What's The Best Exterior Rubber Flooring?

By Paige Cerulli Created: July, 2021 - Modified: August, 2023

Exterior rubber floor tiles offer many great qualities like durability and green benefits, but it’s important to choose the tile that’s the right option for your project. You’ll find a great selection of exterior rubber flooring at Greatmats, and the following information can help you to choose the product that’s best for your needs.

Qualities to Look for in Exterior Rubber Flooring

When choosing the right exterior rubber floor tiles, consider the following qualities and which are most important to your project.


Rubber flooring that’s used outside is exposed to harsh elements, including temperature extremes, precipitation, wind, and the sun’s rays. The best outdoor rubber flooring will be highly durable and able to withstand these weather elements.

Many rubber tiles feature UV resistance to help prevent them from degrading. If you’re shopping for colored tiles, make sure you buy flooring that is UV and fade-resistant, ensuring that the color will remain vibrant for years.

If you’re shopping for flooring for a high-traffic area, then you may want to buy a product that’s designed for commercial use and that can withstand that increased traffic. Many of our top rubber exterior flooring products are backed by warranties for five or even 10 years or more.


Choosing a rubber tile with an anti-slip surface can help to maximize the safety of an area. For outdoor use, it’s also important to make sure that the anti-slip traction is effective when the tile is wet or dry.

Easy Installation

Rubber flooring tiles are designed to be easy to install, but installation methods can vary. Many tiles interlock together to create a secure hold that won’t separate during use, but those interlocks can include puzzle-style edges and hidden interlocking seams for a cleaner look.

Consider whether you’re looking for a permanent or temporary installation. If a product requires adhesive, you’re looking at a long-term installation.

There are some advantages to more modular products that allow for an adhesive-free more temporary installation. You can remove the flooring in the future as needed, and can easily replace just a few tiles if they become worn or damaged.

Fall Height Rating

Some rubber flooring products feature a fall height rating, meaning they’ve been tested and proven to help absorb impact and reduce injuries when falls occur from a certain height. Thicker tiles tend to have greater fall height ratings, making them preferable for areas like playgrounds where kids could fall from higher equipment.


Most of our rubber flooring products are made of recycled material, which is often old rubber tires. This can help to keep tires out of landfills and means that you’ll be using an eco-friendly product.

Some of these products can also qualify for LEED points, ideal when that’s a priority for a project you’re working on.

Low Maintenance Requirements

Rubber tends to be highly durable and requires minimal maintenance. Most rubber tiles are easily maintained and can be swept or hosed off to keep them clean.

Remember that investing in low-maintenance flooring can help to save your maintenance team time. This can keep your project within budget and pay off with ongoing maintenance expense savings.

Color Options

While most rubber products are available in black, you’ll also find that rubber products are available in other colors, too. If you have a particular aesthetic in mind for your space, chances are you’ll be able to find a rubber flooring product that can help you achieve that look.

Top Exterior Rubber Floor Tiles to Consider

Greatmats carries a large selection of exterior rubber flooring. The following are some of our most popular outdoor rubber flooring products.

Max Playground Rubber Tile 2.5 Inch Colors

Max Playground Rubber Tile 2.5 Inch ColorsThe Max Playground Rubber Tile 2.5 Inch Colors is a great choice for playgrounds, patios, safety areas, and more. The tiles are ASTM-fall rated for up to five feet, and they’re available with ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) border ramp edging for accessibility.

These rubber tiles are made of recycled content, making them a durable and dependable choice. They’re available in both standard and Daybright colors, so you can create patterns and designs with multiple colors.

Virtually maintenance-free, these tiles are also easy to clean with a broom, garden hose, or leaf blower. They install easily and let water flow right through the tile surface, ideal for rainy-day play.

Sterling Roof Top Tile 2 Inch Gray

Sterling Roof Top Tile 2 Inch GrayThe Sterling Roof Top Tile 2 Inch Gray are durable patio tiles that are suitable on deck surfaces, as rooftop flooring, and for golf courses. Made with recycled rubber buffings, these tiles are durable enough for commercial installations, as well as for home use.

These tiles feature interlocking tabs, and they can be installed without adhesive. You can lay them on top of hard, flat surfaces like concrete or wood.

These rubber tiles are available in a variety of colors, so you can choose the best option for the look you want for your porch or patio. They’re easy to clean and maintain.

