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The Cost of Gymnastics Mats

By Lisa Hobbie Created: October, 2019 - Modified: May, 2024

When you think of gymnastics, you likely think about amazing flips, twists, and tricks. Whether a gymnast is swinging around the uneven bars or balancing on the beam, a great deal of strength and precision is what powers the gymnast through the exercise. Along with this comes the potential for injury - which is greatly minimized with the use of gymnastics mats.

There are a number of different types of mats, from folding and tumble to crash... and everything in between. They come in many different sizes and densities, and serve different purposes from general safety to intense training of new skills. Effective gymnastics mats are essential for the sport, and the best mats are not cheap. The cost depends on many factors, including material, weight, size, and purpose. From low priced mats to flooring for professional training facilities, Greatmats offers home and professional grade designs and options to meet all of your potential needs when you’re ready to buy.

Vinyl Gymnastics Octagon Mats for Training

using octagon mat for back handspring training
A quality mat that is versatile for developing and mastering any skills involving forward rolls, leaps, tick-tocks, walkovers, and back handsprings is a gymnastics octagon mat. Because of the mat’s shape, it also works well for torso bending exercises. This type of mat also allows for the gymnast to model and practice challenging moves before trying them without the extra protection, because should the gymnast trip or slip, he or she will have a soft landing.

We offer numerous sizes of these octagon mats, ensuring you can find just the right one to meet your training needs, from 15-inch length by 24-inch width all the way up to 40-inch length by 40-inch width. They come in a wide variety of custom color combinations, too. Prices start around $185.

Incline Gymnastics Mat

incline wedge mat gymnast training
Another great mat used for learning and mastering new skills is an incline gymnastics mat, which allows for the gymnast to start at the high end of the mat and work along the downhill portion of the wedge and vice versa. This helps the athlete adapt to making his or her body move correctly for a given skill or exercise until they are strong enough to perform it on a flat floor surface. They are especially useful when athletes are trying to learn specific moves such as walkover, cartwheel, tumble, dive roll, forward roll, and handstand roll. They also work well for transition training on bars or uphill vaulting. Our incline mats are extremely durable and made using the highest quality materials.

These gymnastics mats come in folding or non-folding options and a variety of vibrant colors. We offer a number of sizes, ranging from - 24 x 48 inches and 14 inches high to 72 x 144 inches and 22 inches high. Prices start at about $320.

Competition Landing Mat

blue competition landing mat closed
Competition landing mats are the best option to provide cushioning for landing areas or to protect against potential falls from things like bar or beam equipment. They also work well for tumbling passes and cheerleading jumps, as they provide a great mix of shock absorption and footing.

These mats are available in different thicknesses and colors, and come in non-folding, bi-fold, or quad-fold. Our landing mats provide a high level of performance for years of use. Prices start at $505.00.

Gymnastics Mat and Folding Gymnastic Mat

blue folded out mat with gymnast
A versatile, durable, and dependable mat that can be used for anything and everything in the world of gymnastics is a standard gymnastic mat. Greatmats offers a huge selection of colors, thicknesses, and sizes of these mats, making it easy to provide protection in any space - large or small. They are constructed with high quality foam and topped with a durable vinyl cover. They are designed for superior shock absorption with a medium density, and the folded panel option can be easily moved or transported. They come in numerous customizable colors and sizes, in non-folding and folding options. Prices start near $140.

Safety Gymnastics Mat

blue safety mat
Safety mats are the perfect choice if you need a thick, cushioned place to land or crash. There is a size and thickness for just about any gymnastic or athletic move or exercise that requires extra support when learning a new skill. These mats are offered in flat or folding and in numerous sizes and thicknesses, from 4 x 6 and 4 inches thick up to 6 x 12 feet and 12 inches thick. Prices start at about $667.

Greatmats has it all!

Greatmats truly is your one-stop shop for all of your flooring and mat needs. There are so many customizable options - allowing you to get the exact style, thickness, size, and color you want or need. The customer service team provides top-notch service and levels of expertise, and our products are second to none with a price-match guarantee. With Greatmats, you can feel confident in your purchase!