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Floor Tape Rollers and Applicators

For types of flooring that are temporary in nature, floor tape is a safe way to hold them down. The tape will keep the temporary flooring in place and prevent it from sliding around, all without causing damage to the subfloor when you remove the tape.

At Greatmats, we offer many temporary vinyl, carpet, and dance floor models that you need for your spaces, along with the floor tape required to keep it in place.

Size and Shape Options

We offer our floor tape products in rolls. This gives customers the ability to purchase a large amount of tape in a format that’s easy to use for a DIY project. It’s also a cost-efficient means of delivering tape.

The most common width of these rolls of tape is 2 inches, although 3-inch options are available too.

Varying lengths are available in the rolls of tape, typically ranging from about 75 feet to about 150 feet. Thickness of the tape typically will measure 0.1 inches or less.

We also have a roll of tape made specifically for attaching flooring over the top of a carpeted surface. This roll measures 3.25 feet in width, ensuring installers have plenty of tape coverage to provide grip against the carpet fibers.

Material Options

It’s important to match the roll of tape that you select to the type of flooring in use.

Vinyl tape is the best option for use with dance floors, as it will match the consistency of the vinyl dance floor. This ensures that dancers will not slip when they move their feet over areas with tape.

Vinyl is also a highly durable material for use as floor tape, as it will not tear or split when placed under the stress of people stepping on it or moving across it.

For a type of material to connect gym mats together, we offer plastic strips that operate like tape. They have a hook-and-loop design that secures the mats tightly.

Pattern and Texture Options

Within the vinyl floor tape options, multiple colors are available. When using these rolls of tape on a dance floor that will be hosting a performance, installers will want to match the color of the tape to the color of the floor to make the tape not noticeable to the audience.

The tape rolls do not have patterns on them. They only have a solid color. The potential colors include:
  • Beige
  • Black
  • Green
  • Gray
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Metallic Silver

We also offer a translucent matte or high gloss tape material that will allow the color of the flooring to show through it. Installers can use the translucent tape in areas where they cannot find a color of tape that will match the color of the flooring.

When creating a Chroma Key floor for shooting video, it is important to use Chroma Key tape that matches either the blue or green color of the flooring. We offer these colors of tape too.

Common Use Options

Floor tape works in any location where the installer wants to secure the temporary floor to the subfloor. The tape will hold sections of flooring together, while also securing the edges of the flooring.

This is an especially common type of installation for marley dance floor rolls. Installers may want to install the marley floor for a performance and then remove it later to return the subfloor and space to its original usage.

If the edges of a roll of flooring are curling, this could present a trip hazard, requiring caution for those walking in the area. Adding tape to the edges of the entire floor layout would hold down the curled edges.

In a gymnasium with a hardwood floor, installers may hesitate to use tape, fearful of leaving a residue on the expensive basketball floor. Look for a specific type of tape made for attaching gym floor covers to the hardwood floor without leaving any sticky or visible residue.

We have a double-sided tape available in areas where installers do not want to see the tape layout.

Installation Options

Installers do not need to have experience with this type of installation to make use of the flooring tape successfully. There is no need to hire a professional to do this type of work.

To install the tape, the installer can peel the tape off the roll and press it in place by hand along each of the seams between the panels and around the perimeter of the installation. Use a pair of scissors to cut the tape to the proper length.

As another option, Greatmats offers a handheld tape applicator that speeds up the application of the tape. The dispenser has a sharp edge to cut and tear the tape.

For huge layouts, Greatmats offers a walk behind tape roller, so the installer does not have to bend down constantly or to crawl on the floor.

Cleaning and Maintenance Requirements

This tape is not reusable. After removing it, you will need to discard it.

When cleaning, you can sweep across the tape while you are sweeping the flooring sections. The tape does not require any special cleaning technique.