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How To Lay Flooring Over Cracks In A Garage Floor

By Lisa Hobbie Created: August, 2021 - Modified: August, 2023

If you have an old, cracked, concrete or cement garage floor, there are garage tiles that can be quickly and easily installed over it.

Whether you have cracks in garage floor surfaces that are large, small, or hairline, you can cover them up without having to always fix or repair them.

Greatmats offers a number of modular tiles that can hide problem cracks in garage floor surfaces. Although super large cracks may need to be filled in, this can be easily done using ready mix cement or similar to create a more stable subsurface over which to install garage tiles.

Of the many different flooring solutions that can be installed over cracks in garage floor surfaces.

6 Popular Garage Flooring Choices To Use Over Cracks:

  1. Coin Top Home Floor Tile Colors
  2. Black or Gray SupraTile
  3. Tuff Seal Floor Tile
  4. Diamond Pattern SupraTile
  5. Diamond Plate Floor Tile
  6. Warehouse Coin Textured PVC Tile

These garage floor tiles are all super easy to install right over cracked floors, and they deliver so many features and benefits that make them top notch solutions that look great and perform well - for new construction or to hide or replace an old floor.

Coin Top Home Floor Tile ColorsCoin Top Home Floor Tile Colors is an example of a garage flooring product that can be installed over small cracks with very little cost or effort. It’s a DIY project that can be completed in very little time.

To lay these tiles, you just snap the tiles together at the edges using the interlocking design. Once assembled, you’ll enjoy a surface that is resistant to oils, gas, and chemicals and not impacted by heat, cold, or humidity.

Black or Gray SupraTileBlack or Gray SupraTile is made from PVC and has a unique, leather textured surface. The tiles are a breeze to install and provide amazing protection against water.

This product also puts up a good fight against chemicals, oils, mold, mildew, impact, and abrasion. It is a robust, heavy-duty tile that can endure just about anything a garage will throw at it - including up to 20,000 pounds.

This product also delivers superior sound absorption and can be installed over an old, slightly uneven or contaminated floor - making it the perfect product to go over cracks in garage floor settings.

Tuff Seal Floor TileTuff Seal Floor Tile is a PVC tile flooring solution available in 15 colors and three different surface textures.

These tiles deliver a virtually seamless finish once installed. The hidden connecting and sealing method offers a tight-fitting floor with seams that are essentially invisible. This allows you to cover an entire surface, transforming old, cracked floors with very little effort.

Diamond Pattern SupraTileDiamond Pattern SupraTile are dove joint interlocking PVC tiles that can be installed over old, uneven, or cracked subsurfaces. The tiles are super affordable while delivering many of the features high end products do.

Aside from their ability to cover cracks in garage floor surfaces, this product also offers sound absorption, comfort, versatility, warmth, and resistance to oil, chemicals, mold, mildew, impact, moisture, and abrasion. It is much thicker than a 100% solid epoxy floor and it offers thousands of different uses.

Diamond Plate Floor TileDiamond Plate Floor Tile is another product designed to be installed over old, uneven, and cracked garage floors. This professional grade PVC plastic tile comes in nine bold colors and features a super secure interlock design and a durable, diamond top texture.

This garage flooring provides fatigue relief and sound absorption. This product is easy to install without glue, and the resulting surface delivers a virtually seamless appearance.

Warehouse Coin Textured PVC TileWarehouse Coin Textured PVC Tile is a product that offers many fabulous features, including their high performing ability to accommodate heavy vehicles. It also offers an anti-slip surface with wear resistance, so it is extremely versatile with the ability to accommodate all types of traffic - including foot traffic.

This product can be used to cover old, worn out, cracked garage surfaces like concrete. This coin garage floor tile offers an attractive look and offers safety and functionality for each installation.

Greatmats - For Products To Cover Cracks In Garage Floor Surfaces

The flooring solutions highlighted here would perform really well in a garage environment - even one with a damaged and cracked subfloor. They are easy to install, and they deliver so many features and benefits. Just remember that the more uneven the subfloor, the higher the likelihood of tile separation, especially if you find a significant elevation change in the cracked concrete underneath a seam in your finished garage flooring. As a general rule, if the change in elevation is greater than the thickness of your tile, additional prep work is needed to create a more level surface.

If you are shopping for garage flooring, Greatmats is your one stop shop. Garage tiles offer surfaces not only perfect for the standard vehicle storage that garages are known for, but also for other purposes like a workshop, showroom, service area, gym or workout space.

Exploring your garage flooring ideas may feel overwhelming. If so, allow Greatmats to go to work for you! With the many high quality and affordable options to choose from with options to literally place right over cracked floors, the team at Greatmats will help you find the option that is perfect for your garage!