Flooring for Basement Family Rooms

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Finding is easy with Greatmats. Choose from a number of options that will create a warm, comfortable living space. Many of our basement flooring options are nonabsorbent and will not be damaged by moisture. This makes it a much better option than carpeting with pads that can be destroyed by flooding.

What Are The Different Types Of Foam Floor Tile?

Foam tile is a great alternative to traditional carpet or hardwood flooring. This tile comes in many styles, provides extra cushion, is easy to clean, and provides a warm, insulated surface to stand on. INot only is it great for lounging on, but it also can double as gym flooring or a play area for the kids. Our top foam options are available in interlocking, puzzle mat options. Check out our favorite foam tiles for basement family rooms below:

  1. Interlocking Carpet Tile
  2. Foam Tiles Wood Grain
  3. Rustic Wood Grain Tile
  4. Sport Plus Designer Foam Tile

Choose from several foam tile options to create a functional workout area. We also carry foam products that will create a stylish wood-grain look for your basement floor. Modular, plastic and vinyl tiles are another way to create a wood-grain look for your floor. Choose from several options. We even carry modular floor tiles that replicate the look of ceramic tiles in a stone or slate option.

Foam tiles with a carpet top can give you the warmth and comfort of carpeting without worry. Should your floor slab ''sweat'' or leak, simply take up your puzzle carpet tiles, dry them and the area below, and put them right back down.
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