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Durable rubber flooring is a great option for areas where other types of materials may not be able to survive rough treatment. At Greatmats, SurfaceCo flooring is among the most durable types of rubber flooring we offer.

These thick mats and tiles are ideal for use in a horse barn, in a weightlifting area inside a gym, or in other areas where impact and constant wear could reduce the lifespan of other types of floors.

Size and Shape Options

The majority of our SurfaceCo mats measure 4-by-6 feet. Some mats have interlocking edges, so installers can create a far larger layout with a secure design. Some of these mats include flat edges, and installers can simply line up multiple mats side by side to cover a large space.

This style of mat is also available in pre-sized kits, so customers can order the exact amount of material to match the desired coverage area. Often, these kits work in stable and birthing stall locations for horses.

Our kits range from 8x10 feet to 16x18 feet. We have multiple kit sizes throughout this coverage range.

The majority of our SurfaceCo rubber flooring materials measure 3/4 inch in thickness. We also have a few products with thickness measurements of 1/2 inch and 3/8 inch, which carry less weight than the 3/4-inch mats.

Material Options

Recycled rubber is used during manufacturing to create these SurfaceCo mats, ensuring consistent quality in the materials. Recycled rubber is safe to use around people and animals in flooring materials.

By creating new flooring from old rubber tires and other rubber products, these floors give new life to the material, keeping it out of landfills.

All these SurfaceCo mats come from manufacturers in the United States, which allows customers to fully trust the quality of the manufacturing process. You won’t find weak spots with these mats, as the manufacturer maintains tight measurement tolerances with each mat.

Rubber is extremely heavy; a single 4x6 mat can weigh around 100 pounds.

Note: Some of these mats have a minimum order requirement because of the shipping weight involved.

Pattern and Texture Options

One of the advantages of using rubber SurfaceCo mats in areas where moisture may be present, such as at an equine farm or in a commercial environment, is that this rubber has slip resistance.

The majority of these mats have a flat surface with no texture molded into the surface. Some mats offer textures like a button top that provide a little extra traction. Others have a slight weave diamond pattern embossed on the mat’s surface, enhancing slip resistance.

Most of these mats are only available in a solid black color, which is common with rubber flooring products. We do offer a few mats with color flecks embedded in the black base color, like tan, blue, red, or gray.

The color flecks use the same rubber material as the main portion of the mat, so the flecks will not wear away prematurely.

Common Use Options

Thick rubber mats are ideal in areas where you need to support significant amounts of weight without buckling and while protecting the subfloor.

In a school gymnasium that contains an area for lifting free weights, for example, the rubber floors absorb the impact from dropped weights. The rubber also gives weightlifters a sure footing to create the leverage in the lower body needed for weightlifting. And it prevents equipment from sliding and shifting on the floor.

Horse stalls are perfect locations to make use of thick rubber mats. The rubber does not absorb urine or spilled water, making cleanup an easy process. A horse that likes to paw dirt in the stall and create ruts will struggle to do so when you place rubber in the stall.

Installation Options

When using thick rubber floors, there’s no need to place glue underneath the mats. The weight of the rubber will hold the floors in place, even when they are subjected to quite a bit of stress.

If you purchase mats with interlocking edges, such as those in the horse stall kits, just line up the slots on one mat with the tabs on the adjacent mat and press them together. You might have to step on them to generate enough force to connect the edges.

For the mats with straight edges, just slide them tightly against each other to create a large layout. Thicker mats should not slide around because they weigh so much. However, you can glue the mats if you have worries about them sliding under pressure.

Cleaning and Maintenance Requirements

Cleaning rubber flooring is an easy process. To remove dry debris from the floor, use a broom, a vacuum cleaner, or rinse the floor with a garden hose and spray nozzle.

To remove stubborn soils and stains, you can use a neutral pH cleaner mixed with warm water. Apply the mixture with a mop. Afterward, you can rinse the floor with clean water, if desired. Allow the area to dry over a few hours. Speed up the drying process with floor fans.