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Can You Use Horse Stall Mats For A Gym?

By Paige Cerulli Created: January, 2024

Horse stall mats are durable, tough, strong, and available in multiple dimensions and thicknesses. They can withstand horse traffic and significant weight, and they help to protect stall subfloors from pawing and damage.

It only makes sense that a mat that’s so tough and durable would also be an excellent choice for gym use, so Yes! You can use horse stall mats for a gym, in a home or commercial setting. As a result, gym rubber horse stall mats are becoming increasingly popular for home gym and commercial gym use.

Why Horse Stall Mats are Ideal for Gyms

Several qualities of horse stall mats make them ideal for gym floor use.


Rubber stall mats are strong enough for use in a stable, which means they’re also strong enough for use in a gym. This rubber material can support the weight of draft horses, which may weigh in excess of 2,000 pounds each. Supporting gym equipment is no challenge compared to the weight of a horse.


If you’re looking for a durable gym floor, you’ll find it in horse stall matting. Rubber mats are supremely durable and are often backed by multi-year warranties for barn use. Using horse mats for your gym can help to maximize the longevity of your investment, even in a commercial gym that sees significant use.

Shock Absorption

Rubber stall mats are typically ¾ inch thick, which means they offer excellent shock absorption. These mats can help to absorb the impact of dropped weights, protecting your subfloor. They also offer valuable traction and a bit of cushion, which can help to keep athletes safe and comfortable, increasing the appeal of your gym.

horse stall mats used in home gym with man lifting weights

Sound Absorption

In addition to shock absorption, rubber mats also help to absorb sound. They can dampen the sound of dropped weights, machine vibrations, and other gym noise, creating a more enjoyable environment that can make your gym a more popular choice among athletes.

Temperature Buffering

Rubber also offers the benefit of buffering temperatures. If your concrete subfloor is cold, rubber can create a protective layer, helping to keep the gym itself warmer and more comfortable for members.


Mats designed for use in a horse stall are waterproof. That waterproof quality is advantageous in a gym, since the mats won’t absorb sweat or spills. You can also mop them clean without worrying about damaging the mats.

Drawbacks to Gym Rubber Horse Stall Mats

While there’s a lot to love about rubber stall mats for gym use, there are a few potential downsides. Rubber mats designed for use in a barn can have a strong smell, so it’s important to provide plenty of ventilation when you install the mats.

Rubber stall mats also aren’t offered in the various thicknesses that you’ll find available with rubber tiles or rolled rubber flooring. If you need a thinner flooring product, it’s really best to buy a rubber tile or a roll; otherwise you’ll be dealing with extra thick mats that also have extra weight and cost.

How to Choose the Best Mats for Gym Use

As you explore the many stall mats for sale, consider how you plan on using the mats in your gym and which qualities are most important. You’ll want to think about the following features when finding the best mats for your needs. Visit the Top 5 Horse Stall Mats for Home Gym blog to view recommended products.

Mat Size

Horse stall mats are traditionally available in 4x6 feet dimensions, though you will occasionally find a 4x8 foot mat. The 4x6 foot size works well for many gym applications, since the mats are small enough to be easily moved by one or two people, but are still large and heavy enough to stay in place when dry laid. You’ll also find that these mats can fit well under many pieces of gym equipment without any need for cutting them to fit.

Mat Style

Gym rubber horse stall mats are available in straight edge or interlocking edge styles. The straight edge mats can be installed by pressing them up against each other. The interlocking mats offer the advantage of being able to connect them together to essentially form a large pad that is one piece.

Regardless of the mat size or style you choose, installing the mats in a gym setting is easy. While you can certainly use adhesive, it’s usually not needed, especially if you’re installing mats underneath equipment. By dry laying the mats, you can remove and reposition them again if needed, and you can also save time and money on the installation.

Where to Buy Rubber Gym Horse Stall Mats

At Greatmats, we have a wide variety of gym rubber horse stall mats for sale. Our customer service team can advise you about the best mat options for your barn, and can help you identify which mats are available with the most affordable shipping to your gym. Contact us today with any questions and to choose and order your new mats.