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How Does An Erosion Control Grid Work?

By Lisa Hobbie Created: April, 2021 - Modified: April, 2021

can happen as a result of manual human activity, or, it can be a natural process by which soil and other natural surfaces are worn away or moved by wind or water. It can really do a number on a grass lawn, sidewalk, driveway, or landscaped area. It happens when sediment and rocks are picked up and transported by wind, gravity, or water. Caused by water, wind, gravity, construction, and recreational areas, not only does erosion cause unsightly damage and other aesthetic effects, it can also create major safety concerns. If not controlled, it can lead to mudslides and flooding, which can cause damage to roads, bridges, and buildings - causing financial risk and damage.

What Is Erosion Control?

Erosion control involves measures and devices put into place to help prevent, or at least limit, wind or water erosion in agriculture, land development, river banks, construction areas, and coastal areas. If effective, erosion control measures are able to avert a surface runoff, preventing damage, soil loss, water pollution, and more. They can also retain soil on a slope and the structural stability of soil.

There are different control measures that can be put in place, with one effective and popular method being the employment of a cellular confinement system.

Geogrid Cellular Paving SystemGreatmats offers one of the best erosion control grid products available anywhere - the Geogrid Cellular Paving System, which is often used for driveways, flood prone areas, city or private parking lots, pathways, and outdoor event areas. This is a top notch product to purchase that will allow superior drainage to help prevent erosion.

The GeoGrid Cellular Paving System has a unique cell design of grids that disperses excess rain water and flood water and delivers fast, efficient implementation of ground reinforcement and stabilization.

This effective product is lightweight and made from 100 percent recycled premium high density polyethylene. It features a unique interlocking design for easy installation, and its one-of-a-kind patented design provides for expansion and contraction. It comes in 60 segments of 4-grid sections that are pre-connected. It can be infilled with sand, gravel, aggregate, or stones to result in the most robust ground reinforcement in areas with heavy foot or even vehicle traffic, or, you can plant grass or even flowers to provide an eco-friendly aesthetic effect.

This system can improve the axle or point load performance, and it can withstand heavy loads up to 350 tons per square foot.

Erosion Control Grid vs. Ground Protection Mat

You may be wondering if a ground protection mat can help with erosion. Ground protection mats are designed for temporary use. They perform many functions, such as providing access to an area where driving conditions are otherwise unfavorable - like over a swamp or on a sandy beach, to protect lawns and landscaped areas where construction equipment could otherwise cause major damage, or, to provide a temporary floor for an outdoor event… among many other things. They can help alleviate soil erosion, as they absorb the weight that would otherwise be applied to vulnerable areas like a slope or hill.

Construction sites and the equipment used on sites can really do a number to the surface below. Any time a large, heavy piece of machinery is driven off road and onto soil, grass, dirt, or gravel, the likelihood of a rut, sinkhole, or other damaging erosion strongly exists. The use of a ground protection mat or an outdoor mud mat greatly mitigates the amount and extent of damage, as they help to control and absorb the weight and impact of the heavy equipment.

Mat-Pak Ground Protection VersaMat 3x8An example of an effective ground protection mat would be the Mat-Pak Ground Protection VersaMat 3x8. It can easily withstand 120-ton loads, and they come in two practical cleat designs - one for walking and one for vehicle traffic. These mats are easily locked together with Turn-A-Links or EZ links, and they feature a flat, slip-resistant tread one one side to permit pedestrians to walk on a temporary sidewalk, and the other side features a diamond plate tread for vehicle traction. The smooth side is a perfect surface for turning skid loaders. It allows the loader to turn more easily without overly gripping the tread surface. When used on the underside, the smooth side will not dig into more delicate surfaces.

Even though ground protection mats can temporarily prevent erosion for worksites, the is specifically designed to be a more permanent erosion control product.

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