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2018 Greatmats National Dog Trainer of the Year Contest

Vote for the dog trainer you think should be named the 2018 Greatmats National Dog Trainer of the Year!

Voting runs Nov. 15-29, 2018


BFF Pet Services

Clearly Connected Canine

Fido F.I.T.

Fur Paws LLC


Humane Society for Greater Savannah

Noble Beasts Dog Training


The Fur-Tastic K9s

Two Paws Up Dog Training

BFF Pet Services


Brandywine, MD

Chrissy Joy is an outstanding trainer who deserves recognition! She has created the Bonefied Talent Group and regularly encourages others to do more with their dog. She recently won the National Stunt Dog Championship with her dog Beasley and is an amazing example of a trainer.

Clearly Connected Canine



I nominate Dusty Trieschman as trainer of the year. She has worked with dogs for many years and and has a good record of success. Being a dog trainer in a small town is challenging, and Dusty has successfully turned around many dogs that were going down the wrong path. She provides numerous classes for dog owners, for pet dogs to competition dogs. Dusty also takes dogs from the shelter and gives them some training to make them more adoptable and has taken in some dogs that needed a home.

Fido F.I.T.


St. Louis, MO

I want to nominate Tracy Pritchard, owner and founder of Fido F.I.T (fun, individualized, training).

She is a beacon of hope for many dogs who would be returned to shelters or euthanized, if not for her fun, imaginative, patient and kind way of training.

Tracy takes dogs into her home for day training and board n' trains, to give families and their dogs optimum help. She also holds group classes and private lessons, but Tracy takes it a step above the rest. She does not believe lack of funds should hold anyone back from reaching their dog training goals, so every Sunday she holds a free, live, Facebook session, so even if you can't afford a class, you can still take one.

Tracy Pritchard is the epitome of local and small business and she is doing unbelievable, incredible work, right here in St. Louis, MO.

Fur Paws LLC


Fur Paws LLC, Spring

Jorge Guerra is the best trainer you can find in Houston at this moment. He’s specialized in aggressive/vicious dogs and is great with all the breeds for all type of trainings!


December 15, 2017

The Super Collies

- SAMPLE - 2017 Greatmats National Dog Trainer of the Year Sara Carson

--NOMINATION INFO: Widely recognized as one of the world's best trick dog instructors after appearances on the Ellen Degeneres Show, Late Show with David Letterman and America's Got Talent, Sara Carson has overcome the odds to earn that designation.

Her decision to choose dog training as a career path was not well received by her family, many of which she hasn't spoken with in years.

Her North American tour, which got her much of her well-earned recognition began while she was living out of her car. She turned to dogs for comfort at a time when there was very little coming from anywhere else.

Together, she and her dog Hero set out to prove to her family that they could be successful at something they loved. This year, Sara and Hero made all the way to the finals of the 12th season of America's Got Talent.

Humane Society for Greater Savannah

June 2018

Savannah GA

Allisia Vroom is a professional dog trainer who has made it her mission to provide quality training using positive methods in the Savannah area. She teaches group classes and private lessons at the Humane Society for Greater Savannah. She makes the most difference with the animals in the shelter. She implements training programs with dogs who would struggle to get adopted otherwise and improve the overall quality of the dogs stay. In an effort to prevent dogs from being surrendered, Allisia runs the Surrender Intervention program. She offers free training help to anyone who would like to keep their dog and get the training they need instead of surrendering them. In order to provide more free access to training Allisia hosts her own radio show called No Barks About It on WRUU 107.5. Once a week she answers the public's dog training questions to provide easy access to training advice within the community. In her spare time she volunteers as a Tester/Observer for Alliance of Therapy Dogs and is a therapy dog team with her own dog Phoenix. Her goal is to assist other handlers in registering their dogs as therapy dog teams and increase the number of Therapy Dogs within the community.

Noble Beasts Dog Training


Ridgefield SC

In addition to being an amazing trainer taking on dogs with severe aggression, Cindy runs a large rescue and saves and rehabilitates hundreds of dogs yearly. She tirelessly works with rescue dogs as well as pet parents to increase the animal human bond.



PetSmart Tullahoma, TN

Robert Happy Allen is the best trainer, rescuer, pet lover around. He is always thinking of the animals. He rescues elderly dogs, mainly min pins. He is an amazing man!!

