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To keep your building or home cleaner and to reduce slip hazards for visitors, install walk off carpet tiles from Greatmats at the entrance.

These commercial quality entrance tiles and mats can handle significant amounts of foot traffic daily. They have a texture on the top that helps people scrape their shoes easily as they walk across them. This pulls dirt and moisture off the shoes, preventing people from tracking them into other areas of the building.

Size and Shape Options

Our walk off carpet tiles and mats are available in a wide range of sizes, making it easier for customers to find the products that will provide the perfect coverage for the space.

We offer these walkoff carpet tiles in square shapes that simplify the process of figuring out how many pieces to order to cover the desired space. The most common size is roughly 20 by 20 inches, but some of these tiles are 18 by 18 inches.

For our rectangular entryway mats, nearly any size you could imagine is available. Some of our mats are as small as 2 by 3 feet, while others are as large as 6 by 60 feet. Customers can even order custom-sized runners that are cut to a desired length.

Material Options

Count on our commercial entry mats and tiles to have excellent durability, using high-quality materials that are built to hide staining and resist fading.

Some of the most durable top layers, such as those found in Waterhog tiles, will be made of carpet fibers reinforced with rubber nubs. This results in excellent performance.

Using polypropylene carpet fibers or nylon yarn in the tiles and mats provides a long-lasting option as well. This delivers a durable and coarse top layer. The coarseness helps to scrape the bottom of shoes as people walk across the fibers. The fibers should not crush under significant pressure, either.

Many of our walk off rugs will have a plastic, vinyl, or rubber base layer. With a back layer that does not allow water to escape, it prevents excess moisture from leaking onto the floor under the tiles, which would create a slip hazard. The rubber backing yields a bit of cushion as well.

Pattern and Texture Options

The majority of these walk off carpet squares have a very low pile height, which creates a coarse and rough texture that people can use to scrape their shoes as they enter the building.

Some mats and tiles have a bi-level design in the fibers. This allows people to scrape the soles of their shoes, while moisture and debris fall to the base of the mat.

The low pile height will dry more quickly than a taller pile height, which is ideal when people will be scraping wet shoes at the entrance of the building. The low pile height also helps to reduce the possibility of the buildup of static electricity.

Most of these mats and tiles will only be offered in neutral shades that conceal stain issues and require less cleaning. These fibers will not show any slight fading as easily as brighter colors on less durable mats might, either.

With a couple of our mat designs, you can even have a custom logo printed onto the entrance mat, creating a personalized option that’s sure to be memorable for your visitors.

Common Use Options

The most common use case for these tiles and mats is at the entrance to a building or a home. When people track mud or moisture into the area, these mats will catch it. Retail locations, office buildings, commercial locations, restaurants, healthcare facilities, schools, and government buildings all commonly use these mats.

In an extremely high-traffic area away from the building’s entrance, some people may install the tiles in a wall-to-wall layout.

Installation Options

When installing these mats, you will not want to use adhesive. You should be able to pick up and move the mats for cleaning or hang them to dry.

With our entrance tiles, the type of installation process will depend on the model of tiles involved. Some of these tiles have interlocking edges, allowing installers to connect them quickly.

We even offer a few tiles that have a hidden interlocking edge design that holds tiles tightly together. This style of interlocking connector will not be visible, resulting in a clean, finished look.

Others require a glue-down installation or the use of double-sided carpet tape to hold them tight to the subfloor.

Cleaning and Maintenance Requirements

Customers should vacuum these walk off carpet tiles and mats regularly. Some people may want to vacuum multiple times per day. When the tiles are wet, simply allow them to dry naturally over time.

Customers will occasionally want to use a carpet cleaning machine with these mats and tiles to perform a thorough cleaning. Some people chose to rinse the mats outdoors with a garden hose and sprayer to clean them.