual plants, and the tiles will maintain their green color throughout the year.

5. Solid Construction

The deck turf mats have an interesting construction design. The artificial grass area of the tiles consists of an flexible plastic that resembles grass with individual blades. It remains soft to walk on with bare feet.

The artificial grass layer is attached to a series of treated wooden planks, giving the turf pieces plenty of stability and a relatively flat surface. However, because the individual planks can move to match the surface underneath them, you can place the turf for deck tiles over a slanted or uneven sub-surface, and they will conform to the sub-surface.

The grass layer consists of recycled plastic, while the treated wood will resist rotting and should last for many years.

6. Hiding Problems

Over time, even the best wooden decks or smoothest cement patio areas will begin to show some wear and tear. Decks will begin to have loose boards or may have areas that become rough because of wear. The aging wood starts to look bad, detracting from the enjoyment of your deck. Cement patio areas can have similar problems, such as low spots or cracks that don't look good.

Additionally, the wood and cement needs to be treated every few years with some sort of sealant, whether that's paint, stain, or a sealer product. You may end up avoiding using the deck or patio, just because you feel like you should be spending time on repairs, and you feel guilty about relaxing.

If you just don't have the time to refurbish your old deck or patio, our turf tiles can give this space a whole new lease on life. Just use these tiles over the top of the deck or patio sub-surface as it is, and you can begin enjoying your deck or patio again. You don't have to perform a lot of repairs or do work to the sub-surface before laying out our turf for deck tiles, as they will conform to the surface over which they're laid.

You can simply keep our tiles in place until you have the time to do the repair and refurbishment work that needs to be done. Or you may decide - like a lot of our customers - that the artificial grass tiles look so great that you want to leave them in place permanently.


Exterior use cleaning


Ships via freight shrink wrapped on pallets.

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NOTE: This item is a custom order and is not returnable.

Product Type Tile
Material Type Polypropylene Plastic
Product Edging Straight
Thickness 1-5/8 inch
Width 2.00 feet
Length 2.00 feet
SF per Item 3.92
Weight 11.00 lbs
Packaging Shrink Wrapped on Pallets
Number of Pieces per Package Type 144
Non Absorbent Yes
Special Adhesives No
Interlock Loss 0.02 feet
Interlocking Connections No
Made In Canada
Order Minimum 50
Surface Finish Artificial grass turf
Surface Design Solid color
Installation Method Dry lay
UV Treated Yes
Reversible No
Border Strips Included No
Manufacturer Warranty 5 year limited
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Product Questions:

We have a school court yard and it is currently asphalt surface and is uneven, slopes and has a drain. Can this product be put down in this setting?
Yes it could, however these tiles have no method to connect the tiles together, they simply free float and for this reason they might move around.
can you install over rubber roofing?
This product can be installed over flat rooftops.
Is this product dog friendly? How does it stand up to dog pee and poop?
With all artificial grass its best to not allow pee and poop as it might stain the plastic turf material. The tiles can be cleaned off with water as needed.

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Customer Rating:

Easy to install and trim around posts. Large enough tile that you don't need to snap them together. It's a great look


Customer Rating:

We've only had turf tiles in place for a couple of weeks but so far they are working out great. They look really good and were a breeze to install.

Cincinnati, OH

Customer Rating:

The artificial turf tiles are working out nicely so far. I wanted to share the attached picture of what our roof deck looks like with them installed. As you can see, our new dog Helen is really enjoying it.

Cincinnati OH