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What Flooring Is Best for a Trampoline Workout?

By Kyle Schurman Created: July, 2022 - Modified: September, 2023

A trampoline workout may seem like something made for kids, but it actually provides quite the overall body exercise for adults too. When using a mini rebound trampoline indoors, however, the repeated bouncing, when coupled with the tiny legs on the rebounder, can lead to damage on the interior flooring.

The best trampoline workout mat floorings will provide cushion and traction for the legs of the mini trampoline, while laying atop and protecting the interior floor too. Some of the best choices for this purpose include:
  • 4x10 Foot Pacific Rubber Flooring Roll, Color Flecks or Black
  • 4x10 Foot Rubber Flooring Roll Greatmats, Color Flecks or Black
  • 4x10 Foot Rubber Flooring Roll Geneva, Color Flecks or Black
  • 4x10 Foot Plyometric Rubber Flooring Roll, Black

rubber trampoline flooring mat

What Are Some Trampoline Exercises You Can Do at Home?

A trampoline workout can involve freestyle jumping, a set routine, or even taking a class. To find a fun workout for a rebounder, check out YouTube for a video or purchase a DVD to see the different moves for the workouts.

Some plyometric workouts will make use of a rebounder. Athletes will jump on the trampoline for the plyometric effect, strengthening the lower body muscles, or they even can use the rebound properties of the trampoline in a different position to improve upper body strength.

Through the improved strength in various muscle groups, the athlete will see better balance and coordination for all activities. Some of the muscle groups that benefit from using a trampoline include:
  • Back
  • Core
  • Thighs
  • Neck
  • Glutes
  • Biceps
  • Abs

As an added advantage of repeated jumping on the rebounding surface, the athlete can improve bone density without the potential harm to the joints of the lower body that jumping on a hard surface floor can cause.

Jumping repeatedly on the trampoline as part of a set of high intensity exercises can help the athlete burn calories or improve cardio fitness levels.

Using a trampoline can be a fun change of pace from normal types of workouts. The trampoline workout can help the athlete relieve stress and break up the boredom of workouts on exercise bikes or treadmills.

Workouts on a trampoline can benefit athletes of almost any age. Exercises exist for beginners looking to start getting into shape, as well as for advanced athletes seeking to tone up certain muscle groups.

Why Does Rubber Flooring Work Well Underneath a Trampoline?

When working with a mini trampoline indoors, athletes don’t need a lot of space for the exercise session. The majority of rebounders measure between 36 and 48 inches in diameter.

Four to six tiny metal or hard plastic legs spaced around the perimeter of the trampoline hold it off the floor, allowing the rubbery material to stretch up and down without making contact with the subfloor as the athlete jumps on it.

trampoline workout flooring protector

Although these legs are necessary for the proper function of the rebounder, they can cause damage on a subfloor within a short amount of time.

The legs may have rubber caps on the ends, designed to protect the subfloor and to prevent the rebounder from slipping out of place against a hardwood or cement subfloor.

Eventually, though, these caps will wear out or pop loose, leaving the bottom of the metal legs exposed. This can gouge the subfloor, leading to permanent damage. Should the trampoline slip during use without the rubber caps, the legs could scratch the floor.

A rubber mat is the ideal addition to this type of workout session. Place the trampoline over the top of the rubber roll to guard against damage to the subfloor. Rubber, even at thin measurements, provides the desired level of protection. Additionally, the rubber roll will keep the trampoline in place, preventing it from slipping, while lengthening the lifespan of the rubber caps.

What Are the Best All-Black Rubber Rolls?

All Black Rubber Rolls

The majority of rubber rolls and mats will have an all-black color. Most commonly, black rubber rolls used in a home gym or fitness center will have a thin design, making it easy to move them around.

For a trampoline workout, a roll measuring 1/4 inches in thickness should be adequate to protect the subflooring from the rebounder’s legs.

Some of the top products with an all-black color include:

What Are the Best Rubber Flooring Rolls With Color Flecks?

Rubber Rolls with Specks

For those wanting to set up a workout room at the house or at a professional studio using a rubber floor, having an all-black color may not be an ideal situation.

In this case, consider purchasing a black roll with color flecks embedded in the black base color. This provides a more interesting look in the flooring, allowing the installer to match the color scheme of the gym or of a spare bedroom.

The options for different color flecks include: