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Rubber Mats for Dog Kennels

A rubber dog mat is a popular option for large indoor spaces for playing on dog daycare flooring.

One of the major benefits of rolls is that covering big spaces economically and quickly is simple. These have fewer seams than tiles do, but they are heavy. Installation generally requires multiple people.

An alternative would be straight edged matting and interlocking tiles. These are smaller and easier to handle for a simpler install. They are easier to repair or replace than a roll. If an area is damaged, replace a single piece alone.

Dog flooring from recycled tires, like our Ring Matting product, has cushioning and toughness. Ring features perforations shaped like rings to allow for excellent drainage. It helps to keep the animals off of concrete, but allows for washing, hosing, and cleaning with little hassle. These can be used in kennels, in run-in locales, and in spaces for working on obedience.

Our Sterling Athletic Rubberized Tile lasts a long time and features interlocking edges for an easy installation. This dog kennel flooring can be used anywhere, and it's very easy to clean, making it an ideal choice for kennels.

Seamless Anti Fatigue Flooring Systems

Foam tiles provide more shock absorption and cushion. However, foam isn't quite as durable. If placing heavy dog daycare equipment or furniture on it, the weight may cause an indentation that remains even after the equipment is removed. It does offer quite a few benefits in terms of comfort.

Because dog daycare flooring offers such great cushion, it is a smart surface for spots that will house puppies. This professional kennel flooring is gentle on the developing bones and joints of active animals of any size. These are also reversible, saving money, lengthening lifespan, and easily providing better results than dog daycare floor paint.

Our interlocking dog agility flooring will provide the ultimate in reducing joint fatigue. Long known by professional trainers as durable floor mats for dogs with superior cushion and grip, these are also waterproof with slip resistance. They will show some puncture marks from claws, but this will not affect the performance of this floor mat for dogs.

Keep in mind that these are lightweight. If a piece is damaged, swap it out, rather than having to replace all of it.

Plastic Floors for Dog

Plastics are a smart idea as waterproof floor mats for pets. These have mid-range cushioning and durability. They provide excellent traction and cushioning properties. Some of these dog floor mats will carry an ASTM fall height rating.

Our StayLock dog floor mat is waterproof and ideal for use in areas with wetness. They are non-slip, and their perforated design allows for drainage. These are rated for a fall of up to 20 inches. They are also resistant to many oils and acids.

One great benefit of StayLock is the active locking connector system, which ensures a strong connection, so they won't pull apart.

Artificial Grass for Dogs

Fake grass for dogs makes for a popular selection. It is ideal for canine runs and play areas, since it closely resembles real grasses without the hassle or maintenance. There's no mowing or weeding. Don't worry about potentially harmful fertilizers or pesticides contaminating the areas where trainers are keeping and caring for their canines.

Additionally, artificial turfs give instant gratification. There’s no waiting for the grasses to grow. Enjoy a great looking facility during each and every season.

It is available in connectable matting, which is suited for smaller layouts, or a roll, which can be used to quickly cover large spots. Our Artificial Go Grass Model has a realistic look and feel, yet it is supremely soft. The fibers are resistant to staining, and the green color won't fade, ensuring a beautiful surface despite rigorous use.

Simply rinse it at the end of the day. Cleanup couldn't be simpler. These are available in varying sizes. Even roll them up and take them along, if needed.

For larger applications, consider our Pet Heaven. This is specifically designed for a pet area, and it is virtually maintenance free. Flush it with water to clean it, and the wear-proof surface ensures high performance floors that are sure to delight.

Top Dog Run Rubber Mats

Doggie daycares and facilities have special needs for things like puppy pen flooring and crate mats, and we have the answers. Our professionals are happy to assist with free design layouts and installation advice. We have a long history of satisfying our customers.

Contact one of our friendly customer service representatives to find out how all those seeking dog daycare flooring can benefit by using Greatmats.

We want all customers to enjoy the shopping experience. That's why we offer a price match guarantee, and we operate our business with the Golden Rule model: Treat others as you want others to treat you.

Because we ensure that our customers are satisfied with every order, we have earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Buy from us with confidence, knowing that customer satisfaction is our priority.

Feel good about buying from us. We give back to the community by donating 5 percent of our annual profits to local non-profit organizations.

For questions, a price quote, or a sample, please contact our customer team at 877-822-6622. We would be delighted to help in finding the right model for the project.

Honor a doggy trainer by nominating him or her for the Greatmats annual National Trainer of the Year Contest. Nominations are accepted each October and voting takes place each November. Learn about the winners and the contest.

Dog daycare flooring has the following benefits:
  1. Creates a pro appearance to enhance any facility
  2. Maximizes safety for canines and handlers
  3. Prevents digging and other potential damage
  4. Simple to clean, creating a hygienic space and cutting down on cleaning time

Consider dog daycare flooring models for the following uses:
  1. Training
  2. Daycares
  3. Boarding
  4. Agility courses

Look for the following qualities in dog training flooring:
  1. Cushioned and forgiving
  2. Outstanding traction, even when wet
  3. Installing it goes fast
  4. High durability
  5. Quick cleaning
  6. Free of materials such as lead and latex
  7. Economical

FAQ Dog Daycare Flooring Q&A

What is the best flooring for indoor dog kennel floor? Or outdoors?
We have many models for indoors and outdoors play area locations. Rubber mats for dogs are some of the highest quality floor options, as they have a construction that’s made for tough weather conditions.

What is the best rolled rubber flooring for doggie daycare facilities?
Our floor solution is made of tires that have been recycled. It is easy to install and environmentally friendly. Rolls have been used as dog daycare flooring in world renowned centers for more than a decade, and because they are so well-built, these still look new years after installing them.

What are the best dog daycare flooring products?
We have low odor varieties of rubberized dog daycare flooring rolls that are suitable for inside use. It is often used as dog pen flooring, as it is tacky enough to give paws a good grip, while being firm enough to not be damaged by claws. A rubber kennel mat is gentle on paw pads, while creating a safe spot that they can romp and roughhouse on.