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Front Door Mats, Swing Mats, & Slide Mats

When seeking an option to create a protective space for people to use as they enter and leave a building, large outdoor mats from Greatmats are an excellent choice.

These mats provide a grippy area so visitors don’t slip when entering a building on a wet day. These mats also provide a place for people to scrape their shoes, meaning they will not track rain, snow, and mud onto the floor of the building.

Size and Shape Options

The majority of our large outdoor mats will consist of a rectangular shape. When placing them at the entrance door of a business or at the front door of a home as a welcome mat, the installer can use them in a horizontal or vertical orientation.

The typical mat will cover a size of 3x5 feet, but many other sizes are available, including some as small as 2x3 feet and some as large as 6x8 feet.

An extra large entrance mat may be anywhere from 10 to 20 feet in length, creating a long walkway. Those walking on the mat will take several steps on the longest mats, giving the mat the best chance of catching any solids or liquids from their shoes.

Material Options

Large outdoor mats are available in a wide range of materials. For those who want the most durable mats, rubber is the best choice. Rubber has a natural grippy texture, which helps people avoid slips.

Carpet top mats are another common material to use with large entrance mats. The carpet top has a stylish look, which can be important for certain types of businesses when they greet customers.

For extra durability in carpet fibers, some manufacturers make them from PET, which consists primarily of recycled plastic bottles.

PVC rolls and artificial turf are also usable as large outdoor mats. The PVC plastic may have perforations in it, allowing water to drain through to the subfloor or concrete below. Artificial turf has a beautiful green color that brightens up an outdoor space at any time of the year.

Pattern and Texture Options

The majority of large mats that are usable outdoors will consist of a single color rather than using eye-catching patterns. Considering that people will be scraping their shoes on the mats and the materials in the mat will receive exposure to the elements, a mat with a plain design that hides debris is a better choice.

Whether you select rubber or carpet-topped large outdoor mats, dark, neutral colors are the most common. Again, this is understandable because these mats will collect dirt and moisture.

To ensure that outdoor mats have the ability to remove dirt from the bottom of shoes, they often use a textured pattern. The carpet mats may have a bi-level design, for example. Rubber and PVC mats may have small nubs to catch soils, or they may use perforations to allow water to flow through the mats to the subfloor.

Common Use Options

The majority of people will make use of these mats at the entrance to a building or home. Installers can deploy them either outdoors or indoors at the entrance. They will consist of materials that can withstand the elements without breaking down.

Thick rubber mats will work for specific outdoor use cases, such as preventing soil from wearing away in high-traffic areas, like underneath a swing or slide on a play set at a playground.

Some people like to use artificial turf mats in a residential location, such as on a patio, to create a green color that brightens the area, even during the wintertime. Those who like to camp in an RV or tent can use artificial turf mats to create a comfortable sitting area and avoid muddy ground.

With the PVC plastic rolls, installers may place them in areas around a swimming pool or hot tub, creating a slip-resistant place to walk.

Installation Options

Installing our large outdoor mats is extremely easy. Just measure the area where the mat should fit and then select a mat that has a coverage space to match the area.

These mats do not need any adhesive or tape to hold them in place. They typically have a rubber or similar backing material that keeps them from sliding around on the subfloor.

Because these mats consist of materials that allow them to withstand difficult weather and constant sunlight, there is no need to bring the mats indoors during extreme weather.

Cleaning and Maintenance Requirements

Our entrance mats will not require time-consuming cleaning techniques. However, because they catch soils and moisture from the bottom of people’s shoes, they will require occasional cleaning.

With a rubber or PVC plastic mat, customers can wash them with a garden hose and sprayer attachment or with a mop. With carpet entrance mats or artificial turf mats, just use a vacuum cleaner or a rug beater to remove dry debris. Rinse them with a garden hose for a more thorough cleaning.