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Greatmats is Open and Operational to Serve You

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Top 5 Benefits of the Best Gym Floor Mats

  1. Cushion and shock absorption helps to prevent athlete injury and makes for a more comfortable workout space that allows longer, more intense workouts
  2. Gym floor mats offer excellent durability, which is an asset in high-traffic commercial gyms
  3. Gym mat flooring provides excellent traction for improved safety and an ideal workout space
  4. Gym floor matting is designed with easy installation in mind, and many can be installed as a DIY project
  5. Specialty gym mat flooring is designed with the demands of a specific activity in mind can help customize and increase the versatility of your gym with a single type of floor

How to Choose Gym Mat Flooring

Start by answering the following questions.
  1. What types of activities will take place in the gym? Aerobic Exercise, Gymnastics, Martial Arts or Weight Lifting?
  2. How large an area will need to be covered? Rolled rubber is a practical option for large installation, but consider interlocking gym floor mats for smaller spaces thanks to easier maneuverability.
  3. Will installation be permanent? Folding gym floor mats can offer extra protection when you need it, but can be stored away when finished, increasing the versatility of the floors.
  4. Will it be a do-it-yourself installation, or will professionals installers be hired?

Greatmats offers a large assortment of gym mat flooring, so no matter the scope or needs of the project, Greatmats is sure to have products to suit any need. Below are some of the most popular options.

Foam Gym Floor Mats

Foam is a preferred gym mat material thanks to the excellent cushion and shock absorption it offers. It's an excellent choice for areas where falls or throws are imminent, and can greatly contribute to athlete safety. Foam flooring is available in a number of forms, including interlocking tiles, folding mats or roll out mats to suit various purposes..

Folding Gymnastics Mats
Folding gym mats, and competition landing mats, are a temporary flooring solution that can be easily transported, installed, and stored. Floor mats for gym use not only offer excellent cushion when used as a flooring, but they serve additional purposes, too, such as:
  1. When fully or partially folded, these mats can be used as training aids of various heights. The folded mats can help students to learn gymnastics and fitness training skills, offering them the support and height needed until they're proficient enough to perform the skills unassisted.
  2. When laid flat, these gym mats are rugged enough to withstand heavy use, yet are soft enough for tumbling, grappling, or martial arts sports where skin will be in contact with the floor.
  3. Folding gym floor mats can even be hung on gym walls to create a safe, shock absorbing buffer to reduce injury and prevent damage to the wall in case an athlete ever comes into contact with the wall. They're ideal for lining walls when practicing tumbling passes, just in case athletes lose control while in motion.

Versatile and durable, folding gym mats serve multiple applications and are a great investment for any program.

Roll Out Cheer and Gymnastics Floor Mats
Greatmats roll out cheer and gymnastics floor mats for gym use are designed for easy transportation and installation, meaning they can go virtually anywhere. The mats conveniently roll up, so they're easy to take on the road with you. Alternatively, just store them away until your next practice. Cheerleading mats offer excellent shock absorption to help keep athletes safe, and they're lightweight enough to be easily moved once practice is over and you no longer need the extra flooring protection.

Puzzle Foam Gym Floor Mats
Greatmats foam puzzle-style gym mats are cushioned, forgiving, and frequently used for aerobic exercises. The tiles are lightweight and interlock like puzzle pieces, making installation both easy and fast. Lightweight personal fitness mats that are easy to transport and take up minimal storage space are also available.

Rubber Gym Floor Mats

Rubber gym floor mats are durable, strong, and essential protective mats for gym floors. Heavy exercise equipment, such as treadmills or weightlifting systems can damage unprotected floors. Rubber mats are available in multiple thicknesses and offer valuable protection against impact, scuffing and more. The thicker the mat, the greater the amount of impact protection it offers.

Rubber flooring is more durable than foam, but it also creates a denser and therefore harder flooring surface. Unlike foam, which can develop indentations and be damaged by heavy equipment, rubber is an excellent option for flooring underneath gym equipment. Additionally, rubber helps to dampen sound, and also offers a temperature barrier against a cold concrete subfloor. It can make a gym a more enjoyable space to work out.

Rubber gym floor mats are available in a number of different forms, including large rubber rolls, straight edge mats, and smaller puzzle or straight edge tiles.

  1. Large rubber rolls tend to be the more economical choice covering a large area. Rubber rolls result in a flooring surface with fewer seams, but need multiple people to install them because of their significant weight.
  2. Straight edge mats are a simple option to add protection to areas in a gym that see lots of use, such as the floor beneath gym equipment or in weight rooms.
  3. Smaller puzzle or straight edge tiles are ideal when working with a smaller area or room. They're easier to transport and install than rubber roll. Interlocking gym floor mats for gym and tiles reduce the amount of material that is wasted during an installation, and they offer more versatility when installing in an area with obstacles like poles.

Rubber flooring creates a gym mat floor with superior durability and strength, and is a great flooring option for weight rooms and high-traffic areas in particular.

Gym Floor Matting Colors

Most of Greatmats gym floor matting options are available in a variety of colors. Puzzle mats generally offer the greatest color selection. Choose modular tiles in varying colors to create a custom floor that matches a given decor, brand, or sports team. Folding gym mats are also available in a number of different colors. Order colored mats that match a team or school's color scheme.

Most rubber gym floor mats are made from recycled materials - particularly, recycled truck tires - and the gym floor matting can be recycled again at the end of their usable lives. Most rubber flooring is predominantly black because of the recycled tire material. Some products are available with rubber color flecks, and select products have different color percentages available to get flooring with different appearances.

Ordering Gym Mat Flooring

Greatmats offers top-quality floor mats for gyms that are made to last. Its flooring features high quality materials and craftsmanship.