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Customer Reviews for: Workout Mat 5x10 Ft x 1.25 Inch Roll Out Mat

Customer Rating:


Great product perfect for our T25 workouts


Laurel Springs, NJ

Customer Rating:


I love my great mat! It is approximately 5' X 10', so plenty of space for doing my Cize workouts. I love the dark navy color and how it rolls up after my workouts to be put away. The mat is extremely light to move by myself also. If I am doing a particularly vigorous workout it does shift a little on my rug, but because it is so lightweight, I can easily slide it back into place if that helps me. Thank you.



Customer Rating:


I first bought 2 of these mats last year, and they've been great. Roll up out of the way when not in use. The only thing is that if you use weights, and leave on the mat, it dents - but if you take them off soon enough the dents come out. I use them for Beachbody workouts over a concrete floor and it's so much better for impact routines. If doing a yoga routine, I use a yoga mat since the vinyl top gets a little slippery when I sweat. Cleans up nice with mild soap and water or low setting on steam mop. The mats slide around a little, but not a problem. Unrolled, dogs nails don't seem to damage the mat. Great for kids who love to somersault also. Very pleased with my purchase and am ordering 2 more to expand my workout area. Great product!

G. Smith

Customer Rating:


We are happy with this mat. Our gran uses it on the basement floor to protect herself when practicing her kicking on a kicking dummy. The mat is nice and thick and if we can get the basement cleaned up enough, will be ordering another one to put under her punching bag.


Blue Mounds, WI

Customer Rating:


After much research I bought 2 of these mats for my home gym. I have 30 years of martial arts experience and I use them for Judo, Jujutsu, other martial arts and Insanity/P90X... These are great for any martial arts or physical exercises. I use them for throwing, takedowns, tumbling... The mats are firm yet absorb heavy impact (drop seioinage, soto kama maki ...). The only issue (and not a problem) is that the 2 pieces have to be ''taped'' together to be big enough for a randori (judo match). I use industrial velcro and they do stay together, but there is a seem that is always there. Not a big deal, but something to be aware of. These are more expensive than others, but I am planning on getting a third 10x5 and a fourth 15x5 (if they have them) when my budget allows. I have used other types of mats, but for any Judo AND taekwondo (they require different types of surface and material) type of activities, you want these types of mats.


Fredericksburg, VA

Customer Rating:


Great mat; a bit pricey given other alternatives but great product.


West Linn, OR

Customer Rating:


I love it. Really easy to install and clean. Worth for the money. I will get another one soon (my son is growing fast!)


Miami, FL

Customer Rating:


Great product. Well worth the $. I have two rolls of mats. Very easy to roll and move. Would definitely recommend this product.


Morristown, NJ

Customer Rating:


After buying a thinner set of mats that did not work out- I decided to spend the money and get one of these workout mats. It worked GREAT! I highly recommend this product. I put mine over a rug and it slides a bit if you are jumping around, but not enough to disturb your workout. It's sturdy enough for a kickboxing workout, and light enough to roll up and put away after every use if you choose to. I love it! 100 % worth the money.


Omaha, NE

Customer Rating:


This mat was bought as a Christmas gift for my son who wanted it to use for training with his son. It is exactly what he wanted and he intends to buy another. Excellent product.


Olive Branch, MS

Customer Rating:


There was a shipping issue that was addressed and refunded immediately. The mat arrived in 5 days. Very fast. The mat is INCREDIBLE. I use it to put my MMA Bob on and then box/thai box on it. Perfect for my small home gym. Supportive. Sturdy. Very happy with purchase.

Danielle Sczerowski

Customer Rating:


We were looking for an exercise mat to use in our newly finished basement. It needed to be comfortable, portable and stationary. After reviewing all of the mats available I kept on coming back to this roll-up martial arts mat. The mat is great for the bodyweight, gymnastic and kettlebell training that I do. It's big enough for two people to do most workouts on. It's extremely comfortable especially when you are doing up/down exercises like burpees. It rolls up nicely for storage and is easy to handle. The only downside is that it moves around on my carpeted floor. Other than that it's awesome. We love our Great Mat!


Superior township, MI

Customer Rating:


Love this mat. It's large, thick, fairly light weight, and easy to roll-up and put away!


Lafayette, LA

Customer Rating:


I thought the service was great with a very helpful staff that answered my questions when I called and promptly provided a sample of the material. I received the mats and am very happy with it. I use it to practice karate, workout and stretch.


Merrimack, NH

Customer Rating:


Expensive but high quality. If you are considering a cheaper snap-together mat, don't waste your money.


Herndon, VA

Customer Rating:


The mat is very nice for my HIIT workouts and my plyos. It is well padded and light weight. It DOES migrate on the commercial grade carpet in this room,, but is minimal. My husband liked it so much, he wants me to order a second one. We both can work out on one,but two will make it roomier.


Ward, CO

Customer Rating:


The mat is perfect for floor exercises, reduces the pounding on the knees from jumping and then comfortable when doing exercises that require being on the ground. The mat is also great because it can be folded or rolled up EASILY when not in use when space is limited.


Lake Forest, CA

Customer Rating:


The thickness in this mat is excellent. However, the price, for the size of this mat, is too expensive. I use a STEP platform and cannot get full use even when turning the mat in another direction. Wishing the price were lower, I would consider getting another one.



Customer Rating:


Great mats, love them.


Humble, TX

Customer Rating:


We purchased these mats to lay on the floor for our church nursery. We meet in a public school and needed something that would cover the tile hallways to protect our children from injury. These mats are PERFECT! We roll out and roll up the mats 2x a week and store them in a utility trailer. They have held up great the past month! The kids have an absolute blast rolling around on them! Ryan was great! He was willing to take the time to answer all my questions, and believe me....I had MANY! It was a major purchase for our church and Ryan helped to insure that we were comfortable with the decision to purchase them. He was constantly updating us on the status of the order once it was placed. The customer service of the GreatMats was exceptional compared to the other companies we contacted.


Pelham, AL