What Is the Best Outdoor Vinyl Flooring?

By Kyle Schurman Created: March, 2021 - Modified: March, 2021

Outdoor vinyl flooring might not be the first choice people think of when preparing for an exterior flooring project. However, when used in the proper situation, it has quite a few benefits, including its durability, waterproof design, minimal maintenance requirements, and ease of installation. Some of the best options for outdoor vinyl products include:

  • LonWood Marine TopSeal Commercial Vinyl Rolls
  • LonWood Marine Collection Commercial Vinyl Rolls
  • LonDeck Commercial Vinyl Rolls
  • LonDeck Sierra Rolls
  • Outdoor Field Wall Padding for Chain Link Fences

When installed, outdoor vinyl flooring will be stain and scratch resistant, and it will not allow the formation of mold or mildew, even when used in a frequently wet location, such as on a boat or in a location that receives significant rainfall. Vinyl will be resistant to insect damage too, unlike some forms of wood.

When seeking a type of exterior vinyl flooring, it’s important to think about the planned use case. The model of flooring selected will need to match the expected environmental conditions.

Outdoor Vinyl Flooring Ideas for Marine Environments?

When installing a roll of vinyl on a boat deck, it’s important to find a model that looks great and will enhance the style of the boat. It should look like the type of high end flooring the boat would have had when it rolled off the assembly line.

LonWood Marine TopSeal Commercial Vinyl RollsThe LonWood Marine TopSeal Commercial Vinyl Rolls product provides a natural wood grain design resembling teak and holly plank that creates a sense of luxury in the boat or yacht.

This LonWood TopSeal roll includes a urethane finish applied at the factory that reduces the expense of refinishing the flooring. This saves money over the long run by reducing maintenance costs.

The design includes the ability to add a waterproof seam and baseboard coverings. This model also has trim pieces that will fit a hatch cover or an access panel. Installation requires the use of adhesive to ensure the best possible results for the install.

LonWood Marine Collection Commercial Vinyl RollsFor a type of marine flooring that matches the safety ratings from the International Maritime Organization (IMO), consider the LonWood Marine Collection Commercial Vinyl Rolls. These rolls match the highest levels of safety standards for marine flooring, while carrying plenty of style in the faux wood grain that resembles holly and teak. Matching trim pieces are available too.

The IMO is an organization that focuses on fire and environmental safety for marine vessels. Floorings that meet IMO regulations have passed several safety and fire tests.

Customers will use the LonWood Marine sheet of vinyl in a variety of settings on the boat, including in the cabin, in the kitchen galley, or on deck ways. It has a durable top wear layer that allows it to keep looking new, even after years of use.

Can You Use Outdoor Vinyl Flooring on Decks and Patios?

A few different types of vinyl rolls are perfect for an installation at a residential or commercial facility’s outdoor patio, porch, or deck area.

LonDeck Commercial Vinyl RollsThe LonDeck Commercial Vinyl Rolls have a design that’s made to withstand any kind of weather in the area. These rolls will stand up to high levels of foot traffic while maintaining a like-new look.

Customers can select among several different colors in these rolls with a slightly-embossed surface to deliver the perfect sense of high-end style for the area. The rolls require a glue down installation with the proper type of LonDeck adhesive.

LonDeck Sierra RollsAnother commercial grade outdoor vinyl flooring option is available in the LonDeck Sierra Rolls. These models appear in several earthy tones, making them a versatile choice that will match the existing color scheme in almost any outdoor patio location.

Install this roll in areas where it will experience extremely high levels of foot traffic, and it will continue to look like new, resisting wear and tear. These rolls have an embossed surface texture that creates a stylish look that’s ideal in a high-end patio area. The textured surface also gives pedestrians a slip resistant surface, so they can walk safely across it in all kinds of weather.

The LonDeck Sierra Rolls work nicely in outdoor locations, and they’re suitable for indoor installations too.

Is Vinyl Covered Wall Padding Suitable For Outdoor Athletic Stadiums?

Outdoor Field Wall Padding for Chain Link FencesSome types of vinyl used outdoors don’t necessarily qualify as flooring, but they still needs to stand up to effects of wind, sun and rain, such as the Outdoor Field Wall Padding for Chain Link Fences. Install these vinyl covered foam pads on fences at an outdoor stadium to provide cushioning for athletes who may be running too fast to stop before crashing into the wall.

Not only do these vinyl covered pads need to stand up to all kinds of weather conditions, but they also need to be able to absorb athletes' impact with the pad as they try to stop themselves. These thick vinyl covers can handle significant abuse.

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