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Customer Reviews for: Home Gym Flooring Tile Pebble 10 mm

Customer Rating:


Love it!


Hope, AR

Customer Rating:


Great product. Easy installation.


Kerrville, TX

Customer Rating:


great floor for gym, easy installation


Rhinebeck, NY

Customer Rating:


Helpful and a great product. Looks great -Thank you!


Customer Rating:


They helped me find the right product! I called in asking if there was free shipping on rubber flooring, which sadly there wasnt, but they helped me find a durable foam tile flooring that also met my needs and price point.


Customer Rating:


Great service and mats work as expected. Would definitely buy again.


Customer Rating:


I just go it installed, my wife tried it this morning and love it.

Alejandro Garcia

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My family has been using Greatmats' grappling mats for taekwondo, judo, wrestling and gymnastics in our home basement for about 5 years and love them. Three years ago, we added these pebble home gym flooring tiles under our adjacent exercise equipment and have been equally as pleased. When we decided to add wall padding around our martial arts space to protect the sheet rock walls about a year ago, we opted for the pebble mats again because we loved the durability, and it fit our price point. They were super easy to install and cut out around the outlets and breaker box. They have also worked great for protecting against flying pieces when we work on board breaking, when the freestanding heavy bag gets knocked over into the wall, and when the kids come in contact with the wall when roughhousing. To our surprise, it also significantly reduced the echo of our basement! Great investment!


Amery, WI

Customer Rating:


Nice and look great.


Customer Rating:


Installation was very easy. Might I say it was actually fun?!?! The product was quite easy to cut making edges and corners simple. If I could do it, anyone can!


Customer Rating:


fast delivery. packed well. product arrived as advertised. good quality. nice look. very satisfied.

Lawrence Prosky

Customer Rating:


Only problem was one box was open and torn up from shipping, luckily it appears no damage to the product.


Customer Rating:


Sturdy and yet forgiving surface that has made our concrete garage floor into a perfect home gym. Hard wearing, easy to clean, withstand heavy weights, bench and cycle trainer without any damage.


Houston, TX

Customer Rating:


I turned half my basement into a gym so ordered the "Home Gym Mats Pebble 10 mm Black." I did some shopping around and determined that linking puzzle type mats were my choice (we move often enough that I would like to take them with me) and the price was right! Much to my chagrin, after putting them down my husband dropped 100 lb. dumbbells on them, so they definitely get banged up, but they were easy to pull up and see if my flooring (laminate) underneath got dinged up, and not a scratch. After my original order I expanded my gym by another 16 square feet, so ordered more, and easy peasy to add on to the original order. Great product for great price.


Customer Rating:


For the alternative use I had in mind, not so good. Will make a fine mat(s) for places in my shop.



Customer Rating:


I used Home Gym mats for my daughters dance sub-floor and they worked perfectly. Liked them so much i used them for my entire basement gym. The product is great quality and easy to install. Greatmats also has some great customer service and helps with selection and is there for any questions. Thanks Greatmats!


Crownsville, MD

Customer Rating:


This is nice and sturdy with a good non-slip design. My only complaint is it looks dirty after you just walk across it with shoes on. It's easy to sweep and mop though.


Glenwood, IA

Customer Rating:


Really nice product and fairly simple installation if you have had prior experience making material cuts for the final pieces. Ordered for no waste and had none. The mats laid flat and after rolling the edges, the floor is virtually seamless. The floor has a small amount of resilience, but basically smooth and ready to accept gym equipment, weight stacks or yoga mats. Would recommend and use this mat system again without hesitation. Nice product and good price/value.


Bryan, TX

Customer Rating:


Easy to put together and is standing up to the high traffic in the area they were placed. These mats were used in an employee gym at work.


Fort Collins, CO

Customer Rating:


These mats are surprising durable and comfortable. I use it under my weight training and exercise equipment. They do a great job of keeping my weights from banging against the concrete floor when setting them down. (I don't drop weights.) My wife and I love the cushion and buffer against the cold hard concrete floor. We love to do our stretches and floor exercises on the floor. I don't notice much indentation when I stand on the floor, but can feel just enough give under my knees and elbows to be comfortable. The foam does have a noticeable indent when barbells are left on the mats overnight with plates still on them, but it rebounds really well is unnoticeable again within a day once the barbell is moved from that spot. -- Same goes for the feet on the bottom of our stationary bike. -- Overall, extremely pleased - especially for the price.


Amery, WI