Customer Reviews for: Foam Kids and Gym Mats 5/8 Premium

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The 5/8 mats are great. I use them at my day camp for a game called Gaga. Before we bought the mats, our kids were getting rug burns all the time. Now, they play injury-free. An added bonus is the mats protected the carpet. There was no wear and tear on the carpet after three days of heavy use.


Naples, FL

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I bought those form mats for my granddaughter to use in her play room, which has hardwood floor. These mats were very easy to put together. I really like what I got.


Naperville, IL

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We purchased the foam mats for a playroom for our kids. We designed a pattern ourselves utilizing MS Excel to layout the design to help us determine how many of each color to order for the size of the room. The set up was super easy and it was nice that each square had all the borders that easily popped off when not an edge piece (other places we looked you would have to pay extra for the borders). Each piece also fit nicely together. The 5/8 thickness we wanted for the kids and they had a good variety of colors to choose from in this size. You can definitely feel the difference on your feet as well as on your knees when crawling around the floor. Shipping was also fast and customer service was great. I had looked at various sites for floor mats and Greatmats had one of the best prices and S&H and variety to choose from. We've had friends over that have kids and all have said how nice the floor mats are for the playroom. We would definitely recommend Greatmats to anyone considering doing a playroom floor ... great product and customer service.


Bethel, CT

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Product and delivery exceeded expectations


Rehoboth, MA

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The mats are great! I highly recommend these mats!

Alicia M

Santa Ana, CA

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The floor was super easy to install. I only needed a straight edge and a box cutter. I installed it over the concrete floor in my sun room. This flooring eliminated the moisture problem I had with the room. It serves as a moisture barrier, prevents mold and mildew from forming on items stored on the floor,and it's also a great surface to use in my yoga practice.


Jacksonville, FL

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Love to review this product. We carve and produce glass products. And how we use Greatmats foam 5/8 material is to crate our products. It has great pressure recovery that provides protection for our product. Will continue to order this fine product.


Fort Lauderdale, FL

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The mats are just so excellent :)

Alicia M

Santa Ana, CA

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A little thinner than anticipated for the gym, but still effective and strong enough for regular workouts.


Fremont, CA

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I used the Foam Mats in a slightly unconventional way and they worked out great. I was building a simple bench for weightlifting and needed a firm and durable cushion to sit or lay on when doing curls, flys, bench presses, etc. The Foam Mats had just the right firmness for the job. I used two layers to get the right support and give.


Lilydale, MN

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Good product and good service.


Saint Paul, MN

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We are very pleased with this product. It accomplished our goal of providing a play surface over concrete. As a bonus, it insulates the floor from the children who play on it. A great feature is that the edge pieces come with the tiles as a standard need to guess at how many you need. We highly recommend this product.


Hamilton, OH

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Great product! 5/5. Using the pads as part of a garage gym, excellent padding


lynnwood, WA

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I am very pleased with these mats. I purchased additional mats to use with mats that I bought 2+ years ago. They hold up very well and are great for playrooms and bedrooms. And much more cost effective then purchasing multiple carpets. I love how I could cover the entire floor for less than half of what carpet would cost.


Arlington, MA

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The mats worked out perfectly!! My wife and I laid them out in the sun room and snapped them together in 2 minutes. We've been doing side by side workouts; the mats are excellent quality at a very low price!!


San Diego, CA

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Your bright orange mats really jazz-up our laundry area in the basement. They went together very well. The fit is snug and they provide firm cushioned support on our concrete floor.



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Great mats, durable (but be careful with vacuum carpet cleaner head), and great service.


Kensington, MD

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I purchased the foam mats to replace an old cardboard blocking board that I've used for years to block my handknitting. The mats offer me the flexibility to use only one or several in a large number of configurations. My first project involved a very large shawl that I was able to accommodate by a careful arrangement of the mats--worked great! Pinning into the mats is very easy, and the white color will assure no color transfer to my knit projects. They are also very lightweight and easy to store when not in use--sorry that I can't provide an installation photo, but they're in the closet and out of the way. Many thanks for an excellent product that will make my hobby much more enjoyable!


Alpharetta, GA

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Great mats. I made a play area for my boy, he loves to spend time there, he likes the colors and this mats are thickest from other brands. Each piece comes with boarders, so you can add or remove one anytime. First I bought 9 and as my boy grows I got 4 more, now I am thinking to get another 3. At summer I plan to place them outside and make a pool area for kids I think they will work just great. So they don't have to step on the grass when they will get out of the pool.


Brooklyn, NY

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Great product and quick delivery. Exceeded my expections with good value for the cost.