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How Many Foam Tiles Do I Need For A 10x10 Trade Show Booth?

By Kyle Schurman Created: October, 2022 - Modified: October, 2023

Using interlocking portable flooring tiles to create an inviting atmosphere for a trade show display is a smart idea. But how many tiles are required for a 10x10 trade show booth floor?

Greatmats offers both kits made to fit a 10x10 space and individual tiles that customers can use to cover a 10x10 space.

Number of Tiles Needed for 10x10 Trade Show Booth Depending on Size of Tile

  • For 2x2 foot tiles, 25 tiles will give customers about 100 square feet of coverage.
  • For 1x1 meter tiles, 9 tiles will create nearly 100 square feet of coverage.
  • For 20x20 inch tiles, 36 tiles delivers approximately 100 square feet of coverage.

At Greatmats, we carry a number of interlocking puzzle tiles that are perfect for 10x10 trade show booth flooring. We offer individual tiles and 10x10 kits that consist of foam, carpet, PVC, and vinyl, ensuring customers can find the perfect look.

Installing interlocking tiles at the trade show goes extremely fast, typically requiring around 15 minutes, offering another significant advantage.

Best Carpet Tiles for Trade Show Flooring

One of the most popular options for reusable floors in a 10x10 trade show booth is a carpet top tile. Carpeting has plenty of warmth and delivers comfort for people who will be standing and working in the trade show booth for long periods of time.

10x10 carpet tile kit

  • Our Comfort Carpet Tile 5/8 Inch product is available in a 10x10 foot kit design that includes everything customers need to create the floor in very little time.

  • This kit uses beveled edges around the perimeter of the layout of the interlocked carpet tiles, which greatly reduces the possibility of a trip and fall over the lip of the carpet.

10x10 royal carpet tile kit

  • Another popular selection for a 10x10 trade show booth flooring kit is our Royal Interlocking Carpet Tiles.

  • These tiles are extremely durable, meaning customers receive a long lifespan out of them. They’re made for repeated uses as you take your trade show booth to different locations.

Both of these products are available in several neutral colors in the carpet top. This allows the graphical art ideas and bright colors used in the trade show booth display to clearly stand out for visitors.

Both products use a foam backing for the carpet top, which delivers cushioning. Many times, a trade show booth will go over the top of a concrete floor. The foam backing on these tiles negates the firmness of the concrete.

Both of these carpet tiles products are available in larger coverage size kits for those who need more tiles.

Best Wood Grain Vinyl Tiles for Trade Show Flooring

For those who want to simulate the look of a rich wood floor in the tiles they select for a 10x10 trade show booth, we offer the Comfort Tile Plus 1/2 Inch Kit.

10x10 wood grain foam tile kit

  • 2x2 feet

  • Beveled Edges

  • Thin Vinyl Top Layer

  • Wood Grain Pattern

  • Foam Base Layer

Each tile in the kit measures 2x2 feet, and customers receive the exact number of tiles they need for 100 square feet of coverage. This kit uses beveled edges, so there is very little chance of someone tripping over the lip of the flooring layout.

The thin vinyl top layer has a wood grain pattern and sits atop a foam layer, which creates a cushioned feel when workers at the trade show must stand for long periods of time. This is helpful when placing these tiles over the top of a cement floor.

Best Foam Tiles for Trade Show Flooring

When customers want a brighter color in the flooring in the booth to grab the attention of visitors, foam tiles are a great choice. We have the Premium Foam Kids and Gym Mats available in a 2x2 foot size.

purple foam tile trade show kit

  • 2x2 feet

  • Many Color Options

  • Cushioned Foam

Because these tiles do not ship in a 10x10 foot kit, installers would need to order about 25 tiles to fill the 10x10 foot space. Installers also would need to cut the edges of the tiles on the perimeter to create a flat edge. When you purchase a preconfigured kit, the edges are precut to be flat around the perimeter.

A dozen different colors are available in these tiles. At 5/8 inches in thickness, these tiles are highly cushioned for workers who must stand for hours at a time.

Best PVC Tiles for Trade Show Flooring

A popular option for brightly colored tiles in an extremely durable material is the Interlocking Smooth Top PVC tiles. These tiles work nicely for a trade show booth.

green pvc tile trade show kit

  • 20”x20”

  • Many Color Options

  • Recycled PVC Plastic

  • Resistant to oils, mold, mildew and most chemicals

Because PVC is resistant to oils and other liquids, this is a good choice for a trade show booth where workers may be demonstrating products where spills or leaks could occur.

Select among 10 different colors in these tiles to achieve the perfect, attention-grabbing look for the booth. Installers can mix and match colors, if desired, as all tiles use the same interlocking edge design.

Because these 20x20 inch tiles do not ship in a kit, customers will need to order 36 tiles to achieve nearly a 10x10 foot coverage area. Installers will need to trim the edges of the tiles to create a flat edge as well.