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Customer Reviews for: Foam Mats Economy 1/2 Inch

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I ordered these mat pieces to (1) use to pad my Great Dane's blankets, and (2) use as "blocking" surfaces for my knitting and crochet projects. I will probably be ordering more because I can see where they will be perfect for several other uses in my home. Thank you...


Pell City, AL

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Since the price was reasonable and shipping was free, I was surprised that the quality was as good as it is. I purchased 1/2 inch thick puzzle piece mats to go over low utility carpeting in what is now the workout/guest room. I've been doing high-impact cardio workouts with lots of lateral movement on the flooring, and the mats don't lift, slide, or pop loose (even though I didn't install it wall-to-wall - total mat area is 8x10 feet). After several weeks, all the mats had just barely slid toward one wall (the bottom grip is very good on the flat carpet). There are marks all over the mats from my shoes and the dog - and they aren't kidding when they say indentations don't come out (there is a permanent dent from where a chair sat) - but that doesn't matter because we remove them to use the room for other things. Overall I am very pleased with my purchase.


Fort Bragg, CA

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Great product. installed very easy and looks great. shipment even came earlier than extimated. Thank you.


Maumee, OH

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I Put the mats in my basement for dog agility. I have jumps, a tunnel and some weave poles. I decided the cushion was so great I would jump rope on it myself. Even grooming my dog, I stand on it. Big improvement. With wild runs, his nails do tear in.


Milford, MI

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Really great for blocking my finished knitting projects!!! Would be even better if you made and sold these in 12" squares as well.


Alexandria, VA

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These are great mats, fit together smooth an snug. The word economy is not accurate, they are the highest quality 1/2" mats I have seen.



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I like - thanks


Lake Geneva, WI

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We used these mats to create a soft, warm area for our children to play in our basement. They work great on the concrete floor! We plan to buy more soon to expand the basement play area.


Columbus, OH

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great product, great price, and fast delivery. Its nice to be happy with a company and it's product again, i will buy more and recommend to others, thanks


pottstown pa, PA

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Easy to put down, easy to trim, looks great, works great! THank you


Chester, CT

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Exactly what I expected.. Great price for what you get. A couple of the interlocking pieces at the edge weren't exactly flat but one you lay them down after a bit of time they are good. I would recommend!


colchester, VT

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I think these mats. They are great in a cold basement. Ease on the feet and keep the cold off of you. Water doesn't hurt them either. I've had a set out by the grill on the patio for a couple years and the hold up well. If you set somthing heavy on them like a couch you will get a depression where the feet were that won't come back, just some thing to be aware of.


Waite Park, MN

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We have been very pleased with foam puzzle 1/2 inch thick mats. I placed them over an unfinished basement floor in order to turn the basement into a winter and inclement weather play space for my kids. The mats cushion the floor without too much "give", and they look very nice. I bought an inexpensive electric utility cutter (a Skil, in my case, but there are several similar ones), and used that to very easily cut the mats so that they fit corners and other irregular edges. My basement has been transformed, and I have received nothing but compliments from visitors.


Clark, NJ

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This product was an awesome one. We have a truck and I thought about how to preserve the paint job in the bed of our truck, and so these mats worked out great. I could easily cut them, and the clean up was a sinch. Thanks


Egegik, AK

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Wonderful! It provides the cushion I was looking for. I'm using it in my den in the work-out area. The price was excellent.


Klamath Falls, OR

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The order arrived in good time and condition. We bought these to provide soft resting places for our old dog, Bennett, who has painful hips. With 10 pieces, we were able to put pads in several of the places on the deck and porch where he is most likely to lie down. We didn't know if he would accept the texture of the surface, but he seems to like it fine. I had earlier bought a package of the product designed for children's play mats. But they were thinner and less precision cut. They came apart too easily, but Greatmats have held together since I put them down for him. I had been using the product in the gym I belong to, and that's what gave me the idea for buying some for Bennett.


Sautee Nacoochee, GA

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Great product for our bonus room (that has hardwood floors) that we needed to be kid friendly. These mats are better than using a rug.


Hartselle, AL

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This is a wonderful solution for a kids' area that isn't too expensive. It looks nice and has a vibrant color, and the price can't be beat. A lot of other economy foam I looked at had poor reviews due to a strong odor, but this didn't smell at all.


Aurora, IL

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Great product. Quick shipping from Greatmats. I am using this in my unfinished basement that I have turned into a home gym.


Taylorsville, GA

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Your products are exactly what you promise. Your people are AMAZING!! GREAT customer service!!! I go out of my way to tell everyone I come across about your website. Your prices are highly competitive, but your service is the REAL reason I bought form you guys, I bought again and again, and will return again if ever I need anything resembling mats! Thomas Falzarano

Thomas and Divina

san jose, CA