The Fur-Tastic K9s


Waco, TX

I am nominating Felicia Foy as trainer of the year because of her strength, courage and inspiration. Felicia has had to overcome many serious challenges; including a horrific abusive childhood that almost took her life, being put out on the streets of NYC homeless in December, and overcoming life and death situations.

Despite being relocated from home to home and having more than her fair share of hardships, she has always kept a smile on her face and has never stopped dreaming or believing in a better life. She always turns to animals as her therapy to help her overcome the hard times. The power of animal therapy has helped her develop a very unique and strong bond with the animals she works with. In a world filled with “I cant's” she said “I will.” She has gone on to become a huge inspiration to many people that are struggling in their lives. She always goes above and beyond to help people who are struggling with their pets even if there's nothing in it for her. Seeing other people happy makes her happy.

Her dogs have now gone on to be featured all across social media with multiple viral videos and having been on the news for multiple media platforms. Her dogs perform some of the most complicated and awe inspiring tricks and stunts out there. She puts on performances all across the US with her dogs in hopes of making people's days brighter and happier even if it's just for a few moments. She is always the last one to go back in after a show; making sure to answer everyone's questions, no matter how silly or small they may seem, she makes sure to give each person individual attention. You can tell she thoroughly enjoys working with the public and helping inspire those around her. Dog training isn't just her job, it's her passion.

I think Felicia deserves to be the trainer of the year because of the fact that she is living proof that no matter how many times you're knocked down, no matter how many times the world is cruel to you, and no matter how dark your day seems to be, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Felicia is a great example of proving that if you work hard and keep on dreaming, you will succeed and surpass anything that anyone ever told you was unachievable. Her favorite quote is " The sky's the limit.” Felicia is an amazing representation of what any dog trainer should be. With her kind ways, her patience and her unique connection with both animals and people. I am certain it would be another dream come true of hers to win this amazing award.

Two Paws Up Dog Training


Lake Bluff, IL

Brenda Belmonte has dedicated most of her life to animals, spending close to three decades managing a veterinary clinic while training on the side. She became one of just a handful of CPDT-KA trainers in Illinois when opening her own training business, and she has built a strong reputation for meeting the needs of dogs and owners alike through primarily positive methods and relationship building. She has a passion and knack for encouraging people of all experience levels to get out and do something with their dogs. She has also been a successful trainer and competitor in a variety of sports including conformation, obedience, and rally with both traditional and non-traditional breeds. She and her team are the pinnacle of what dog trainers should be.

Want to honor a dog trainer for his/her outstanding achievements, unique style, humanitarian or animal rights efforts, etc.? Then nominate him/her for the 4th Annual National Dog Trainer of the Year Award, sponsored by Greatmats. The award, part of Greatmats National Award Series, is designed to recognize Dog Trainers who have made a difference in the lives of their clients, animals and communities through the virtues of service, integrity and quality.

Learn more about Greatmats National Award Series.

How to Nominate

To nominate the trainer for this award, visit email the following information to before Nov. 1, 2018. Nominators will not be identified.

  1. Trainer's Name
  2. Name and location of the training facility (Must be located in the USA)
  3. A brief description of why you are nominating this trainer, including how he/she meets the criteria of high-level service, integrity and quality
  4. A photo and/or video of the trainer

How the winner is chosen:

  1. Voting will take place at from Nov. 15 through Nov. 29, 2018. The two dog trainers with the most votes will be named finalists.
  2. Greatmats will judge the two finalists to determine the winner based on:
  3. Demonstration of Service
  4. Demonstration of Integrity
  5. Demonstration of Quality

Grand Prize

  1. $250 in Greatmats Products (or $150 Cash Option) for the training facility
  2. Trainer/training facility profile to be released with the announcement of the winner on Dec. 14, 2018.
  3. National Dog Trainer of the Year Certificate

More than 6,500 votes have been cast in the first three years of the Greatmats National Dog Trainer of the Year Contest.

Voting instructions:

Visit Greatmats during the voting period to vote for this year's National Dog Trainer of the Year. Click vote button next to the photo of the Dog Trainer you'd like to win. Each person is allowed one vote. Feel free to share the ballot with friends and family and encourage them to vote. The two dog trainers with the most votes will be named finalists. From that point, Greatmats will choose the winner (scroll down to see prizes) based on demonstration of service, integrity and quality.

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