Customer Reviews for: StayLock Tile Orange Peel Black 9/16 Inch x 1x1 Ft.

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


OK. I wanted to wait until some time has passed before giving a review on these. I have them almost a year now. I got the black, orange peel. Obviously, when you don't see the product before you buy it, it can be worrisome as to what you are going to get. Although pricey, well worth the expense. I think it is a great product. 1) As the description states, the tiles are not foam. They are some sort of flexible rubber, but with a feel closer to a soft or rubbery plastic. It is not the type of rubber tile you may see at your local gym. Odor was not terrible. Not much rubbery or oily smell. I just unpacked them and let them sit in the garage for a couple days to air out anyway, and it was fine to put down my basement. . 2) Easy to put together. Although you can do it by hand, I switched after a few minutes to using a rubber mallet to hammer them in place and it worked much easier. Putting a wood board underneath where you are pounding helps too, instead of pounding it directly on carpet, but not necessary. Just worked a little better. Comes apart just as easy if you need to move it. The tiles stay locked together. I have had no issue with tiles sticking up or coming undone from one another. 3) I needed something to put over low pile carpet and this is perfect. Tiles don't move. 4) There is a little bit of cushioning to the tile, so little in fact that if you are wearing shoes, you don't even feel it. But in socks or barefoot, you can tell there is a little bit of spring. However, it is not like a padded or soft floor. Which is fine for my purposes. I've got a stationary bike, a weight rack and a bench on the flooring and it works fine. 5) Floor doesn't dent permanently. As in, I left some weight plates leaning on edge on the floor. It left dents in the floor, which were maybe an eight of an inch deep, maybe a quarter inch. I thought ''uh oh''. But after like a week, the floor came right back and the dents were gone. Hope this helps.



Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Easy to install. Order was complete and on time. Happy with the product so far.


Lombard, IL

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Love these. They are great and work amazing on the carpet under the exercise bike. Very easy to install, comfortable, and the area size help from the online portal worked perfect


Odessa, FL

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Just got my second order of vinyl floor tiles to complete my basement gym area. I had a hiccup while ordering online. Paypal sent my payment but my order wasn't processed. I got a call from a Greatmats rep a few days later and she helped me process my order over the phone. Shipping was quick also. The floor is great. It dents under some weight and goes right back to normal.


Sandy Hook, CT

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Great products


Saint Croix Falls, WI

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


This is our third time purchasing from Each time we have had a helpful representative hear our needs and recommend the perfect product. This time it was 1x1 orange Peel stay locks. We put them on top of our laminate flooring which is on concrete, in order to exercise safely.



Customer Rating: 5 Stars


We laid this flooring down over uneven hardwood flooring in the living room and it has held up fantastically in the first few months we have used it. In use 5-8 times per week and it has stayed sturdy and even on the floor. It is also easy on our knees and joints when doing heavy HIIT or weightlifting workouts, but is also forgiving enough to work nicely for yoga and barre exercises. It also wipes down easily, would recommend this to put down over almost any floor surface, and look forward to continuing to use this for years to come.


New York, NY

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Great product, installed right over carpet for a home workout room. The product was very easy to install. I installed it wall to wall in a bedroom, all you have to do is cut the end pieces with a utility knife. Floor is very durable and easy to wipe clean. Highly recommend this product for home workout rooms.


Wichita, KS

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


My basement flooded so I took the opportunity to redo my home gym. After researching several options, I decided to go with Greatmats. I'm so glad that I went with this product. The mats were easy to install and provided a great upgrade to my home gym floor. Another bonus is that it is made in the US.


McDonald, PA

Customer Rating: 4 Stars


We installed the StayLock Tile Orange Peel Black for a home basement gym. We were looking for a gym floor product which goes over carpet, which this does. It is installed over a low pile carpet which works OK, but it not perfect. I find that the tiles ''give'' since they are not installed over a firm surface. They are not solid underneath and are constructed in a grid pattern (see photo), so they do tend to give on the carpet in the middle. That said, the tiles do stay in place and there are no gaps or ridges when walking, jumping, lunging on them. I would think if the carpet was more dense, the middle of the tile would have a better platform to sit on. Overall, I'm happy with the installation as I wanted a product to go over my existing flooring. Note: the weight bench is sitting on a plywood board - not directly on the tiles. We felt this would provide more support for the bench.



Customer Rating: 5 Stars


We love the Greatmats product. We purchased the orange peel interlocking black mats for our basement gym space to use on top of existing carpet. We have a bike and weight bench on top of it and the have held up well. So much that we hope to get more for the space.


Byron Center, MI

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Tiles look great and were easy to install. Exactly what we needed!


Ayden, NC

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Installation was seamless and easy. Tiles were much easier to link than edge and corner pieces.



Customer Rating: 5 Stars


1st, Greatmats is an AWESOME company to do business with. Super easy to work with, they sent me samples, shipped my orange peel tiles quickly, I ended up adding more tiles which they sent even MORE quickly and then helped when I needed one additional piece. 2nd, the Orange Peel Staylock tiles are wonderful. We installed over carpet and it works really well. Nice amount of spring, but firm enough for support and good traction. Looks professional as well. One tip: If you order in the winter, unbox and let them sit in your house for at least 72 hours or more. I only let them warm up for about 24 hours for the first time and they were a bit of a bear to install. The next shipment, I left in the house unboxed for a week and they were super simple to install, took about half the time!


Carbondale, Colorado

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Terrific product and will save and protect our carpet


Cincinnati, OH

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


They stay together and provide added cushion to my workouts! I have them placed on carpet and they stay put.


Dubuque, IA

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Arrived fast as expected


Tomball, TX

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


We installed these flooring tiles on a concrete basement floor that occasionally gets water. We had used a indoor/outdoor carpet down there for years but just got tired of it getting soaked once or twice a year. These tiles seemed like the perfect solution as they allow the water to flow to the drain underneath the tiles. So we ordered enough black tiles and grey tiles to do a checker-board pattern on the floor area. Initially, we saw a discoloration in the center area of the tiles and called for some support on what to do. The president of the company got personallu involved and offered several solutions to the problem: either refund our money for the tiles we complained about, or replace them at no charge. We opted to have the 'bad' tiles replaced and they sent them as soon as they had a new batch. The replacement tiles were much improved. They also allowed us to keep the other tiles for no additional charge. This saved our having to send them back. I thought Greatmats responded very quickly and quite fairly to our complaint and I recommend their products and their service.


Salem, VA

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Great product and better service


Montclair, NJ

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Great product and great ordering experience. I had a ton of questions and Jo was responsive and helpful on everything. Would highly recommend!