What Are Some Unique Portico Flooring Ideas?

By Kyle Schurman Created: April, 2021 - Modified: August, 2022

For homes or buildings with a portico, it may be beneficial to deploy unique portico flooring ideas for the area, creating a high quality entrance that’s sure to grab the attention of visitors. The right flooring design in the portico can yield an impressive entrance that sets the tone for anyone visiting the house.

Some of the best portico flooring ideas that deliver durability and style at a reasonable price include:

  • Patio Outdoor Tile
  • StayLock Perforated Tile
  • Entrance Carpet Linear Tile
  • Terra Cotta Equine Paver Tile

Why Do Porticos Need Flooring?

A porch on a home or at a building that serves as the entrance becomes a portico when it has a roof over it as well as oak or painted columns surrounding it. The roof may set at an angle or curve, while extending outward from the porch, even covering part of the entryway. The portico’s design serves to create an impressive look to the entrance.

Many times, a portico at elevation will have cement steps underneath it. Homeowners may want to create a friendlier and more stylish entrance for the home than cement provides by adding floor tiles.

Some portico flooring ideas will use perforated tiles to allow rainwater to drain through to the cement, preventing any water from pooling on top of the tiles. Some flooring for porticos creates cushioning over the top of the cement, while other tiles use carpeting and other materials that catch soils before they end up inside the home.

Installers can even place these types of flooring over the top of a hardwood portico flooring area or one that consists of engineered wood.

Will Colorful PVC Flooring Work for a Portico?

Depending on the look and design of the portico, the flooring installer may want to use bolder colors than what are typically found with concrete. Flexible PVC plastic tiles can deliver a number of fun colors, as well as some neutral colors that work well as portico flooring ideas.

Patio Outdoor TileOne advantage of PVC tiles is that they are available in perforated designs, which allows dirt and water to pass through them. The Patio Outdoor Tile product offers a perforated design that extends through the entire 1/2-inch thickness of the tile. Each tile has a tab and loop design on the edge to create the connections.

This collection is available in blue, gray, or terra cotta colors, so the installer has some options for matching the design plan that’s already in place.

StayLock Perforated TileA similar option is the StayLock Perforated Tile product. It also has perforations throughout the 9/16-inch thickness of the material to allow rainwater to drain away safely, reducing the possibility of slips. The perforated design also limits the amount of mud or dirt that may get tracked into the home.

The StayLock tiles offer colors of blue, green, gray, terra cotta, and tan. The PVC tile has a flexible design that simplifies the installation process. The tiles have interlocking edges that pop together securely without the need for glue.

Will Carpet Tiles Work for a Front Porch Installation?

Entrance Carpet Linear TileAny carpet tile used on a portico needs to have excellent durability and the ability to stand up to all kinds of weather. The Entrance Carpet Linear Tile has durable carpet fibers that will catch soils from the shoes of visitors before they enter the home or building.

Additionally, the surface of the tile has drainage channels and holes between the segments of carpeting to keep rainwater from excessively soaking the tiles. These tiles pop together easily, and they stay together, even when subjected to the stress of people walking on them and scraping shoes on them.

What Kind of Portico Flooring Will Simulate Brick?

Terra Cotta Equine Paver TilesRather than brick, which is extremely hard and could crumble under weather exposure and excessive foot traffic, consider installing the Terra Cotta Equine Paver Tiles as portico flooring.

These square tiles measure 2 by 2 feet, and the dog bone pattern is imprinted on the surface of the tile. Although the tile looks like multiple individual dog bone shaped pavers that would take a long time to install, the rubber squares will greatly simplify the process of doing the installation.

Terra cotta flooring is the most common color available, but this style of paver tile appears in gray, black, or green as well.