Blue Sky Rubber Playground Tile 2.75 Inch Colors

Blue Sky Rubber Playground Tile 2.75 Inch GreenThe Blue Sky Rubber Playground 2.75 Inch Color tiles feature a six-foot ASTM fall height rating, making them ideal for both backyard and public playgrounds. They’re made in the USA from recycled rubber, making them an eco-friendly choice.

These tiles are highly durable and resilient, and their impact-absorbing surface is comfortable underfoot. They feature a 5-year manufacturer warranty, making them a great long-term investment.

Interlocking tabs make for an easy installation, and ADA border ramp edging is also available.

Sterling Playground Tile 4.25 Inch 35% Premium Colors

Sterling Playground Tile 4.25 Inch 35% Premium ColorsWith its ASTM fall height rating of up to eight feet, the Sterling Playground Tile 4.25 Inch 35% Premium Colors is a top choice for playgrounds with higher equipment. The tiles are also ideal for use in a rock climbing gym or other space where shock absorption is important.

These tiles interlock together for an easy yet secure installation, and they don’t require any daily maintenance. They’re also available in a variety of color options to enhance your playground.

The rubber tiles are made in Canada, and they’re made of recycled content for environmentally-friendly benefits.

Blue Sky Interlocking Playground Tile 3.25 Inch Colors

Blue Sky Interlocking Playground Tile 3.25 InchThe Blue Sky Interlocking Playground Tile 3.25 Inch also features an eight-foot ASTM fall height rating and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor installations. These commercial-quality tiles are ideal options for a variety of playgrounds.

These tiles resist fading, mold, and mildew for low-maintenance installations. They allow for drainage in all climates and are outdoor-rated for all climates.

These tiles feature an interlocking system that creates a full surface-to-surface lock for a secure installation. These tiles do require a glue-down installation.

Blue Sky Outdoor Interlocking Tile 2.25 Inch Colors

Blue Sky Outdoor Interlocking Tile 2.25 InchThe Blue Sky Outdoor Interlocking Tile 2.25 Inch Colors features a four-foot ASTM fall height rating. These tiles are ideal for home and school playgrounds.

Each tile features an interlocking system that creates a surface-to-surface interlock for an installation that won’t pull apart. The high-traction surface retains its non-slip properties whether it’s wet or dry.

These tiles won’t mold or mildew, and their 2x2 foot size allows them to quickly cover large surfaces and areas. Their design lets water flow freely under the pavers.

Recycled Tire Rubber Floor Tiles 25 per Carton

Recycled Tire Rubber Floor TilesMade of super heavy-duty recycled rubber tiles, the Recycled Tire Rubber Floor Tiles offer superior durability, making them one of the best choices for entrance mats and outdoor entryways that see heavy traffic.

These tiles feature a slip-resistant rubber surface, and they’re durable enough to be used in areas where people are wearing cleats and spikes. They’re easy to clean with a broom, hose, or vacuum.

These heavy-duty tiles can be glued down with a floor adhesive for a long-lasting installation. They’re eco-friendly and ADA-compliant, making them an excellent addition to most facilities.

Sterling Athletic Rubber Tile 1.25 Inch Gray

Sterling Athletic Rubber Tile 1.25 Inch GrayThe Sterling Athletic Rubber Tile 1.25 Inch Gray may be a thinner tile, but it’s plenty durable. This tile is a top choice for use in weight rooms, gyms, locker rooms, and professional sports facilities.

The tile creates a professional look and features an interlocking design that hides the interlocks beneath the tile. You can install Sterling Athletic Rubber Tiles with or without adhesive, making it possible to take them apart in the future.

These tiles are easy to clean and maintain with a damp mop when needed. They make for a protective, quality floor covering that can help to prevent damage to your subfloor.

Blue Sky Playground Interlocking Tile 4.25 Inch Colors

Blue Sky Playground Interlocking 4.25 Inch Colors The Blue Sky Playground Interlocking Tiles feature an ASTM fall height rating that adds increased safety to any playground. These tiles are made of recycled rubber products, so they’re a great addition to your project.

These rubber tiles are UV resistant, and they feature a non-slip surface to increase safety. They’re made right here in the USA and are backed by a 5-year limited warranty.

Choosing the Right Exterior Rubber Flooring for You

Whether you’re looking for new flooring ideas or want a low-cost or cheap option for temporary use, our Greatmats customer service team is ready to help. Our flooring experts can provide you with additional product information and shipping quotes, and will be happy to help you find the exterior rubber floor tiles that are the best choice for your project.