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How to make a bedroom basketball court flooring

By Paige Cerulli Created: August, 2018 - Modified: September, 2021

For the sports-loving child in your home, nothing's better than a homemade bedroom basketball court floor. When you get a little creative with your flooring choice, you can transform your child's bedroom into a basketball court for hours of fun and a unique style that kids are sure to love.

Choosing the right basketball court flooring for bedrooms will depend in a few different factors. Look for a flooring that is:
- Easy to install
- Waterproof for easy spill cleanup
- Durable
- Forgiving and comfortable underfoot
- Paintable so that you can add court lines

At Greatmats, we have a number of different products that make excellent bedroom court flooring. From actual basketball floor tiles to padded vinyl flooring rolls, we have plenty of options to help you bring your child's dream bedroom to life.

Gym Court Tiles

What's better than using actual basketball floor tiles to create your child's bedroom floor? With Gym Court Tiles, you can bring the basketball court right into your child's bedroom. These tiles feature the maple look that's characteristic of many courts. However, they're far easier to install than your average wood flooring product. These basketball floor tiles snap together for a simple installation that makes for a great DIY project.

Have a child who plays rough? These tiles are up to the challenge. They feature a 20-millimeter-thick wear layer for added durability, and they're also scuff and stain resistant. The commercial quality vinyl top surface can withstand plenty of use, ensuring your child's bedroom flooring looks great for years to come.

Max Tile Raised Floor Tile

If you want to paint court lines on the completed flooring, then the Max Raised Floor Tile is a great choice. These paintable basketball court floor tiles are available in six different beautiful woodgrain finishes, so you can customize the look of the floor. Their 12x12-inch tile size makes them easy to transport, and the tiles feature a unique tile connector system that allows for repeated installations and removals.

These tiles make for great DIY home basketball flooring. Thanks to their raised tile design, air and moisture can freely circulate through the tile's base, helping to prevent mildew growth. The tiles' durable top commercial grade vinyl surface is rated for 15 years in home use, making for a long-lasting flooring.

Court Floor Tile Flat Top

For DIY home basketball flooring on a budget, consider our Court Floor Tile Flat Top. These modular tiles snap together for a durable floor that's often used for volleyball and indoor basketball courts. The tiles are paintable, and are incredibly strong - they're designed to withstand 10,000 pounds of static load per square foot.

These basketball floor tiles are available in four different brilliant colors, and you can paint court lines onto them for your own special touch. The tiles are easy to install, and fit together tightly for a floor that will not separate. If you ever decide you want to remove or relocate the floor, you can disconnect the tiles and then reinstall the floor later - these tiles are designed to withstand repeated installations.

Athletic Vinyl Padded Roll

Looking for a flooring that puts in a superior performance? Then the Athletic Vinyl Padded Roll may be right for you. This vinyl roll features a synthetic wood grain surface that is fusion bonded to a durable rubber base layer. The result is a flooring that looks and feels like a real basketball court, but also has the benefits of a rubber base. It helps to absorb shock for increased comfort, and it also offers sound absorption, which the entire household will appreciate.

This flooring is available in four different colors, and is used in actual basketball courts. You can paint court lines directly onto the surface, and the protective wear layer offers the flooring excellent durability. Maintaining the flooring is easy - just vacuum or broom sweep, and then damp mop. No polish or wax is needed.

Royal Interlocking Carpet Tile

For a comfortable flooring that makes for a safe court where kids can tumble more safely, consider our Royal Interlocking Carpet Tiles. These tiles don't have the woodgrain appearance of basketball floor tiles, but they do make a forgiving, comfortable surface. This DIY home basketball flooring features a durable carpeting that is bonded to a foam base. The tiles make for a waterproof and odor proof flooring option that's durable enough to withstand serious play and traffic.

The tiles themselves are lightweight and easy to install. They interlock together tightly, ensuring the flooring won't pull apart over time. Each tile comes with two border strips to create clean, finished edges. These carpet tiles are easy to clean, and they won't absorb liquids, which helps to prevent mold and bacteria growth.

While the tiles are available in five colors, consider the tan for a shade that is reminiscent of court flooring or use different colored tiles to mark your free throw lane and add a little flare to your floor. Long-lasting even when used beneath furniture, these tiles create a finished look that is clean and attractive.

Choosing the Right DIY Home Basketball Flooring

When it comes to creating your homemade bedroom basketball court floor, choosing the right product will help to start your project off correctly. Be sure that you understand how each product is installed. Many of the tiles should be installed with a rubber underlayment, so you will want to budget for that as you shop. The good news is that all of the above options can be easily installed, saving you money over a professional installation.

If you have questions about which homemade bedroom basketball court floor product is right for you, please contact our customer service team. We would be happy to send you product samples and can provide some advice to help you choose the perfect court flooring for your child's bedroom.

Once you're done installing the flooring, be sure to send us photos of your child's completed court room - we'd love to see how your project turned out!