Large Rubber Mats and Interlocking Gym Mats

By Paige Cerulli Created: August, 2017 - Modified: April, 2021

Whether you’re looking for a black gym floor for your commercial gym or want to create a personal gym right in your own home, you’ll find one of the largest selections of large interlocking gym mats and rubber squares available at Greatmats.

This selection of rubber gym tiles, mats, and rolls is suitable for a wide array of applications. Thicker products are ideal for use in weight rooms and can even sustain repeated dropped weights, while thinner products help to protect your subfloor and provide a water resistant surface with maximum traction ideal for all sorts of workouts.

Rubber is supremely durable, making it a top choice for gym use. Many of our rubber products are made of 100% recycled material, so you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that you’re making an environmentally supportive purchasing choice. This rubber large gym flooring also offers many other benefits, including impressive shock and sound absorption, helping to keep your gym space enjoyable for athletes.

Choosing the Right Rubber Gym Flooring

With rubber such a popular choice for use in gyms, we offer a number of different forms that are ideal for the smallest project to the large-scale entire-gym flooring project.

Interlocking Rubber Gym Flooring

Rubber interlocking mats start out in sizes as small as just under 2x2 feet. These smaller tiles are easily manageable and weigh less than large rubber rolls and tiles, ideal for home gyms and installation in smaller spaces, like locker rooms or reception areas, in a commercial gym. Some of these smaller tiles are also available in different color and thickness options, so you can truly choose the interlocking rubber mats for gym use that are right for your application.

Some of our larger rubber mats are often used under Olympic weight lifting areas in both home and commercial gyms. Their larger size and thickness offer greater subfloor protection, and mats that are ¾-inch thick or more provide greater shock absorption and durability than thinner flooring products.

Interlocking gym mats are also easy to install. Many of these mats feature puzzle-style interlocking edges that create a secure fit. These tiles can often be dry laid over a hard, flat surface, and they require no adhesive, so you can remove them again in the future if needed. Many of our interlocking tiles feature the same pattern on all four sides, so there’s no need to worry about lining them up in a certain direction.

If a tile becomes worn or damaged, you can replace just that one tile. This saves you the expense and time of replacing an entire floor, while ensuring that your floor continues to look clean and professional.

If you would prefer a permanent installation, then the tiles can be glued down with an adhesive. This may be preferable in commercial gyms, where you know the space will serve the same purpose over time.

Rubber Rolls and Large Rubber Mats

To cover larger areas quickly, consider our plyometric rubber rolls and large rubber exercise mats. The thicker products offer increased shock absorption and cushion, and when you’re working with a larger area, rolls will be more economical than smaller tiles. Plyometric rubber is made of a less dense material than our interlocking tiles, so even thinner plyometric rolls can offer increased cushion.

Larger rubber rolls can be installed in larger spaces to save time. Some of these mats can also be dry laid directly over your existing rubber flooring to add more protection in the areas that see heavy use, like the spaces underneath heavy gym equipment or in weightlifting areas. The rolls and mats are heavy, so be prepared to have multiple people on hand to help with an installation. This can be a benefit, though, since mats are so heavy that they can be dry laid and their weight will often help to keep them in place.

How large do interlocking gym mats get?

Interlocking rubber gym mats are available in multiple sizes. Most tiles measure 2x2 feet, but tiles as large as 3x3, 4x4, and even 4x6 feet are available. These larger tiles are best suited to big areas. If you’re working with a small space or room, then using smaller tiles will mean you waste less excess material.

The thicknesses of gym interlocking rubber tiles also varies. Tiles start at 3/8 inch thick and are also available in 1/2-inch and ¾-inch and thicker options.

How much do rubber squares cost?

Interlocking gym floor mats vary in cost depending on their size, thickness, and other properties. A smaller product like the Interlocking Rubber Floor Tiles 2x2 Ft x 8 mm cost just $10.65 per tile, while options like the Sundance Mats 4x6 Ft x ¾ Inch Interlocking tiles cost $86.40 per tile.

How much do interlocking rubber tiles weigh?

The weight of large gym interlocking tiles varies depending on the tile size and thickness. Our Interlocking Rubber Floor Tiles 2x2 Ft x 8 mm weigh just over 7 pounds each, while the Sundance Mats 2x2 Ft x3/4 Inch weigh 17 pounds each. Even the thicker interlocking tiles are still easily manageable, so a single person can perform an installation on their own.